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Who Invented The Pillow Pet. The Story Behind It

It’s not surprising why you’ll get curious about who invented the pillow pet because Jennifer successfully created an innovative product. You read that right; a woman named Jennifer invented this unique and highly-functional product. Jennifer Telfer is the founder of Pillow Pets, and she and her husband earned well from these stuffed animals that flatten out to a pillow. 

This article will discuss more this mom entrepreneur to hopefully inspire you. You’ll also find more about what motivated this invention and get your creative juices flowing. You’ll be amazed how something that started from $800 becomes a household name. 


Who Created The Pillow Pet?

As briefly mentioned, Jennifer Telfer invented Pillow Pets. This innovation has become a favorite among parents because it allows kids to have a toy and a pillow to sleep with. According to the website, Telfer’s oldest son had a stuffed animal that he loves so much, regularly sleeping on it that the toy has flattened out. 

Being the owners of CJ Products, Telfer and her husband made the Pillow Pet. The product has become so popular that they managed to earn as much as $300,000 during their first year. And if the numbers still don’t impress you, by 2010, Pillow Pets revenues hit $300 million. 


Impressive numbers

What’s even more impressive is that Jennifer and her husband Clint started the Pillow Pets company with only $800 from their savings. It’s awe-inspiring how this innovative and quality product has become so popular continuously. However, kids have always loved the security stuffed animals offer, and combining it with something cozy such as a pillow will surely be a favorite among them.  

Over time, Pillow Pets have grown to other products such as Sleeptime Lites, Jumboz, and Minis. Telfer continues to create a product that will suit everyone that the products have sold 70 million pieces worldwide. Overall, Pillow Pets’ story is undoubtedly inspiring and continues to prove that creativity pays big time.  


What Inspired The Pillow Pet?

The concept of the Pillow Pet came from Telfer’s oldest son. As mentioned earlier, he had a favorite stuffed animal that he sleeps with so much; it had flattened out. With this came a product that kids can use as stuffed animals and a pillow for bedtime. 

If you’re already familiar with this product, then you have probably seen the most popular one, which is the Snuggly Puppy. The company started selling them in mall kiosks until 2009, where they enter the retail scene. By the next year, Pillow Pets have advertisements on television that allowed them to be known worldwide. 


Continuous innovation

And as time pass, the company continues to create innovative products. More than a stuffed animal that kids can use as a pillow, Pillow Pets have also introduced Glow Pets and Sleeptime Lites. With this new product, the company has also found a way to offer another kid favorite: night lights. 

However, what makes Pillow Pets a successful brand is not just because of its unique and innovative products. It’s not enough to offer cute products that kids will beg their parents to buy. Instead, the company ensures that its dual-function products are also of an optimal quality that families love them from naptime to travel rides. 


Sleep And Kids

Sleep is vital for kids and adults alike. However, it can be tricky to ensure that our young ones have enough sleep hours every night. Unlike us, it’s hard to reason to kids and explain why they need to stick to a bedtime schedule.

A good start is sticking to a daily night routine and ensuring that their rooms are cozy and inviting for rest time. Comfortable beds and pillows will help them fall asleep faster and avoid random waking times during the night. The Pillow Pet’s invention provides kids the security from their favorite stuffed animal and as a comfortable pillow for sleep. 


The importance of transitional objects

According to the Children’s Hospital of Chicago, toddlers can have security items like stuffed animals to help them feel comfortable sleeping. However, be mindful of the size of toys you include to avoid suffocation risk. Babies under seven months old should never sleep with toys in their crib for this very reason. 

Overall, kids appreciate pillows like the Pillow Pet or any small object to sleep with because of the comfort and connection it provides. Remember that your child is still adjusting to being separated from you during nighttime, and transitional objects like these toys help them feel more secured. Pillow Pets can serve as a transitional object to help a child move from a sense of self merged with a caretaker to being a separate individual. 



All parents aim to ensure that their kids have a good night’s sleep. And one question that might pop to mind is who invented the Pillow Pet? The invention of a stuffed animal that switches to a pillow offers both safety and coziness for kids is undoubtedly an impressive idea.

Jennifer Telfer noticed her son’s favorite stuffed animal has started flatting out. This gave her an idea to create a product that kids can play and sleep with, thus making Pillow Pets. Over time, the company grew and became a household favorite, and nowadays, they even offer an array of products not limited to the traditional Pillow Pet. 


