Best 15 Baby Girl Baby Shower Ideas You Should Consider

Here is a list of the top 15 most popular baby girl baby shower ideas with some unique baby themes for your little princess. We’ve also discussed what invitations, decorations, colors, and even the baby shower games you can have for each theme. 

And if you can’t decide on the flowers, decor, and other items needed, we’ve shared tips on creating the cutest color scheme for a baby shower for the baby girl. But what about baby showers for baby boys?

baby girl baby shower ideas

You can also check our list of the best 15 baby boy baby shower ideas for this type of party.


Top 15 Baby Girl Baby Shower Ideas With Tips On Choosing Colors, Decorations, Food, And Games 


Ballerina baby girl shower

A baby girl baby shower usually features lots of pinks and pastel colors. And for this, what better baby shower theme than a ballerina party?

Think of tulle cute ballerina prints on the invitations, decorations mimicking a ballerina’s tutu, and mini ballerina shoes for the baby shower favors. You can also have pink and white flowers as the table centerpieces and serve guests desserts like pink buttercream cupcakes and cotton candy. 


Baby boho shower

If you want a more unique theme for the girls, you can throw a boho party. You can also make the most of this baby shower theme if your venue is outdoors for the natural decorations and colors. 

Build a color palette consisting of brown, peach, blush, and green. You can also decorate with dried flowers or elements like burlap and twine.  


Candyland baby shower

A sweet way to throw the baby girl baby shower, literally and figuratively, is with a Candyland party. This is also fantastic for the budget since you’re mainly serving bite-sized desserts and pastries than brunch. 

Your baby shower table will feature a pink palette or a colorful selection of candies, cookies, cupcakes, or dessert stations for guests to make their own cake pops or sundaes. The decorations can be anything colorful and you can prepare goodie bags at the end of the candy buffet for the baby shower favors.

For a more detailed guide on setting the tables for the Candyland theme, here’s how to make a candy table for a baby shower


Disco diva baby shower

Whether you call it retro or throwback, one of the unique ideas for baby girl baby showers is the disco diva theme. You can print invitations on backgrounds inspired by the colorful disco ball and encourage guests to wear their best disco outfits

For the items to feature in the venue, balloons and lighting are crucial for this theme. You also want metallic accents and, of course, a music setup to keep the party lively. 


Doctor-themed baby girl baby shower

Professions as baby shower themes have been the trend lately, and both baby girls and boys can have a doctor-themed party. The color palette for this theme can feature white, soft blue, and pastel pink. 

Your focal point can be a fondant baby shower cake that looks like a doctor’s coat with a stethoscope. And for the food, you can get creative with heart cupcakes, bone-shaped cookies, and stuffed donuts with chocolate syringes. 


Fairy princess shower

Besides the boho chic theme, your outdoor baby girl baby shower theme can also be fairy princess. Young girls have always loved fairies, which makes the aesthetic an ideal theme for the baby shower party. 

Think of flowers, grasses, and leaves with string lights, lanterns, and metallic accents as decorations. You can also set up baby shower games like the ring toss but use props inspired by the fairy theme, like making mushroom targets and colorful rings. 


Flowers and butterflies-themed baby shower

You don’t need particular party themes for baby girl baby showers. You can plan a color palette and feature beloved elements of little girls, like flowers and butterflies.

This theme is also perfect for a garden or picnic baby shower. It’s even cheap to make butterfly and flower decorations because they can be made from various materials. 


Ladybug baby shower

Another cute baby shower theme for a garden venue is the ladybug. Like the bee theme for the boys, this unique baby shower idea is easy to pull off since you only need to feature colors reminiscent of the ladybug, as with using yellows and honeycomb shapes for the bee theme. 

The ladybug theme can reflect on your invitations, cake, and favors. You can also prepare a backdrop of a black and red pattern like a ladybug, and other baby shower decorations can be white elements like flowers.


Mermaid baby shower 

The mermaid theme will always be a favorite for baby girl baby showers because who at one point in their childhood never dreamed of becoming one? Consider colors like purple, green, blue, pink, and white for this theme. 

Your baby shower invitations can feature metallic stationery with a mermaid scale pattern. And for the food, desserts with sea elements like shells, starfish, and corals will surely be a hit. 


Nursery rhyme-inspired baby girl baby shower

Do the expecting parents have a beloved nursery rhyme they’re excited to sing to their little princess? You can use it as an inspiration for the party theme. 

Some classic favorites include Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Hey Diddle Diddle. These rhymes can also inspire your baby shower games like nursery rhyme trivia or finish the nursery rhyme


Pink party baby shower

This list of baby girl baby shower themes would only be complete with the pink party baby shower. Like the classic blue theme for baby girls, baby girls are often related to the color pink, so their baby showers often feature it. 

To make your baby shower unique, combine pinks with gold, peach, or even silver colors. You can also try themes like pink and black for a rock princess baby shower or pink and gray for the elephant theme. 


Princess-themed baby shower

Another pink baby shower idea is the princess theme. But of course, you can make it more modern for the girls by going with decorations like gold, white, or even black to combine with the pinks. 

