Where To Put Fridge In Small Kitchen? 8 Amazing Ways!

Do you want to know where to put fridge in small kitchen? You can set the refrigerator under the counter, over the counter, and install a built-in cabinet behind the door and under the kitchen island. It’ll be tough to fit a full-size refrigerator into a small kitchen. Therefore, if your fridge is tiny or compact, there are various areas where it may be placed. The locations are near the counter, so you can quickly get everything you need. 

We’ll start by talking about fridge arrangement and how to make your kitchen look coordinated. We’re here to assist if you’re remodeling or just want a change. Below we have listed some amazing ways to place your fridge in the small kitchen. Let’s get started on this issue.

where to put fridge in small kitchen


Ways To Put Fridge In Small Kitchen

A fridge is undoubtedly an essential appliance in the home, but it also eats up the maximum area. Refrigerator placement, trust this or not, is truly a science. Let us demonstrate where to put fridge in small kitchen?


#1. Locate a location where the refrigerator doors will easily open

Most of the most significant problems with fridge placement simply are that you will have space to unlock the door, insert items inside, and remove items from it. Remember the needed clearance for door movement when choosing a place for your fridge. Determine whether it obstructs important areas, walkways, or entrances to the kitchen. It could seem like a brilliant idea to put the refrigerator against the kitchen door, but sometimes it may create problems when you open the fridge door. So be careful when you place your fridge in any corner of your kitchen. 


#2. Protect yourself from direct sunlight

The problem with putting a fridge in a sunny location is that it uses a lot of energy and puts a lot of strain on the appliance and its elements, leading to failure. Protect your fridge away from direct sunlight to avoid invalidating your warranty. The excess heat created by straight or reflecting sun’s rays in the refrigerator’s proximity, on the other hand, forces the fridge to work harder to maintain its interior cold.


#3. Install a built-in refrigerator

Built-in refrigerators are over 80 inches in height and approximately 48 inches wide, and they will eat up a large chunk of your money. A genuinely built-in refrigerator was formerly unavailable to houses with restricted rooms and a limited price. Yet, a few high-end kitchen equipment companies are now creating slim-down refrigerators that may easily fit into small kitchens. Smaller homes will benefit from the thinner doors, which are simpler to access in a cramped kitchen.


#4. Below or above-counter

On the market, there are many different fridges. A lot of them are made to fit under the countertop. Because the counter is the major area for food preparation, putting a fridge behind it is a fantastic option. You’ll want to keep your fridge nearby so you can get items or ice water if necessary. If you have a tiny kitchen, you may put a compact freezer on the countertop that ranges from 0.6 – to 3.5 cubic meters. Just make sure your counter can handle the load.


#5. Proper oven distance

When you put your fridge next to your oven, it may have to labor further to keep the right interior temperature. When you need to position your range close to your fridge, use insulation to avoid heat transmission. In kitchen design, the triangle idea is commonly used.

In the center of your kitchen, the stove, refrigerator, and basin should make a triangle configuration. This need not be exact. Since these three things are all utilized in the kitchen, switching between one and the other must be straightforward. Set the fridge, microwave, and sink 4 – 9 feet apart when designing your ideal kitchen. The heights don’t have to match. Food preparation will be simplified if they’re really within this range.


#6. Stay away from the hob

Unvented ovens, refrigerators,  and washers should never go below the stove. Because of the ventilation system’s air recirculation, metal items stored within might be scorching if the hob is placed over a cabinet. You may also be interested to know about fridge and stove side by side.


#7. Construct shelves 

Surrounding your fridge with shelves is an excellent idea. Your fridge will be located, and you’ll get more countertop kitchen space. Add simple shelves to your refrigerator’s top to make more space. In a kitchen, they’ll be invaluable.


#8. Do not forget about the corners

If your kitchen is tiny, not even all corners must be wasted. Accurately determine the available area and make sure your fridge opens freely. If required, you can switch the side of the fridge door that opens. Place your fridge in a corner, making a triangle with the range and basin. You may make the most of your area and become more practical.


It’s A Wrap!

It’s all about utilizing your creativity and understanding your movement regarding where to put fridge in small kitchen apartments and houses. Also, make sure you leave enough space in the kitchen to open a door and freely move it. Thank you, friends, for reading this article! You may also want to read about how to clean fridge filter and how much is a fridge compressor.

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