How To Make A Wedding Vision Board: 2 Best Ways

Do not feel stressed about how to make a wedding vision board because you can try two easy methods for your wedding vision board. This guide includes two tutorials to make a wedding inspiration board physically and digitally. 

We will even help you with what to put on inspiration boards, so you can get started in creating. And for additional reference, read what kind of wedding should I have

how to make a wedding vision board


Two Easy Ways On How To Make A Wedding Vision Board


Method 1. Make a physical wedding vision board

For non-tech savvy brides and grooms, you can create your wedding vision board physically. This is an easy way to make the bridal board because you don’t need apps and software. 

What will you need for making physical vision boards? Please prepare magazines, glue, scissors, stickers, markets, and of course a big poster board. 

Printing is also easy, so why not print several pictures from the internet for your wedding inspiration. You and your partner can work together or create boards separately and then combine your ideas later. 

  1. Browse for wedding themes, photos, outfits, food, venue, and general vibe that represents your dream wedding
  2. Feel free to cut out some phrases and other inspirational things to decorate your wedding vision board
  3. Cut everything out and arrange them on the poster board
  4. Write as necessary to make it easier to understand your wedding vision 
  5. Collaborate with your partner and consider making another vision board with the things that both of you agreed to have for the wedding


Method 2. Create a digital wedding inspiration board

Most of us are used to working online, so it shouldn’t intimidate you to digitally create your wedding inspiration board. Apps and software are designed to be user-friendly, so using them should be self-explanatory.

You won’t feel as limited with the things you can put on the board since most are readily available online. And, of course, it’s more convenient to carry around, especially when talking to wedding vendors about your desired wedding.  

  1. Find a website, app, or software that you’re most comfortable with; some popular ones for making a wedding vision board for free include Canva, but you can also consider paying for premium features on some apps 
  2. Browse for free photos to use on your vision board using websites like Pixabay
  3. You can also experiment with vision board templates if you are stuck on how to start
  4. Consider printing your wedding vision board as well since creating DIY wedding projects might be easier if you have something physical to look at for inspiration 


How Do I Make A Wedding Vision Board Online?

You can create a wedding vision board online using various templates, websites, or the easiest one, Pinterest. Pinterest is designed to create inspiration boards conveniently since it’s also a visual search engine.

You don’t need to struggle to know how to create a wedding inspiration board online because you only need to sign up on Pinterest. Most people even have accounts on Pinterest already so that you can find boards as inspiration. 

  1. Create a Pinterest account and make sure to create a secret board to make your wedding plans private; your partner can also create an account so you can do shared boards 
  2. Follow wedding accounts that match the aesthetic you want for the wedding; there are also bridal designers, wedding websites, and vendors on Pinterest
  3. Set up your wedding board and start pinning everything that matches the vision you have in mind 
  4. You can also create different wedding boards with your partner to see everything more clearly; for example, have a board each for the wedding attire, venue, or flowers 


What Do You Put On A Wedding Board?

One of the hardest things when making a wedding vision board is knowing what to put. You may already know the wedding theme, but what elements should you cut physically from magazines or search on websites like Pinterest for your vision board? 


What to put?

  • The wedding color palette: your wedding can have three colors for its theme, but make sure that you and your partner are both satisfied with the color scheme
  • The wedding details: the details that you’ll put on the wedding board include patterns, fonts, and other decorative designs you will have on your venue, stationery, or outfits
  • The wedding textures and elements: include textures and elements that represent the theme; they can be burlap for a rustic wedding or lace for a romantic wedding
  • The wedding dress code: the outfits like the bridal dress or groom tuxedo on the vision board are only inspirations, and they don’t have to be the exact copy of what you’ll wear; you can also include cutouts or pin photos of your desired wedding dress code and theme for the guests
  • The wedding location or venue: of course, you must visualize the ceremony or reception venue of the wedding; include elements you also want in the wedding venue 

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And that’s it! To recap how to make a wedding vision board you can go old-school and use magazine cutouts or use Pinterest or Canva for digital wedding inspiration boards. 

We hope this will help you visualize your dream wedding; let us know below how you do your boards!

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