How To Keep Your Pillow Cool At Night. 5 Best Ways

There are five best ways on how to keep your pillow cool at night. We all know how difficult it is to get comfortable at night when our pillow is hot, so products like Chillow Pillow have become successful. However, this article will teach you some hacks to keep you from tossing and turning in bed to get comfortable. 

It’s not enough that our pillow is soft, clean, and contoured. Many studies have proven that the optimal sleeping environment should be cool. More so, those who experience hot flashes and night sweats can find relief in sleeping in cool pillows. 


5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Pillow Cool At Night


Tip #1. Flip your pillow over

Another common habit among us when sleeping is finding the pillow’s cool side besides tossing and turning. Flipping our pillow over is useful for finding the cool spot because it is the sweat-free side. Remember that we still sweat in our sleep, so you can simply flip your pillow multiple times in the night to get the cool side. 


Tip#2. Use breathable pillow covers and pillows

While flipping your pillow to the cool side provides quick relief, continually needing to do it might keep you up at night as a consequence. Instead of helping you feel comfortable, the need to flip to the sweat-free side of the pillow will rob you of a consistent sleep routine. 

Using breathable pillow covers and pillows would make the best consideration because they don’t get hot as fast as traditional covers and pillows. A famous example of breathable products is bamboo pillows. They use bamboo fabric as cover and bamboo fiber as fill to prevent soaking up the heat yet stay cool and breathable at night. 


Tip #3. Use cooling packs

As mentioned earlier, products like the Chillow Pillow have gained support from users because they are an effective solution to keep our pillows cool at night. Cooling packs are reusable products that you can place near your head. Some are water-based, gel-based, and brands Like Chillow Pillow don’t even need refrigeration to provide a cooling effect. 

You can place cooling packs directly under your head or under the pillow for maximum efficiency. You may even find pillows with the built-in gel inside to absorb heat and keep you comfortable throughout the night. However, some pillows are truly meant to stay cool without the need for gel packs. 


Tip #4. Cool pillows

The fourth tip for keeping your pillow cool at night is using a cool pillow itself. You have previously read the advantage of using materials like bamboo fills and covers to have a breathable pillow that won’t retain heat as quickly. However, manufacturers are getting even more innovative that they created cool pillows that are actively cooling. 

These products use technology to detect discomfort and release air to keep you cool and comfortable. It’s like having a pillow that senses when you’re hot, and it will do the cooling for you. As technology continues to evolve, it’s not surprising that keeping pillows cool will pave the invention of more products later on. 


Tip #5. Cooling hacks

Finally, you can keep your pillow cool using hacks that don’t directly affect it. What these means are simple practices such as misting ourselves with cold water or adding a humidifier, fan, or air conditioner in the room. These hacks are no secret for those who want to keep cool. 

But the idea here is keeping our body temperatures regulated; thus, we don’t sweat profusely or heat the pillow. You can sleep better if the air has some moisture, and there is circulating air in the room to cool us down. But if you want a more straightforward approach, you can freeze your pillowcase beforehand. 


Tips To Keep Yourself Cool At Night

As mentioned previously, keeping yourself cool will also indirectly keep your pillow cool. However, you want to stay comfortable in hot weather by doing some simple practices. For example, always keep yourself well-hydrated to relieve yourself from the heat. 

You can also have a longer sleep by limiting your afternoon naps for a short time to maintain a consistent sleeping schedule every day. This way, you’re less likely to wake up at random times at night. More so, don’t forget to shower before bed and wear loose-fitting clothing for sleep to help your skin breathe as well.

Materials like cotton should be comfortable because it can absorb sweat and keep your body temperature regulated. And if necessary, have a mist by the bed to spray yourself occasionally with water at night and keep your skin surface moist.



It’s not enough to have a soft and ergonomic pillow to have a good night’s sleep. You also want to learn how to keep your pillow cool at night, choosing from five techniques for optimal comfort and health. This can mean finding the sweat-free side, using breathable materials, cooling packs, cool pillows, or indirect cooling hacks to regulate your body temperature. 

Remember that sleeping will only be efficient if we feel comfortable throughout and achieve the recommended hours. This means it’s also essential to keep our pillows and selves cool to avoid uninterrupted sleep. More so, if you experience conditions like night sweats, you need to have a cool environment to soothe the discomfort.