What Does A Blue Wedding Dress Mean

It’s interesting to know what does a blue wedding dress mean because it used to be the most popular wedding dress color. Its meaning is from the color blue itself, which emanates peace. 

At their wedding, any bride wearing a blue wedding dress would look feminine and pure, similar to why white became the traditional color for wedding gowns. Continue reading below to know what blue symbolizes for brides, and you can also refer to what color wedding dress should I wear for other color meanings. 

what does a blue wedding dress mean


What Does A Blue Wedding Dress Mean: History And More


Blue wedding dress meaning

Brides wearing blue for their wedding dress symbolize peace, serenity, femininity, and even purity. The color blue is also reminiscent of natural elements like the sky and sea, creating a sense of wonder, peace, and composure. 

If you selected this wedding dress color, you could think of it as a way to emanate composure, stability, and even loyalty. Whatever interpretation you want to relate to blue, it would make a fantastic wedding dress if you don’t want to wear the traditional wedding dress color, which is white. 

Brides are traditionally expected to symbolize virginity, loyalty, and femininity, but wearing blue can also signify stability and peace. If you think blue represents how you view yourself well, consider a blue wedding gown on your wedding day to feel the most confidence. 

You may also want to know how to design your own wedding dress if you have a concept in mind. 


Why do people wear blue wedding dresses?

Blue wedding dresses are popular in different cultures. They mean depth, bravery, stability, and even determination to Hindus, while other cultures believe that blue represents purity, decisiveness, peace, and calmness. 

Blue is the perfect color for the bridal dress because it represents purity back in the day. Virginity is considered very important in societies, so brides are expected to look innocent and feminine on their wedding day. 

But nowadays, the concept of virginity is not as restrictive to how we view brides. For example, modern brides choose blue for their wedding dresses because it’s an out-of-the-box color.

If it’s a modern wedding or the bride wants to stand out, blue is among the wedding dress colors she’ll likely consider instead of white or related shades like off-white or ivory. 


Was blue the original wedding dress color?

The blue wedding dress is among the traditional types of wedding dresses back in the day. It was famous for brides because it symbolizes purity and is associated with the rich and divine because of Virgin Mary. 

Before Queen Victoria started the trend of wearing a white wedding dress, blue was a popular choice for bridal attire. This is because it symbolized purity and not white, which was instead related to wealth. 

Then, white became a fashionable choice for brides when Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress when she married Prince Albert. From there on, white overtook blue as the traditional wedding dress color. 


Can A Bride Wear A Blue Dress?

A bride can wear anything she wants for her wedding day, including a blue wedding gown, mainly if it symbolizes her character well. But of course, if you’re having a traditional or conservative wedding, you may want to clarify with the venue or family if they’d be open to you wearing a wedding dress that is not white. 


Did brides use to wear blue?

Brides used to wear blue because it is related to purity and virginity, which are traits that were expected of brides back in the day. In India, the bride can wear a traditional red lehenga for her wedding ceremony, then change into a blue lehenga for the reception. 

In Korea, blue is also among the colors seen in traditional bridal clothing to emulate royalty. But then, white became the more popular choice in most weddings when Queen Victoria wore this color at her wedding. 


Why do brides need to wear something blue?

Besides blue bridal dresses, blue symbolizes protection in a wedding. You are probably familiar with “something blue” and “something borrowed” at weddings. 

Blue is needed in bridal attire because it was believed to deflect the evil eye. Blue is even thought to symbolize the critical qualities of a lasting marriage, which are fidelity, love, and purity


What Does The Color Blue Mean In A Wedding?

The color blue for a wedding has positive connotations compared to other controversial colors such as black and red. Blue symbolizes faith or fidelity, love, and purity, essential for a strong union between two people. 

Brides are also traditionally required to have something blue for their wedding. It can be an accessory, clothing detail, or even a flower, along with traditional trinkets such as “something borrowed.”


What Do You Get A Bride For Something Blue?

Try these items as gifts for the bride to get her something blue. You can also check what a bride needs on her wedding day.

  • Shoes
  • Garter
  • Hairpin
  • Jewelry
  • Brooch
  • Flower



Was this guide helpful? To recap what does a blue wedding dress mean, it is related to purity, and it was even the more popular choice over white wedding dresses. 

Since virginity was valued in high regard back in the day, brides wanted to emanate purity and femininity in what they were wearing. But nowadays, any bride can wear blue if she feels the best in it compared to other traditional bridal wedding gown colors. 

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