Why Do Cats Sleep At The Foot Of The Bed? 6 Best Reasons!

Do you wonder why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed?

If you own a cat, for sure, you know that your pet is sitting on top of the hierarchy in your house.

why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed

On average, cats sleep about fifteen hours a day.

When it’s time to sleep, they would usually curl up somewhere they find comfortable and it could be at the foot of your bed.


Why Cats Do Sleep At The Foot Of The Bed

So, why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed?

Although it might not seem convenient on our part, cats do love to sleep on these particular spots, and there could be several reasons for this madness.


#1. Keeping tabs of the room

Cats have survival instincts and it includes security. They prefer to stay closer to the doorway so that they can see better who is coming.

In most bedrooms, the closest spot to the door is the foot of the bed and this spot is a lot more comfortable than the floor making it your cat’s favorite perch.

From there, they can easily escape when things happen by simply hopping down and going straight out of the room.


#2. For maximum comfort

Cats do not like to be disturbed in their sleep. They know that as you sleep, you tend to turn and toss.

But these movements usually take place on the upper part of the bed.

This is also where you usually rearrange pillows and blankets as well as move your hands.

Plus, the upper body is taking up more space than your feet.

So choosing to sleep at the foot of the bed is the best spot with the least disturbance.

They are smart enough to realize that so they choose this particular spot because this is where they can maximize comfort.


#3. They are being territorial

If you think that you own the bed, well you can be wrong.

Your cat might have also decided that it belongs to him and he simply allows you to share his bed.

In such a case, it would be hard to keep your feline out of the bed.

However, there are things that you can try to encourage him to sleep somewhere else.

With their exceptional vision at night, they can roam around even if it is completely dark.

Furthermore, it is a part of their instinct to guard you while you are sleeping. They are being vigilant in watching over the entire house.


#4. It’s way cooler in that particular spot 

Most of the heat is concentrated both in the middle of the body and of the bed.

Although cats, love to cuddle with your body, they do not want to be overheated at the same time.

That is why they like sleeping close to your feet so that they won’t have to deal with sweat at night while still being near you.


#5. Your cat is being considerate

Cats belong to the creatures that are associated with being thoughtful.

They are often alert during your bedtime, so they choose to sleep somewhere they can easily come or go without disturbing your sleep.


#6. Night vision

Cats belong to nocturnal animals. Their night vision is very strong so they are more active during dawn and dusk.

Some cats may have adapted to sleep at night as their owners sleep, but it does not mean that they are also sleeping the whole night.


Pros And Cons Of Sleeping With Your Cat

According to some studies, sleeping with your cat comes with a lot of positive effects both to you and your pet.

But other claims several drawbacks as well.


The cons

Here are the cons:


#1. You can fall asleep faster

A lot of people tend to easily fall asleep to the cat’s purring sound and this can be very beneficial to them mentally.


#2. Associated with relaxation and better sleep

It can lead to reduced stress, emotional bonding, and a stronger companionship between them.

If you are stressed, it would often lead to poor quality sleep. But the presence of a cat can be very soothing.

Furthermore, petting your cat can also promote close bonding and love making your body more relaxed and thus having better sleep.


The cons

Here are the cons:


#1. Tend to disturb your sleep

Based on some research, cats can be the reason behind people not having enough sleep.

The pet owner tends to fall asleep longer resulting in waking up tired. That is because the cat tends to wake up its owner at night.


#2. Can include diseases and parasites

If you sleep with your pets that you allow going out of your house, then they could spread diseases and parasites that they have been exposed to.

In case you have the slightest reaction to the dandruff of your cats, it would be better not to let them sleep with you.


It’s A Wrap!

Why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed?

This question has already been answered.

You now know that there could be various reasons behind this.

Indeed, cats are the best buddies.

Wherever they choose to sleep we seem not to get enough bonding with them.