Why Do I See More Bugs After Pest Control? 10 Prevention Tips

One of the most asked questions of homeowners after treatment of pests is, “why do I see more bugs after pest control”? Bugs after pest control activity will come out of their hide-outs primarily because the sprays are affecting them, and that is normal to see a high number of bugs coming out of your house. 


why do i see more bugs after pest control

Bugs As A Pest

Bugs bring huge problems even with their tiny bodies; thus, do-it-yourself plans on bug infestation will never be enough. They usually hide in cracks, bathroom toilets, under sinks, kitchen, laundry room, attics, and closets.


Myths about pest and pest control 

  • The house is dirty if you see cockroaches around the corner
  • You will find bed bugs only on dirty beds (If you want to know where do bed bugs usually hide, check this out)
  • Use cheese as the best food to attract mice
  • Pest does not exist in your home if you don’t see one
  • Do-it-yourself pest control is adequate
  • A clean house does not attract pests
  • Using pest control attracts more pests
  • Cats are one of the pest control


10 Things To Do That Will Help Won’t Attract Bugs To Your Home


1. Remove standing water

Water on holes, pet baths, and children’s toys can be a ground to breed bugs and other pests. Make sure to fix the holes and drain pet baths and toys that contain water. 


2. Clean clogged gutters

Clogged gutters call bugs’ attention, especially those that love woods damaged by water and dirt. Thus, clean gutters help avoid unwanted pests that bring problems to you and your family. 


3. Organize trash areas

Trash attracts bugs mostly when they are in a clutter. It is helpful to use a garbage bin with lids, organize the area and maintain the cleanliness.


4. Do not store bushes and wood piles inside your house

Bugs such as ants, termites, wood-boring beetles, and wood wasps like to live in woods. Do not store wood inside your house to prevent these bugs from pestering other parts of your home. 


5. Use screens

Window and door screens are also helpful so that bugs cannot quickly get inside your home. Choose retractable screens in your home to keep bugs, mosquitoes, and other flying insects out of your house. 


6. Clean leftover foods

Leftover foods, spills, and residues invite bugs. Be sure to remove the foods already unconsumed for days, wipe the spills, and sweep food residues immediately to lessen the possibility of bugs invasion. 


7. Properly store foods

You can use containers with tight lids like canisters for storing food. Place your foods in resealable containers where bugs cannot get into easily. 


8. Clean dirty clothes, mattresses, bedsheets, etc.

Dirty and stinking clothes also draw attention to bugs. Homeowners usually complain about bed bugs that they see on their mattresses (here’s how to tell if a mattress has bed bugs), pillow covers, and beds. 


9. Check and fix cracks

Bugs like to hide on walls and floor cracks, and you will never know that they already invade most of your home just after the pest treatment. It is advisable to check and repair all the cracks you will see so that bugs will not have their entry points or hideouts inside your home. 


10. Rid overripe fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are nutritious, but no one can prevent them from spoiling.  You can use the peels as fertilizer or put them on a made-made compost pit or throw them in a trash bin far away from your house area. 


What pesticides are bed bugs immune to?

According to a new study, bed bugs are resistant and immune to neonicotinoids, which is one of the insecticides widely used in the world. “We need to emphasize that we need to use different tools — we can’t depend totally on chemicals; we need to incorporate other alternatives,” said Dr. Romero, an author from New Mexico State University.


How long does it take to get rid of more bugs after extermination?

Results after pest control activity vary depending on the pest eradication and treatment.  Sometimes there are immediate results, while there are also cases that take up to two weeks to see. 


Bugs fun facts

  • Ten million times compared to human tongues, houseflies are more sensitive
  • About two thousand silkworm cocoons are needed to create one pound of silk
  • Fifty times ants can lift and carry more than their weight
  • A ladybird beetle in its lifetime can eat more than five thousand insects
  • Wasps get “drunk’ and pass out while feeding on fermenting juice
  • Forty thousand eggs the queen of a specific termite species can lay per day
  • About one-third of all insect species are carnivorous 
  • Stinky feet attracts mosquitoes



Bugs can sometimes be deceiving that even though you cannot see them, it does not mean that they are not there. Pest control activity can shake the bugs to get out of their hideouts. 

Awareness and the correct information are essential tools to help you answer the question, “why do I see more bugs after pest control.”

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