Which Mattress Material Is Good For Health: 3 Types

If you wonder which mattress material is good for health, we’ll discuss three common conditions that your mattress can help you with. If you experience pain, allergies, or sleep hot, you’ll learn a lot from this article. We’ll also talk about the safety of mattresses in general. 

We recommend that you read this guide on the best mattress for sleeping. Besides the type of material in the bed, you also want to consider its other features to ensure that you’ll get a good night’s sleep. After all, quality sleep is crucial for good health. 

which mattress material is good for health


Which Type Of Mattress Is Good For Health?


For people who experience body pain

Foam materials such as memory foam and latex would be good for the health of people who experience body pain. The discomfort that pain causes will affect your sleep quality and sleep deprivation can lead to potential health problems such as high blood pressure, depression, and even a risk of a heart attack. To avoid sleep deprivation from pain and keep your health in check, use memory foam or latex mattresses. 

Memory foam naturally contours along your body, and this helps in relieving pressure when you lie down. Latex is also among the mattresses good for the back if you have back pain because it has the right firmness to keep you supported. Latex and memory foam are even the mattress materials that you’ll see in chiropractor-approved mattresses, so you know that they are beneficial for people that experience aches and pain. 


For people with allergies

A mattress material that is good for health should be gentle enough for people with allergies. Therefore, you want organic mattresses if you want a hypoallergenic bed. One of the best organic materials that are good for your health is latex. 

Latex is sourced from rubber trees, and you can even find manufacturers with certifications that prove the sustainability of their products. You can also avoid allergies and reactions since latex is natural and free from chemicals. It is even resistant to allergens such as mold and dust mites, and some natural mattresses have components that make them antimicrobial. 

If you’re new to natural materials, here is a guide on buying an organic mattress


For people who sleep hot

Our body temperature changes at night during sleep, and some people might feel significantly hotter than others. You can keep yourself from being disrupted and losing sleep by selecting a mattress material that doesn’t retain heat. Consider a hybrid mattress because it offers better airflow than a 100% foam bed. 

You can also choose memory foam beds that are infused with cooling gel. Manufacturers nowadays have developed technologies to make their memory foam mattresses feel cooler than traditional ones with poor temperature regulation. But if you have the budget for it, latex foam will feel much more comfortable than memory foam if you sleep hot because of its breathability


Is Foam Bed Good For Health?

A foam bed is good for your health, depending on your personal needs and preferences. Foam mattresses come in different types, firmness, and overall construction, so you must know how to select the exact model that helps you maintain good sleep quality. But if you want to ensure that you’re getting a safe foam mattress for your health, check for certifications such as CertiPUR-US, eco-INSTITUT, and GREENGUARD to prove that the foam met the requirements regarding chemical emissions, pollutants, and ozone depleters. 


Memory foam

A memory foam bed is beneficial for your health because its conforming characteristics can ensure you a good night’s sleep. By following the body’s natural contours regardless of your sleeping position, you will prevent pressure points and maintain a neutral spine. However, please check the memory foam’s certifications to be reassured about its chemical composition. 


Latex foam

If you are worried about the chemical emissions of synthetic memory foam, an excellent alternative is latex foam. It is the top mattress material to get if we’re talking about healthy materials because it is naturally sourced. Those who have health sensitivities will feel much more confident sleeping on a latex foam bed, and its structure is also as pressure-relieving and supportive as memory foam. 

You can check this in-depth article about latex foam mattresses to know more about this natural material. 


Do Mattresses Have Chemicals?


VOCs and air pollutants

Always check the materials in your mattress for potential air pollutants and VOCs. They are most common in polyurethane foam, so be on the lookout for hydrogen cyanide, TDI, or methylene chloride. Also, it would be best to clarify what chemicals the brand used for the stain repellent and antimicrobial treatment on the mattress because they might be VOCs.  


Flame retardants

Avoid mattresses with chemical flame retardants such as boric acid, antimony, or halogens such as chlorine and bromine. There are natural mattresses that use natural wool fibers instead of these chemicals. Here is where you can buy natural latex beds for reference.  



And that’s it! This article answered which mattress material is good for health, and the facts point out latex foam. Memory foam can also be beneficial for health because it helps with pressure relief and support to maintain good sleep quality, but concerns about chemicals make latex the clear winner. 

Ultimately, always consult your healthcare provider as you may have a specific health condition that will be better relieved with certain mattress materials. 


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