Who Cleans Up After A Wedding: What To Expect

The answer to who cleans up after a wedding is a cleaning crew that you hire for this specific task. However, you may also find that some wedding venues or even decorators include the cleaning after the reception. 

Speaking of decorators, you may also like to know how much is a wedding decorator. Reading that will give you some ideas on the packages and costs you can expect when hiring one. 

who cleans up after a wedding


Who Is Responsible For Cleaning Up After A Wedding?

The cleaning crew refers to a group of people you hire to clean after the wedding. However, there are other factors to consider before getting one and etiquette on your side as the hosts when it comes to the clean up after the wedding.


Before anything else, ask the venue

Before getting a cleaning crew, remember to read the rules or your venue’s contract. It would be best if you asked the venue coordinator because there might be regulations and expectations regarding what happens for the cleaning after the wedding.

Some wedding venues may include the clean up in their wedding package, so you won’t need to hire a cleaning crew yourself. You should also ensure that you’re following the site’s rules on how it should be left at once the wedding reception ends. 

But what if the wedding venue does not include the clean up after the event? Consider hiring professionals to do the task or think if you can do it yourself. 


Hire a cleanup crew

Depending on the budget, size of the wedding, and personal preference, you can hire professionals or do the cleaning yourself. Some hosts can consider the latter, especially if the wedding is small and there’s not much to clean anyway. 

The reception might also be short that you won’t expect too many tasks afterward. However, don’t underestimate the cleaning up, especially when it’s a long and big wedding. 

Chances are you’ll only want to rest after the event, and it might be better to spend your first wedding night relaxing. With a clean up crew, you can immediately go home after the wedding without stressing about the rules set by the venue regarding how to leave it. 

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Guests are not obligated to help with clean up

The couple is not obligated to do the cleaning at the reception afterward. The same thing also applies to the guests, no matter how close you are to them. 

Unless they deliberately volunteer themselves with the party clean up, it would be tacky to ask your guests to do the cleaning. They are there to celebrate with you, and they’ll also be tired by the end of the party. 


Make sure to communicate your expectations

A significant part of cleaning up after the wedding is where some stuff will go. Ensure to coordinate and communicate your expectations with the cleaning crew to avoid misunderstandings and potential stress from items that might get misplaced. 

For one, you may need to keep some rented decors for returning to the decorator or whichever store you got them. There might also be other items in the venue that are borrowed from family and friends. 

At weddings, couples often have leftover foods, specific decors they make or pay for, and even flower arrangements shipped to their home afterward. Consider listing items you want to get after the event and give it to the cleaners, so they won’t be lost or accidentally disposed of.


Do Wedding Planners Clean Up?

The wedding planner will not do the cleaning up after the wedding, but they’re responsible for ensuring that it will go smoothly and overlook the cleaning up. This means that if you’re the wedding planner, you know who must pay the necessary bills and vendors, who has the marriage license, who collects the gifts, who packs up the decors and rented items, and if the vendors have cleaned their designated areas according to contract. 

Your wedding planner is also the one coordinating with the venue, so you’ll know if you need a cleaning crew. They should also confirm if each vendor will be responsible for their own clean up and act as the cleaners’ point person after the wedding. 

This way, the couple doesn’t have to stay after the party, and they only need to ask one person if they have questions about the clean up after the wedding. Nonetheless, confirm your expectations with your wedding planner to ensure that these roles are taken care of. 


What Happens At A Reception After A Wedding?

The reception should be stored in its original state after the wedding. You can read the contract with the site or ask your wedding coordinator about their responsibility for this task.



And that’s it! We found out who cleans up after a wedding, and it is the cleaning crew you hire. 

However, some venues have their own crews, and others may require you to bring your own. 

If you’ll have individual vendors, you must also confirm if clean up is included in your chosen package. Again, you must know what happens after the party to avoid potentially breaching the venue’s contract. 


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