How To Make Personalized Pillow Cases

How To Make Personalized Pillow Cases. 3 Best Ideas

If you’re interested in learning how to make personalized pillow cases, you have the option to decorate them. This is the easiest way to put your own flair on pillowcases, and this guide offers three ways to do so. You can use markers, yarns, or even your computer!

You can make a pillow protector at home, but the good thing about personalizing pillowcases is that you can add your personality to them. It can even become a good gift idea for friends and family. If not, doing the projects below makes an excellent de-stressing time or bonding session with your favorite humans.  


How To Make A Personalized Pillow Case

Adding your personal touch to a pillowcase will surely make it more memorable. It’s like making a memory pillow from a shirt with sentimental value. But since you’re doing a pillowcase, you can quickly transfer it from pillow to pillow.

With the ideas below, select the materials that you think will suit your pillowcase’s fabric best. Remember that you want to retain the designs well. You can always check fabric-friendly paints as well. 


Markers and watercolor

Perhaps the easiest way to personalize a pillowcase is by using colored markers and watercolor. Most types of fabric will retain these materials even after washes. You can let your creative juices run free and make various designs using different colors. 

Whether it’s a simple quote, image, or abstract design, markers and watercolors give you the freedom to decorate your pillowcase. You can even turn this into a bonding moment with friends and families. Kids will indeed have fun decorating their own pillowcase, so why not preserve your child’s artwork on something they can sleep on?


Tassels, ties, and pompoms

If you’re feeling a bit more crafty, you can decorate your pillowcase with tassels, ties, or pompoms. The materials you can use are not limited to yarn and strings. Depending on your pillowcase and where you intend to use it, you can get creative with the materials. 

Making tassels, pompoms, or even tying a knot and ribbons might be a fun hobby to try. Adding these details on pillowcases will help you create more depth to the design and style, especially on decorative pillows. You can easily choose the right kind of colors that will complement your room or personality. 


Paint and computer

Everyone nowadays has a computer, and you can easily grab some paint at any craft store. Another idea for personalizing pillowcases is by literally printing the design onto the fabric. Even those who deemed themselves not artistic can simply print words, names, or sayings on the computer. 

What could be more personalized than giving someone a pillowcase with their name or favorite quotation? You can even combine the previous two ideas with your printed pillowcase and wow your visitors with your throw pillows. So how does this method works?



Start by printing your desired text using the font and size you like and set it aside. Then, make a pillowcase quickly or use an existing one and place a piece of cardboard inside to protect the fabric underneath when you paint. You should be ready to transfer your design onto the pillowcase. 



Go to a window and tape your design with the printed side facing it. Trace around the words and remove the paper from the window. Tape the printout onto your pillowcase and trace the outline with pressure to allow the graphite to transfer the design for you. 



You should easily trace the printout with paint, let it dry, and you’re done! If you’re having trouble applying paint on the pillowcase, remember to add some fabric medium to your paint. You should be able to fill and finish the design. 


How To Embroider A Pillow Case

Since the trend is sewing a pillowcase, why not add another skillset to your sewing abilities? Embroidery is a classic way to decorate fabric, and embroidering a pillowcase with initials or names will surely be appreciated. Here’s a quick hand embroidery guide for beginners.


Split stitch hand embroidery

You can also transfer text on your pillowcase using the window technique discussed earlier. Instead of painting the design in, you’re going to embroider the letters using split stitching. From the back of the fabric, bring the needle through and take the stitch down. 

Bring the needle back up to go through the center of the stitch you just made and take it down again. Repeating these techniques will lead to a split center of the previous stitch you made each time. As you go, you can add more rows to some sections to create letters of different widths. 



Everyone has an artistic side, so why not step up your pillow covers with some personal touch. You can quickly learn how to make personalized pillow cases using three ideas that even kids can do! The simplest way is by using watercolor and markers on the fabric itself. 

However, personalizing pillowcases is not only about adding designs on the material’s surface. You can also add tassels, ties, and pompoms around the pillowcase to match your decor. But if you’re planning on giving someone a gift, why not print their initials on a pillowcase?

The idea is simply tracing a computer-made print onto the fabric and then painting or embroidering it. Easy right? Go on and try making a personalized pillowcase now!

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