What Is A Trundle Bed? 3 Best Reasons To Get Yours!

Do you not know what is a trundle bed? Well, it is a huge platform with wheels tucked under a regular bed for the purposes of saving space.

Its name is generated from the old term used to pertain to the  rolling sound onto the floor since this is what a trundle bed does.

what is a trundle bed

This is designed in such a way that it looks like a standard bed while maximizing the space under the bed.

To ensure ease of pull-out and storage, the mattress underneath a trundle is made thinner than regular mattresses.


3 Benefits Of Trundle Beds

Many benefits come with having trundle beds at home, from being a comfy sleeping spot to being storage.


#1. Maximizes a small space

It is a smart move to have a furniture piece like a trundle bed if you are living in a small area just like in a studio or an apartment for example.

Since the other bed can be stored beneath the other, you won’t have to worry if a family member or friend is coming over.

In case you have kids sharing in a tiny bedroom, getting a trundle bed would be a much safer option than having a bunk bed in it.

Simply roll out the trundler whenever it is needed.

With this, needless for you to worry about them falling.

This can also serve as storage in your mini house as some of them are designed with shelves and drawers for you to store any items you don’t have room for.

You may store more belongings in it if you do not need more sleeping space.

Just put in the spot intended for the mattress.

One of the best traits of a trundle is its versatility.

You can use it as a chaise lounge during the day and a space to sleep when night comes.


#2. Ideal when hosting guests

Trundle beds are easier to use as well as more comfortable and convenient to use as compared to other kinds of beds used for guests such as air mattresses and futons.


#3. Cost-effective

Buying a trundle bed costs lower than buy two beds separately.

Although it might not seem that way because it cost higher than the regular single bed.

However, this option is more economical since two people can sleep in it.

You also need not furnish an entire room for your guest saving you more money.

Plus, they are way more comfortable and durable than futons and airbeds.


What A Trundle Bed Is: Its Types

When it comes to trundle beds, you will see various storage options, styles, and sizes of trundle beds.

Just like for example in a tiny bedroom of a child, getting a Twin trundle for a standard Twin size bed will be enough.

For your gest room that is intended to accommodate both children and adults, getting a Queen trundle would be a better option than a Twin trundle.

For studio apartments that have limited storage and space, getting a captain’s trundle bed is ideal.

That is because more storage drawers are affixed onto the frame of the trundle.

In other bed frames such as bunk beds and day beds, sizes like Twin over Full as well as Twin over Twin are best used with a popup trundle or even a standard trundle.

Furthermore, the materials utilized for construction also vary.

You can choose according to the existing design scheme of your house.

For instance, you can go for a trundle bed with traditional upholstery or you can go for a model that is entirely made of wood to attain a country look.

But in case you desire a rustic appearance, then go for a trundle with more durable frames made of wrought iron.


What Trundle Beds Are For?

So, what is a trundle bed?

The main purpose of trundle beds are to keep an extra bed without the need for more space.

You can pull out the other bed that is kept underneath any time there is a need for an extra sleeping space.

So, if you want to save floor space, you can get a trundle that offers space-saving storage.


Is It A Good Idea To Have Trundle Beds?

The answer to this question will depend on some factors.

For one thing, you have to evaluate if how often do you host overnight guests.

This is a good idea if you seldom host overnight guests.

But if you do it frequently, then you should consider investing in an actual bed.

Just skip the trundle!


How Does Trundle Bed Work?

Essentially, a trundle bed has two beds with one bed underneath the other.

The top bed looks exactly like a traditional bed with a bed frame.

Whereas, the lower bed has a thin mattress platform.

Such a platform has wheels allowing you to pull it out easily whenever you need to use the trundle.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know what is a trundle bed.

For sure you will love how the other mattress can be kept underneath if there is no need for it.

Otherwise, you can simply pull it out.