How To Buy An Organic Mattress: 3 Best Factors

Do not be intimidated in understanding how to buy an organic mattress because there are only three factors to consider. First, we’ll discuss how the brand reputation, the mattress itself, and certifications are influential to the quality of the organic bed. This article will also help you find out which organic mattress is the best. 

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how to buy an organic mattress


How To Buy An Organic Mattress To Get The Most Of Your Money


Step 1. Consider the company

Many mattress companies offer organic mattresses, so it can be overwhelming to select where to get your organic bed. However, it should be easy to filter your extensive list of options by checking the brand’s background. For example, does the company have a good reputation?

Consider mattress brands that have been around for a long time because it means consumers trust them. You can also check their company policies because trials, returns, and warranties are signs of their confidence in their product’s qualities. And finally, stick to a mattress brand specializing in natural and organic products to avoid potentially misleading labels. 


Step 2. Know the mattress performance

Familiarize yourself with the questions to ask when buying a mattress. Remember that each person differs in needs and preferences to get the best mattress. Organic mattresses will also come in different types, firmness, and other specifications, so you should identify what features will be the most comfortable and supportive for your sleep. 

After knowing how the mattress performs, please check the materials. While some beds are labeled natural or organic, they may still use synthetic chemicals and components on the mattress. Allocate some time to search each part of the bed to ensure that they are not potentially harmful to the health and the environment


Step 3. Check for certifications

When finding what is the best latex mattress on the market, the products with labels and certifications will top the list. This is also true for all organic mattresses because certificates and labels indicate that they met the tests and standards to hold true about their organic claims. However, there are many certifications, so you must know which ones come from reliable certifiers.

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): requires that 95% of the mattress materials must be certified organic and the remaining 5% free of chemicals
  • Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS): for latex mattresses that use 95% organic latex
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100: the mattress should not contain chemicals and substances harmful to human health
  • CertiPUR-US: for foam mattresses that met standards regarding not having ozone depleters
  • eco-INSTITUT: the mattress passed the requirements for low emissions and pollutants
  • Greenguard and Greenguard Gold: proves that the mattress has low chemical emissions
  • USDA Organic: for some parts of the mattress, such as fibers

To help you understand what makes an organic mattress organic more, here are some clarifications from the Organic Trade Association


Do I Need To Buy An Organic Mattress?


Peace of mind

You will benefit from buying an organic mattress because of the confidence that you’re using a healthy and safe product on your bed. We spend a large part of our life on our mattresses, so using an organic product will make you feel at ease that you or your family members are not exposed to chemicals and harmful synthetic substances. Most organic mattresses are even hypoallergenic, ideal for people with health conditions, children, or pregnant women.



Using an organic mattress means that it contains natural products that won’t also be harmful to the environment. They are also manufactured with sustainability in mind, and some brands even produce biodegradable beds. And if you want to lessen your contribution to landfills, here are things you can do with an old mattress


Are Organic Mattresses Worth The Money?

Organic mattresses are worth the money because natural materials last longer than synthetic materials. Remember that it’s better to invest in a bed that will take a long time to lose its structure than something cheap but requires frequent replacements. You shouldn’t also assume that organic mattresses will always be more expensive because if you know the best time to buy a mattress, you might score fantastic sales and discounts. 


Which Organic Mattress Is The Best?

The best organic mattress will depend on your requirements and needs. But to give you some brands to choose from, you can check out Avocado, Brentwood Home, Eco Terra, Naturepedic, PureRest Organics, PlushBeds, Savvy Rest, and Sleep on Latex. These brands have products that have the certifications to prove the legitimacy of their natural and eco-friendly claims. 



And that’s it! To recap our three-step guide on how to buy an organic mattress, you only need to check the company, mattress performance, and certifications. However, we still encourage you to identify the bed and features that it must have to provide the best sleeping experience for you. 

Overall, an organic mattress is worth it because you’re using something free of potentially harmful chemicals while also maintaining sustainability and helping our planet. Furthermore, the many organic and natural beds available in the market will ensure that you’ll get the perfect model for your sleeping needs. 


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