How To Take Cats Off Curtains? 5 Easy Steps For You!

Would you like to know how to take cats off curtains?

If you are a pet lover and like cats a lot, you should know how they love clinging to things.

They love climbing on things due to their strength and paws that allow them to climb up and hold.

Curtains, on the other hand, their fabric can be comfortable for cats, but then it is soft and can be easily damaged.

Knowing that cats have sharp claws on their paws, they might scratch the fabric of your curtains.

Also, their fur is not good when gathered upon the curtains. You will have a hard time getting those.

If you want to keep your curtains safe from scratch, but you don’t want your cat to go outside the room, we have tips for you.


how to take cats off curtains

Steps To Take Cats Off Curtains

Do you have a problem with your cats, spending a lot of time in your curtains?

Worry less. We got you!

Indeed having a cat inside the house is a good feeling. Pets are always part of the family.

But then, when they start ruining things and scratches your curtains, that is no longer acceptable.

Curtains are essential in one’s home.

You will need these things to protect yourself and make sure you have privacy.

Then again, your cats may love the idea of you having those pretty curtains having a suitable fabric.

To avoid these instances, make sure to follow the steps given to you in a while.

Here are the steps on how to take cats off curtains:


Step #1. Observe the behavior

The first thing you have to do is to check on your cat / s. Know what your pets are up to and notice every little thing.

Observe and note their activity daily and what attracts them most upon clinging on the curtain.

Please take note of how their daily actions change.

Make sure that you know where and every what time they transfer places.

You must make a timeline for it to track it and use it for the other steps.


Step #2. Trick them

This one is not harmful, but it distracts your cats from hanging too much on your curtains.

You can train them to scratch on new places putting up posts. Place this on the window where they usually go and play or rest.

But this must serve as their distraction on climbing on windows and curtains.

Do not worry that it might not work. You can use a tool that can trick your cats into playing on that post.

This magic tool is a catnip. Most cats could not avoid catnips when they see them. It has something that attracts them.


Step #3. Cage and a catnip

When the cat is getting used to the catnip post you have presented for days, you can proceed to this step.

You will need to have a birdcage or any cage you desire. Put that catnip in there, making sure that it is safe.

It should attract the cat inside for it to be used on seeing the area where you placed the cage.

That will help it to adjust based on the changes. Good thing that there is a catnip along with the place.


Step #4. Put sticky tapes

When you want your cat to learn where they should stand, put a bar or portion where they would know their limits.

You can put sticky tapes along with the screens of your window or frame so that they will get the hint that they are not allowed.

Cats are not a fan of sticky places, especially when they feel it on their paws. That will feel odd for them.

In that way, you can put it for a little while until you notice that your cat is no longer trying to go up the window.

It is not harmful to them, so you can resort to this step as your option that is safe.


Step #5. Spray cat repellents

This step will sound mean and, ruthless but it is not as bad as what you think. It will serve as a lesson for the cats.

As much as possible, you put this last because it may be harsh towards them, but this will end your problem in a snap.

If all those four steps do not work, you can resort to this as the last and most efficient one.

You can have cat repellents as an answer to your problem. Humans can’t recognize this spray.

Although for cats, they know that this one is bad and offensive for them. It leaves an odor that cats won’t like.

That is harmless for them, but this will make the cats leave your curtain and windows unbothered for a long time.

Also, it is good for you do not need to exert more effort.



And we are now done with our article. We hope you learned a lot from us today.

Good thing we answered, “How to take cats off curtains?” you have a new idea and knowledge to share and keep.

I hope that you can apply and follow these steps right.

where should café curtains hang

Where Should Café Curtains Hang? 5 Common Places

Do you wonder where should café curtains hang? Read further to know!

Before anything else, let us get to know more about café curtains first.

So, café curtains are attractive decorative pieces that are used to enhance cafes and diners.

You can usually see this installed in an old roadside café.

This type of window treatment lets plenty of light enter as it also provides privacy.

That is possible because it only hangs partway up your window.

It can either be displayed near the top of the window or closer to the bottom.

But most often than not, it is made to match a natural dividing line that is already present on the window.

Just like most curtain types, a café curtain is also made of fabric.

Whether the fabric is semi-opaque or sheer, it can be made with or without linings.

Commonly, they are installed using a tension curtain rod.


5 Places At Home Where Café Curtains Hang

During the old days, café curtains are installed in cafes and diners only as mentioned above.

But now, more and more homeowners used this window treatment at home.

So, where should café curtains hang?

Now, to answer your question below is the list of the places where café curtains usually hang.


#1. Kitchen

A lot of homeowners use café curtains to cover their kitchen windows.

This is one of the most ideal covering to hang on the windows above the sink in your kitchen.

That is because they can offer an unobstructed outside view as you are washing the dishes.

This type of curtain is also an excellent addition to your breakfast nook as it will let plenty of sunlight fill the space.

It is extremely ideal for the area because that is where the lively conversation takes place in the morning.


#2. Bathroom

The second most common spot in the house where café curtains are installed is in the bathroom.

This will add texture to your bathroom windows.

Not only that, but it will also provide light as well as the much-needed privacy that you need in taking a bath.

It is extremely soothing to take a bath while you are basking in the sunshine at the same time.


#3. Office

Because of the pandemic, a lot of people are required to work remotely.

If you are someone who is working from home, it is nice to have a space at home where you can optimize your productivity.

Putting plants in your office can increase your productivity.

According to research, it can also help in decreasing stress.

Hanging café curtains in the space can offer the natural light that your plants need.

But more importantly, it will also provide the right ambiance to your working environment.


#4. Nursery

A café curtain is a small and delicate embellishment that can be an excellent addition to a nursery.

Aside from the cute appeal that it can contribute, it also serves some practical purposes.

Since you would like to spend plenty of time bonding with your baby in a nursery, it would be good to have café curtains to allow the light stream.

This is good both for you and the baby.


#5. Entryway

The entryway will leave a first impression on people that are coming to your house.

It would be better to make it more inviting if possible.

Perhaps, your front door that is leading to the entryway has glass panes, install café curtains to get the right amount of natural light.


How To Hang Café Curtains?

After you decided where to hang café curtains, follow these steps to hang them.


Step #1. Measure the space

You need to get the exact measurement of your window so that your café curtains will surely fit later on.

In selecting a curtain, the width must be two times that of the window and the length must be four up to six inches more than the window length.


Step #2. Picking the curtain rod

You can either choose from return and classic rods as they are the most ideal types of curtain rods for café curtains.


Step #3. Gather the tools

You will need screws, standard level, drill, tape measure, and pencil for the installation.


Step #4. Choosing the rod placement

You should hang the curtain just above the middle of the window.

It must cover the part where the window panes meet.

This is to allow privacy at the bottom half of the window then the light can come through the top part.


Step #5. Install the curtain rod

Using your pencil, mark the spot where you intend to install the curtain rod. Do this on both window sides.

Ensure that the lines are level before marking for the holes.

Once done, you can now secure the curtain rod brackets in place.

Use a drill to install them in the wall.


It’s A Wrap!

To answer your question as to where should café curtains hang, it depends on the light control and privacy requirement of your space.

Commonly, it is used in bathrooms and kitchens. But it can also work well in your bedroom.

Hanging café curtains is a nice way to add texture, pattern, and color to the room.

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