How To Decorate A Lantern For A Wedding In 3 Steps

You can quickly learn how to decorate a lantern for a wedding with flowers and foam in this three-step tutorial. These floral lanterns make the best wedding decor ideas because you can hang them around the venue or have them as your table centerpieces. 

We will also include ideas on using these lanterns to enhance your venue and make it more bridal. And if you don’t know what blooms to use, refer to how to pick wedding flowers

how to decorate a lantern for a wedding


How To Decorate Lanterns For Wedding: DIY Floral Lanterns For Weddings


Step 1. Prepare the floral foam pieces

  • Measure the top side of the wedding lantern and cut a floral foam slightly bigger than it
  • Attach the cut floral foam at the top of the lantern with floral tape and a glue gun
  • Allow the foam to dry on the lantern and do the same on the other lanterns 
  • Cover the foam at the top of the lanterns with sheet moss for added aesthetics and also conceal the foam when you decorate with flowers in the next step; you can also use decorative faux moss 


Step 2. Decorate the wedding lanterns with flowers and greenery

  • Learning how to decorate floral wedding lanterns is easy because you can arrange the stems however you prefer; however, have a plan of the flower and color combinations in mind so all your wedding lanterns look cohesive 
  • Prepare each flower and trim their stems at the same length; make sure that you’ve rejuvenated your flowers for the wedding beforehand and you’ve removed the dead and dried leaves
  • Start with greenery and fillers on the side of the floral foam; push their wire through the moss and foam
  • The leaves should touch the base of the moss for security; you can also add hanging florals on the sides for visual variety 
  • Experiment if you want to decorate around the lantern or on some sides of the foam only 
  • Decorate the top moss and foam with your primary flower stems; these should be the major flowers seen around the wedding venue
  • Unlike with leaves, you don’t want the flower head to touch the moss 
  • Start adding smaller flowers and fillers like berries for depth and texture


Step 3. Finish the floral wedding lanterns

  • Depending on the wedding theme, you can add other decors and accents on the lantern beside the flower; you can even put the lantern on another material if it’ll be a wedding centerpiece
  • For example, a rustic lantern wedding can have each lantern over a wooden board while a boho-themed wedding can have candles beside the lantern 
  • You can also leave the top part of the lantern and decorate around its bottom instead
  • If the lantern is open-style and it won’t be lit with fire, you can put the flowers and textures inside
  • Consider putting your combined initials on the lantern glass for added personalization 
  • You can also paint the lantern frame to match your wedding theme

If you’re giving away the wedding lanterns as favors, you can use them as decors around the venue to further save on costs. Here is how to display wedding favors for more aesthetic ideas. 


How Do You Attach Flowers To A Lantern?

The best way to decorate lanterns is with flowers because they look elegant and represent the wedding theme classically. Depending on the design and style of the lantern, you can glue floral foam on it where you’ll stick the flowers.

There are also floral garlands that you can conveniently wrap on the lantern. But for detailed lanterns where you want to showcase its frame or top part, you can leave them as-is and decorate the frame with flowers. 

You don’t need to attach the flowers to the lantern itself; prop the lantern over a different base like a wooden disc. Then, glue your flowers to this surface for a more effortless arrangement of decors at the venue. 


How Do You Make A Wedding Lantern Centerpiece?

The easiest DIY lantern decoration ideas for your wedding centerpieces include using readily available lanterns rather than making each lantern yourself. But of course, if you’re feeling crafty, there are many guides you can follow using wood for a rustic wedding lantern centerpiece. 

  1. Prepare floral foam, flameless candles, lanterns, greenery, and floral stems
  2. Soak the foams and cut the greenery stems accordingly
  3. Attach the foam to the base of the centerpiece
  4. Stick the stems in the greenery according to the arrangement you want
  5. Add the floral stems and assemble the lantern over the base
  6. Put the candle inside, and you’re done


How Do I Decorate With Wedding Lanterns?

  • Put them on each table as centerpieces
  • Place them near the wedding signs
  • Hang them around the venue
  • Use them as an alternative to candles or another venue lighting
  • Position them along the aisle

If it’s an outdoor location, read how to decorate a tree for a wedding



And that’s it! You just learned how to decorate a lantern for a wedding using floral blocks, greenery, fillers, and flower stems. 

We hope you enjoyed the quick tutorial for lantern centerpieces that stand on a base. Let us know below how you’ll use lanterns at your venue.  

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