How To Use Diatomaceous Earth For Pest Control (5 Best Ways)

You clicked on this article because you were asking how to use diatomaceous earth for pest control, right? Well, using diatomaceous earth is relatively easy, aside from knowing where to put it.

You need to put it in the proper place or the bugs will just move into a new location inside your home and you will still experience pest problems. Spread it evenly over the area where the bugs are, then wait for the diatomaceous earth to do its work, and your pest problem will be gone.

how to use diatomaceous earth for pest control

Continue reading this article to find out more about how you can use diatomaceous earth for pest control. We will give you the knowledge you need.


What Exactly Is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is the remains of a fossilized aquatic organism known as diatoms. It is used as a pest control product because of its ability to kill a bug when exposed to it and by removing moisture from its nest.

When diatomaceous earth has direct contact with the exoskeleton of the insect, it will dry it up and end up killing it. Since insects thrive in areas with moisture, removing the humidity with diatomaceous earth will kill them if not prevent them from staying.


Is Diatomaceous Earth Harmful To Humans?

Diatomaceous earth is relatively safe for humans — though it is also silica, so proper cautions should be present. Aside from using diatomaceous earth as a pesticide, it is also marketed as a dietary supplement.

This food-grade diatomaceous earth is not harmful when ingested and will pass through your digestive track like any food does. When inhaled, it will cause irritation and harm your lungs just like inhaling dust, but since it is silica, it is significantly harmful to you.


What Causes Pests To Go To Your Home?

Having dark crevices, spilled drinks that you are not cleaning, and a soured mop that you left alone, are part of the many reasons pests come to your home. Making sure to frequently clean and check your home is part of preventing pests from sheltering in your home.

Pests are highly attracted to warm air, food, light, and moisture, so preventing these conditions inside your home, can make sure that pests have no optimal environment to live in within the premises of your home.


How To Prevent Pest Infestation

The best way you can prevent pests from growing inside your home is to follow these tips.

  • Try and get rid of food sources, water, or even shelter that a pest can use.
  • Dispose of your garbage daily.
  • Ensure that all items and food are stored in a sealed container.
  • Remove any clutter and holes so that pests have nowhere to live.
  • Seal all cracks and holes so that pests can not enter.
  • Have a monthly clean-up and inspection of the whole house.

If you are having a different kind of pest problem, you can refer to how to pressure wash a house with mildew and whether should you get a mold inspection when buying a house.


How To Use Diatomaceous Earth To Repel Bugs

Here are some ways you can use diatomaceous earth to repel bugs.


Method #1. Look for tunnels

Look for tunnels inside our house that can be used by insects. Whether it is a small or large tunnel, make sure to locate all of them.

This tunnel and pathway are used by  insects to get around your home, so if you are able to locate them, you are close to exterminating them.

Once located, apply the diatomaceous earth to the entrance of the tunnel. If there are two ways to go inside, put it on both ends.

This will make sure that the moisture in the tunnel is gone, killing the bugs inside it.


Method #2. Apply it near the base of houseplants

If there are pests on your house plants, you can put diatomaceous earth there to kill and prevent them from entering.

Aside from repelling bugs from our plants, diatomaceous earth can also nourish your plants by prolonging the moisture in the soil.


Method #3. Use of proper tools

Instead of just sprinkling the diatomaceous earth on top of the insect’s house, it is better to use a duster with a nozzle to really get into the insect’s house. When it is done like this, pests have nowhere to escape and will just die on the spot.

After the process, make sure to properly clean the area so that there will be no more pests.


Method #4. Keep it away from areas with high-traffic

Keep the diatomaceous earth away from your family and pets. When it gets kicked or stomped on, there is a high possibility that you, your family, or your pet could inhale it, which will cause health complications.

Make sure to keep it away from your children and pets for safety precautions.


Method #5. Reapply after the rain

When used for your garden, make sure to always reapply diatomaceous earth after every rain. It is because rain can wash off the diatomaceous earth.

It is also recommended to apply it during sunny weather to keep it from washing away.



As you have reached this part of the article, you now have knowledge regarding how to use diatomaceous earth for pest control and the methods by which you can properly use it.

We are hopeful that this article helped you solve the pest problem inside your home.

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