Where Can I Get A Bamboo Pillow. Read This First

If someone asks you where can I get a bamboo pillow, you can lead them companies and e-commerce platforms like Amazon. Below is a more detailed explanation of companies with popular bamboo pillows and some specific pillows popular on Amazon. This article should also help you know more about what a bamboo pillow is and what makes it unique.  

Indeed, bamboo pillows are gaining popularity because it is a more natural and sustainable product that also offers many advantages in a buyer’s perspective. However, like any other pillow, it’s unfair to classify all bamboo pillows as similar. It’s best to know what features to seek and what makes a specific bamboo pillow better among the market. 


Where To Find Bamboo Pillows?


Private manufacturers

The increasing popularity of bamboo pillows has also made it easy to find private manufacturers that produce them. One of the US’s well-known ones is from Snuggle-Pedic, and it’s available in three sizes. The company’s founder, Dr. Swartzburg, spent 20 years with chiropractic patients, making Snuggle-Pedic a trusted manufacturer of comfortable sleep products. 

Their bamboo pillow uses ultra-fine memory foam instead of the usual shredded memory foam in most bamboo pillows. The result is a plusher pillow that can hold its loft for a long time. More so, Snuggle-Pedic uses a proprietary bamboo viscose weave cover, which is breathable yet durable. 

You might also appreciate that you can rearrange the pillow filling and adjust the pillow’s shape and firmness according to your preference. You should feel at ease that the company never uses harmful chemicals, and the pillow is even backed with a 120-night sleep trial. Lastly, you can wash and dry your pillow with a machine for optimal convenience. 



Besides looking for popular manufacturers in the US, you can find a handful of quality bamboo pillows on Amazon. A favorite on the e-commerce platform is the bamboo pillow from Xtreme Comforts. It is not too pricey, but it boasts a 100% bamboo construction. 

When searching for a bamboo pillow, some brands are misleading because their products only use bamboo cover and synthetic memory foam inside. However, you can appreciate the Xtreme Comforts bamboo pillow because it uses natural materials outside and inside. Both the cover and filling uses bamboo viscose for best breathability and comfort in sleep. 

You have two sizes to choose from, and you can easily machine wash the pillow. But what’s unique with Xtreme Comforts is that it has separate zippers for the outer and inner cover. You can adjust the thickness of the pillow to achieve the best posture while you sleep. 


What Is A Bamboo Pillow?

A bamboo pillow is any pillow that uses natural bamboo fiber. Sometimes, it uses a bamboo fiberfill or a bamboo fiber cover, but some products use bamboo inside and outside the pillow. The resulting pillow is firm yet plush and supportive, and those that also use bamboo fiber covers feel durable yet soft and breathable. 

Covers that are 100% bamboo fiber offer advantages compared to cotton and other fabrics because they are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. They are also cooling and lightweight, making the overall experience much more comfortable. However, some manufacturers combine bamboo with other materials to improve the cover’s softness. 


How Is Bamboo Fiber Made?

There are two main methods to make bamboo fiber, which are mechanical and chemical processing. As you read earlier, some bamboo pillows use bamboo viscose, and this is interchangeable with chemical processing. It’s the more common way to make bamboo fiber because it is affordable. 

With chemical processing, chemicals dissolve bamboo stalks until you’re left with bamboo fibers from the resulting liquid. And these fibers will turn in rayon fabric, used for bamboo pillow covers. On the other hand, mechanical processing uses machinery and natural enzymes to create a mush.

You’ll then extract the bamboo fibers and turn them into yarn or bamboo linen. This is a durable product that quickly absorbs dyes and requires minimal processing. However, mechanical processing is more expensive than chemical processing. 


What Makes A Bamboo Pillow Special?

The comfort that a bamboo pillow provides makes it a favorite among sleepers. It is highly absorbent and breathable yet still feels soft and thick, so you’ll remain cool at night. Nevertheless, bamboo pillows are durable and will last for a long time. 

Bamboo pillows are also super malleable that you can contour them to your liking. You can adjust the material depending on your sleeping posture or if you prefer something softer or firmer. Finally, bamboo itself has antimicrobial and hypoallergenic benefits

Remember that bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, so sleeping in a material that mainly uses this plant should protect you from being close to bacteria. It’s also less likely for harmful microbes to grow in your pillow, making you safer from diseases. Best of all, bamboo fibers are hypoallergenic compared to other synthetic materials that can irritate sensitive skin. 



Pillows made from natural materials are gaining popularity among the masses. Your next question would be where I can get a bamboo pillow, considering it offers many benefits. You can find bamboo pillows from private companies or even on platforms like Amazon. 

Some products use bamboo fibers for the pillow cover, while others use bamboo-based fills. However, it’s better to consider a bamboo pillow that uses bamboo fibers inside and outside to get the most of its benefits. A proper bamboo pillow is comfortable yet durable while also offering hypoallergenic and antimicrobial effects.