What Is Pest Control? A Beginner’s Guide To Its 5 Best Types

When you see visible signs of pests in your home, it is best to ask for an expert pest control service. However, what is pest control in the first place?

Pests, by definition, are any destructive insect or animal that causes problems to humans, usually by damaging crops, livestock, foods, and so on. Read through this article to know the ways you can control them.

what is pest control


Pest Control Definition

Pest control, also called pest management, is a process that aims to eliminate or manage pests at home, on farms, or business premises. The methods used in eliminating pests depend on the kind of creature you are dealing with.

It is important to regulate pests as they may be detrimental to your health. They may cause mild to severe damage depending on the type of pest, and the time it takes for you to take action to control them.


Common pests found at home

Ants, cockroaches, and mice are probably the first things that cross our minds when talking about pests, as they are the most popular types. However, there is a long list of pests, and we put together a shortlist to help you identify them.


1. Insects

Insects come in different colors and sizes, contaminate your food, affect your health, and even damage your furniture. One example is mosquitoes which may bring a severe disease called dengue.

Bed bugs mostly found in your sofas and beds that bite people are another example. Although bugs are not known to be harmful to humans, they may cause irritation and marks on the skin as well as sleepless nights and anxiety.

If your bed is severely damaged, check out this article on how to tell if a mattress has bed bugs.

On the other hand, cockroaches usually attack areas where food is stored, like in the kitchen and pantry. They create their colonies fast, spreading quickly all over your house.

Termites and ants are found in crawl spaces like basements. Termites feed on wood which will cause damage to your furniture and on the structure of your house.


2. Rodents

Jerry from the Tom & Jerry cartoon is adorable and fun to watch. However, the “Jerry” in our homes is not exactly cute.

Rodents in whatever type of property, if not controlled, can be a source of disease and contamination. Whether small or large, they may create severe damages to your food supply and a massive effect on your property.


3. Wild animals

Not all wild animals are dangerous. An example is a squirrel who climbs up to your house attic looking for food and shelter.

On the other hand, coyotes, bats, possums, skunks, etc., can be seriously dangerous. They can come to your house to seek shelter while bringing various diseases. 

When dealing with this type of pest, it is best to call for professional help.


5 Types Of Pest Control

You can use different types of pest control depending on the type of pest and the type of premise affected.


1. Biological

Biological pest control eradicates pests (prey) by introducing animals that are not originally members of the environment (predator). Its effectiveness is proven and is also one of the chemical-free options you can try.

When using this method, you have to be really careful as there is a possibility that the animals that you introduced to be overly populated. 


2. Natural

Since people prefer methods of pest control that do not involve the use of chemicals, natural pest control is gaining more popularity. Essential oils are very effective and are mostly used to eradicate pests using this method.

Essential oils used include citronella, peppermint, and lemongrass. These oils are very popular when it comes to eradicating pests.

Thuricide is a bacterium used for pest control. For more options, check out this article on “what chemicals do exterminators use for bed bugs”.


3. Chemical

Chemical eradication is one of the most preferred methods of pest control. However, using this method will mean that there is a chemical exposure and a risk of harm.

We highly recommend that you resort to this method only in severe cases for your safety. It is also best to call for professional help to ensure maximum safety.


4. Traps

Using traps is a traditional way of pest control. It usually works for rodents but can also work for insects and bugs. Here are some of the types and examples of pest traps.

  • Poison trap – It is done by placing food-induced food crumbs in the kitchen or areas with a lot of ants. The trap will make the ants drink the poison and bring it to their nest, killing the ants in the colony.
  • Snap-type – It is commonly used for rats or mice. You can also use food in the trap to attract the targets.
  • Live trap – It is a more humane option as it only involves baiting food crumbs inside a cage and closing it when the pest enters.


5. Electronic

It uses technology to control pests. Electronic pest eradication is done through electronic repellent devices.



Now that you have learned what is pest control, you can effectively regulate pests in your home. You can ensure that you and your family are safe from adverse health effects brought by unwanted creatures.

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