Where Can I Buy Detachable Sleeves For Wedding Dress

If you’re unsure about where can I buy detachable sleeves for wedding dress, consider four places where you can buy sleeves for different wedding dresses. We’ll also discuss the price to expect with wedding dress sleeves and how you’ll pick the sizes for these detachable wedding dress details. 

But what if you prefer altering the wedding dress altogether? You can also read how to add sleeves to a wedding dress


Where Can I Buy Detachable Sleeves For Wedding Dress


David’s Bridal

A popular store to buy different wedding dress details and accessories is David’s Bridal. However, did you know you can also get your detachable wedding dress sleeves from them?

Under wedding dress add-on accessories, select the detachable sleeve option. As of this writing, there are five sleeves to choose from, including floral straps, beaded detachable straps, and dress chains that can go over the bride’s shoulder for an eye-catching spaghetti strap alternative. 


Olivia Bottega

Besides bridal dresses and different gown styles, Olivia Bottega also has a catalog for detachable wedding dress sleeves and straps you can buy. They vary in price and material like tulle and satin.

The collection has a price range between $90 to $170, and the sleeves are ideal for adding coverage and modesty to any wedding gown. For example, a gorgeous detachable glitter sleeve comes in different sizes.  



Etsy is a popular place to get wedding dress details and even the dresses themselves. Therefore, it’s not surprising to find detachable wedding dress sleeves from them as well. 

You can buy different sleeve styles and fabrics ranging from lace to organza. A gorgeous detachable sleeve you can add to your wedding gown is from an Etsy seller name Marginelli as it’s off-shoulder straps that can come in different wedding dress colors like white, off-white, ivory, blush, and even black. 


Mori Lee

If you’re getting your wedding dress from Mori Lee, did you know that you can also get details like detachable sleeves from them? There are different sleeves and straps to choose from to suit different wedding dress silhouettes and styles. 

For example, you can get a lace applique long sleeves or cap sleeves, whichever length you think would suit you. There are also detachable off-shoulder sleeves, which are perfect for transitioning from the wedding to the reception. 


How Much Do Detachable Sleeves For Wedding Dresses Cost?

The price range for detachable wedding dress sleeves and straps can be under $50 to over $100, depending on the material, design, and store. Expect intricate sleeves to cost more, and those made by famous designers will have a higher price tag. 

Consider comparing the cost of buying detachable wedding dress sleeves to getting it altered. You might save more if you get your wedding gown altered, especially in some bridal boutiques that offer multiple alterations for an affordable price. 


How Does The Sizing Work For Detachable Sleeves For Wedding Dresses?

The size for detachable wedding dress sleeves will depend on where you buy them. The style of the sleeves might also affect the available size range. 

But to give you an idea, some sleeves come in sizes 2-4, 6-8, 10-12, 14-16, 18-20, 22-24, 26-28, and 30-32. The arm size or biceps for these sizes would be 9 to 10 inches for the size 2-4 and 17 to 18 inches for the size 30-32 detachable sleeves.

What about detachable straps for wedding dresses? Some straps don’t come in various sizes, but you can adjust them similarly to detachable bra straps. 

You can read how to measure for a wedding dress if you also want to get the perfect size for the dress. 


How Do I Know If A Detachable Sleeve For My Wedding Dress Will Look Good?

Ask the wedding dress designer or an experienced bridal seamstress, as they will recommend what style of the detachable sleeve will look best on the specific wedding dress you have. There are different types of detachable sleeves to choose from, and you can always find a dress similar to yours with the potential sleeve you’ll add. 

Don’t forget to consider the look you’re going for and what would be flattering for you. Some brides look fantastic in off-shoulder straps, while cap sleeves suit some brides. 

Then, ensure that your detachable sleeves match your wedding dress color, design, and material. A non-risky way to add “sleeves” is to opt for jewelry like a shoulder necklace that goes with most bridal gowns. 


What Is The Quality Of Detachable Sleeves For Wedding Dresses?

Detachable sleeves can be made from different fabrics like lace, satin, organza, and other common materials seen in a wedding dress. But of course, check the sleeves yourself, especially embellished designs that might get uncomfortable or rip easily throughout the day. 


Can You Make Sleeves Detachable On A Wedding Dress?

Some bridal boutiques offer detachable sleeves that complement most of their dress styles. This allows brides to change their bridal look from the ceremony to the reception or if they need to add modesty to their attire.



And that’s it! To recap where can I buy detachable sleeves for wedding dress, try David’ Bridal, Olivia Bottega, Etsy, and Mori Lee. 

Remember to get the best design that complements your wedding dress and body type. You can always ask the boutique or seamstress for their recommended sleeves with your wedding dress silhouette.

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