How Much Is A Fridge Compressor? 4 Easy Ways To Fix It!

Do you know how much is a fridge compressor? Of course, that varies for all compressor brands, but it costs 45 to 350 dollars on average.

Maybe you are worried now that your fridge is not working properly. What will happen to the goods you stored inside the fridge? For sure, they will get stale. And who wants that? Good thing! You came to the right site.

how much is a fridge compressor

Knowing the cost of a fridge compressor is just the beginning of your fridge repair. More important than that discovery is to learn the basics of the fridge and know how to fix it, if unfortunately, it went wrong.

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Ways To Know If The Fridge Compressor Is Damaged

Whatever type of refrigerator you have, all of them have common parts or components that make it successful in doing its job – cooling goods. A damaged compressor may have arisen for different reasons. Perhaps, it got damaged over time.

No matter what the cause is, we must get to the point of that out. Guess what’s more important. Doing something to fix it! As we have already known the answer to our inquiry, “how much is a fridge compressor?” we will learn an essential part of fixing the damage in this section. That is, to look at the means to know if the fridge compressor is indeed broken.


Way #1. Check the thermostat

Do you know what a thermostat is? Well, for a simple definition, it is a device that indicates the change in temperature within a closed system. Adjusting the thermostat wrongly can make the fridge compressor abruptly activates and deactivates. Therefore, you must be aware that the compressor has a big role in cooling the fridge.

The temperature of a closed system, specifically the fridge, is the indication if the thermostat is doing its task, which is to deliver a signal to turn on the compressor. So, you can utilize this function to know whether the compressor is broken or is in good condition.

What you have to do is to adjust the thermostat to a lower mode. After which, observe if the fridge compressor activates and maintains that state. Now, if that is your observation, then it has no problem at all.


#Way 2. Investigate the mains power cable

There might be a problem regarding the power distribution through the power line of the fridge that causes the compressor to malfunction. Of course, to check this, it is safer to plug off the unit first.

Now, if you see something strange – thinking that it is somewhat broken – that may cause many problems to arise, not just with the compressor. For example, having a damaged power cable may cause a shortage to the circuit then end up with a compressor that abruptly turns on and off.

This is because the amount of power that must go into the compressor becomes insufficient. Concerning heavier problems such as electrical shock and fire may occur. That is dangerous, so you must fix it right away. The kind of fridge that you have will determine the kind of mains power cable that you must buy to replace it.

Don’t worry because most of them are cheap! If you already got the right one, just connect it with the main wire, and seal it with electrical tape. Then, you can now plug it in and see if the compressor works fine by following the steps we did in #1.


Way #3. Check the fridge for possible clogging

Just like in our air conditioner units, refrigerators have coils where tiny particles love to dwell. If these disturbing particles get trapped in this part of the fridge, it is likely to make the fridge degrade its ability.

As a result, heat will not flow properly in and out of the refrigerator system, thus probably making the motor and compressor hot. To get rid of these particles, plug in your vacuum and do a cleaning job with the refrigerator coils.

But of course, you have to plug out the fridge first and transfer it to a place where you can comfortably do the job. Also, you have to consider cleaning the motor of the fridge. You can wipe it with a clean, dry cloth, or you may also use a vacuum. After this, you may put the fridge back to its original place and turn it on to check if the compressor is still damaged or not using again the trick we’ve done in #1.


Way #4. Fridge freeze

It’s quite funny to discover that your fridge may get freeze instead of the goods in it. But that happens in reality, especially if your fridge is already old. In addition, this freezing may extend to the refrigerator coils, which hinders the fridge from performing with its full capacity.

However, this problem is just easy to fix. You have to defrost your fridge, then wipe it clean. So that’s it! Hopefully, you’ll succeed in discovering the culprit of your damaged compressor, or better fix it with the simple steps above.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you have learned how much is a fridge compressor and the means to determine if it is damaged. Thank you for your time and effort. You are appreciate

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