Give your guests crown props, and you can even have a formal lunch like royalties. A game idea you can do for this theme is to have guests guess the Disney princess based on their silhouette. 


Superheroes baby girl baby shower

Baby girls are not limited to princess themes. You can also throw a superhero party for the baby shower. 

Think of bright colors like red and blue for the decorations and feature creative food for the guests, such as veggie and fruit platters arranged as superhero logos and customized water bottles with superhero labels. 

Here’s a guide on how to decorate water bottles for the baby shower if you’re interested.


Tea party baby girl baby shower

Baby showers usually happen in the afternoon, so what better theme to have for the girls than a tea party? Serve the guests delicious foods and beverages and have cute tea sets on each table. 

Your decorations can be similar to the garden theme, or you can select a palette of pastel colors. And for the games, you can modify classic favorites into the tea bag toss or baby shower bingo, but the grids on the cards are designed like tea cups. 


Unicorn-themed baby girl baby shower

Baby animals or woodland creatures are popular baby shower themes for baby girls. But if you want something more colorful and creative, why not do a unicorn-themed party?

Your decorations can feature colorful combinations of pink, purple, blue, and yellow with metallic or glittery accents. Don’t forget to design the invitations, game props, food, and baby shower cake as cute unicorns. 


What Is The Best Theme For Baby Girl Baby Shower?

The best baby girl baby shower theme will depend on the budget and how the host knows the expecting parents based on what they like. However, the top one and most popular baby girl baby shower theme is a pink party with elements like flowers, stuffed toys, and balloons. 

The princess theme is also mostly picked by hosts as it’s easy to find decorations and food items for this baby girl party theme. But as of this writing, the boho baby girl baby shower is getting popular for the year.


What Colors Are For A Girl Baby Shower?

Pink is often the top color choice for a girl baby shower, same as blue is correlated to a boy baby shower. But of course, there are various baby shower themes where even blue and other colors are used for the decorations and other party elements of a baby girl baby shower. 

You can also create a color palette with soft and pastel tones like blush, peach, mint green, or light purple. A tip is to use 60% of the primary color, allocate 30% for the second color, and the remaining 30% for the accent color to avoid a chaotic or confusing theme. 

Here are some color palette ideas for a girl baby shower to get you inspired for the party: 

  • Pink, gray, and mint
  • Pink, blush, and brown
  • Pink, gold, and white
  • Two different shades of pink and black
  • Pastel blue, yellow, and green
  • Peach, pink, and white
  • Purple, green, and blue
  • Silver, pink, and yellow
  • Rustic purple, green, and white
  • Glitter gold, plum, and white
  • Blue, green, and yellow

If you also need tips in arranging the baby shower tables, read how to decorate baby shower tables and apply the color palettes above. 


What Kind Of Food Should You Serve At A Girl Baby Shower?

Your party theme will ultimately dictate what food items you’ll have at the girl baby shower. But usually, you’ll have a candy or dessert table filled with cute pink treats like cupcakes, cookies, or cake pops. 

The baby shower’s time, type, or formality will help you plan the menu. For example, will you do brunch, a tea party, or a cocktail-style baby shower?

Nonetheless, here are some ideas on what to serve at a girl baby shower:

  • Charcuterie
  • Meat skewers
  • Fruit skewers
  • Veggie platter
  • Finger sandwiches
  • Salad cups
  • Rolls 
  • Soup shots
  • Quiche bites
  • Mac and cheese balls
  • Meatballs
  • Cheesesticks
  • Chips and dips in themed containers
  • Themed ice cream
  • Themed cupcakes and cookies
  • Chocolate-covered fruits


What Are Some Games That Are Typically Played At Girl Baby Showers?

You can play any classic baby shower game at a girl baby shower, but modify the props and theme based on the party. For example, your bingo cards are designed with the shower’s theme, or you’ll use famous princesses for the Pictionary if it’s a princess-themed baby shower. 

Here are the most popular baby shower games modified for a girl baby show:

  • Guess The Baby Girl: collect baby photos from female guests and have others try to guess who
  • Price Is Right: cost guessing game for baby girl items
  • Diaper Relay: co-ed showers can have girls compete against boys
  • Baby Shower Bingo: the all-time-favorite game for baby shower guests with themed bingo cards 
  • Trivia: host can prepare girl-related trivia questions


What Is The Average Budget For A Girl Baby Shower?

A girl baby shower can cost around $100 to even $1,000. The theme, venue, and number of guests will affect the total budget needed for the party. 

For example, some baby girl baby shower themes will be pricier as the decorations might be more intricate and specific. On the other hand, a simple pink party will cost less since you can use any items, and you don’t need to prepare special foods and games to match the theme. 

If the party budget is tight, you can follow a color scheme instead of a specific baby girl shower theme. Otherwise, having few guests or doing a picnic style instead of serving brunch can also help you throw a baby girl baby shower on a limited budget. 



And that’s it! You just read the top 15 list of unique and cute baby girl baby shower ideas for a creative and memorable party. 

You can always modify the food and games of the baby shower based on the theme. But if you’re on a budget, consider a color theme instead of specific baby shower styles for the baby girl.

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