How To Remove Period Stains From Bed Sheets? 7 Easy Ways!

Do you want to know how to remove period stains from bed sheets? It’s easy as 1-2-3! Just read further to find out, my friends.

Yes, it can be disgusting to see stains in your bed, especially if you just woke up.

how to remove period stains from bed sheets

You just can’t get rid of it with the use of water and towel.

How much more if you stained a bed sheet of the hotel you’re in? How much will you have to pay for it?

Please don’t fret, my friends. We have solutions to your problem. So without further ado, let’s start!


Ways To Remove Period Stains From Bed Sheets

You have to deal with your period every month unless, of course, you’re pregnant, irregular, or for some other reason.

That’s why it’s important to know how to remove period stains from bed sheets.

Here are the different ways that you can try:


#1. Cold water

As soon as you see the blood in your bed sheet, you should quickly remove it using cold water.

The longer the blood stays in the sheet, the slower and less likely you can get it using this process.

I’m sure, you’ll find it hard to remove if it already took like hours for you to respond to this situation.

In order to flush off the bloodstain, get cold water and wash the affected area.

After which, you can use a shampoo to clean the stain.

Through this, you can lessen the appearance of the stain on your bed sheet.


#2. Hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice

Once the blood stain sets in, it will be hard for you to get it.

So, you should not allow it to stay for too long. Remember that dried stains are tough to get rid.

Don’t lose hope, however.

Try to get lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide.

Maybe, just maybe, you can get rid of the stains. It’s because this solution serves as bleach.

That’s why it’s perfect for bed sheets that come with light colors.

That being said, if you try this method in your dark-colored sheets, perform a test first.

If it doesn’t change the fabric’s color, you can try it in the entire stain.

Just be careful, my friends.


#3. Enzyme cleaner

Another way on how you can remove period stains from bed sheets is to have an enzyme cleaner.

You can soak the bed sheet in this solution with cold water for about 15 minutes.

Do this process before you should wash the sheets. In this way, you can lessen the stain.

It will be easier for you to remove the period stains completely.


#4. Meat tenderizer

Are you surprised how this thing can actually get rid of period stains from bed sheets?

Well, don’t be, my friends. It’s good that you’ve already known.

It’s effective! Many people have tried this process.

Using an unseasoned tenderizer can clean blood stains out of your sheets.

Before you should entirely use this method, you should sprinkle a little of this powder on the affected amount.

Then, try to make a paste out of it by putting some water.

Leave the stained bedsheet for about 30 minutes and rinse it off using cold water.

Now, did the stains remove?

Hopefully, yes!


#5. Salt

Well, this solution is easily accessible.

Perhaps, salt is found in every household; that’s how important salt is, right?

So, it would help if you still had a bucket of cold water.

Get salt and stir to form a solution.

Put the bed sheet into the bucket, soak and leave it for about three hours.

Once done, you should rinse the sheet with cold water.

If this process is not effective, you still have more solutions left.


#6. Stain stick

If you don’t want that DIY method, you can go to your local stores and ask for stain sticks.

All you have to do is to rub the affected area with this thing.

The instruction may depend on the stick you have bought.

However, generally, you’re required to apply it to the stains then leave it for about 20 minutes.

Then, you can wash it just like the usual process, and you’re done!


#7. Cornstarch

So, how to remove period stains from your bed sheet? Another way is to use cornstarch.

You’ve already known how this thing is used as a cleaning agent for many things.

How much more for bloodstains, right?

I hope this one will work for you already.

So, here’s how.

First, make a cornstarch paste. Then, just like what you did in the previous methods, apply the paste to the stains.

Gently and slowly, rub it.

After which, leave the affected area under the sun for it to dry.

Once it dries, get rid of the residue; you can do this using brush.

If there still remains a blood stain, you have to repeat the process again until it’s completely clean.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you’ve learned how to remove period stains from bed sheets.

There are actually more to know, but I guess we’ll end there now.

I hope you’re already enlightened and one of these ways worked for you.

Enjoy your day, my friends!