5 Reliable Options On Where To Buy Orange Guard Pest Control

Afraid to use pesticides made from chemicals? Then you should probably know where to buy orange guard pest control.

It’s normal to feel scared to use pesticides, more so when you have toddlers and pets at home. So in this article, Orange Guard, an organic and eco-friendly product, will be shared with you.

where to buy orange guard pest control

Continue reading to know what it is, if it’s toxic, where to buy it, and how to use it.


Orange Guard Pest Control

Orange guard is a family-owned business. The products they offer are for controlling and eliminating pests.

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They offer a safe product to use around your family, pets, and food. They met both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards, proving safe and effective.

They made their products from water and plants without chemical involvement. It is also biodegradable; using this won’t harm plants and beneficial insects such as butterflies and bees. 

It is highly effective on many different kinds of pests, such as ants, cockroaches, fleas, hidden bugs, silverfish, aphids, lace bugs, mites, and many more, but you can be sure that pollinators won’t be harmed — it could even help you attract those. You’ll need to keep in mind that different products are used inside your home and outside in your yard.

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Is It Toxic?

You would inevitably feel concerned at the thought of using products against pests, but look closely enough, and you’ll find out that there are different kinds of pest control products. You can choose those organic ones; they are safe yet effective and are best used when you want to keep your family, pets, and foods secure.

As mentioned above, Orange Guards products passed EPA and FDA standards. That alone speaks volumes.

It is not harmful to your and your family’s health, your pets, and your food. Please note that this product can be used around food, people, pets, but it is not recommended to spray directly on any of those.

Upon contact with skin, you may experience mild irritation; rinsing it as soon as possible would suffice. View this article to know the answer to the most frequently asked questions about Orange Guard.


Where To Buy

As the pandemic started, online buying was more preferred. If you agree to that, then here are some of the online sites where you can buy orange guard pest control products: Amazon, Walmart, Arbico-organics, and eBay.

You can also visit their website, orangeguard.com, where you can also avail of their products. They also offer retail partnerships, if you are interested.

Their product prices range from $23 to $100. They have also garnered positive feedback on various online platforms, so you can rest assured of this product.


Orange Guard Application

At Orange Guard, there is a designated product for indoor and outdoor pest control use. For a truly more practical application, you have to consider this.

Know first where you want to use the product before buying one. After buying one, here is a simplified method for using Orange Guard Home Pest Control and Orange Guard Garden Pest Control.


Method #1. Home pest control

From a distance of up to 12 inches, directly spray on pest problems. Spray a generous amount until the area is thoroughly soaked, leave it be for around three minutes, then wipe the left traces with a wet cloth. 

Spraying on cracks or where most bugs hide would kill pests and prevent more breeding. You can also use this as a flea repellant by spraying enough to your pet’s bedding. 

If you want to use it on your kitchen counter, you may go ahead; no need to evacuate.


Method #2. Garden pest control

To create a barrier of protection, spray generously around the perimeter of your home, yard, or garden. Anywhere that can become an entrance of pests must be applied thoroughly.

You can also use this product to spray flowers, trees, shrubs, or houseplants.

You can repeat both product applications as you think it’s necessary. It can also be used when you need to prevent or repel pests.

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How does it work?

The main ingredient for this product is orange peel extract. The fragrance of the active ingredient d-Limonene acts as a pest repellent.

Their product works by dissolving the pests’ exoskeleton coatings, leading to suffocation, then death. The spray eliminates bugs immediately upon contact; you can also use this to prevent future infestations.



What surrounds you can often affect your and your family’s health. Staying healthy doesn’t only mean considering what you eat, but also what products you use at home that may affect your food and health.

If you use pesticides that contain chemicals, you should consider switching to organic ones. If you are thoroughly willing to try, you can start by knowing where to buy orange guard pest control or reread this article to decide for yourself.

Take easy steps to sustain a healthy home; start by picking products you can trust. Hopefully, you find this article valuable and worthwhile to read.

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