Can You Return A Wedding Dress: What To Do

If you’re curious about can you return a wedding dress, the answer depends. But refund and returns are always tricky, especially with custom dresses.

It’s crucial to read the return policy of your bridal gown before purchasing. Continue reading below to know all the information and questions regarding returns. 

can you return a wedding dress

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Everything To Know About Can You Return A Wedding Dress

Whether you can return a wedding dress depends on the bridal boutique’s return policy. Usually, you can’t return or get a refund with custom dresses, which is understandable. 

However, to avoid issues, especially if you need to return the dress because the boutique gave you the wrong one, you should check the return policy beforehand. Some stores might disclose details that would mean you can’t get a refund even if the fault is on their end. 

If the store also allows a refund, the only potential issue is if the gown and items are in bad condition. Of course, your returns won’t be accepted if they are damaged. 

Always check the refund information thoroughly before purchasing a wedding dress. Finally, buy early, so if there are issues, you’ll still have a wedding dress on time. 


Can I cancel my dress from David’s Bridal?

Unfortunately, personalized items are not eligible for return or exchange with David’s Bridal. And for things you can return, they should be unworn, unwashed, unaltered, clean, and has no damage, lint, or hair. 

David’s Bridal also requires the returns to be complete with tags attached and in their original packaging. Otherwise, they won’t accept the return or exchange request. 


What Is The Store’s Policy On Returning A Wedding Dress Bought Online?

The policy on returning a wedding dress will vary from one store to another. Most stores have all the details for returns on a dedicated page on their website. 

You can also check the return policy for your online orders when you contact the bridal store’s customer service. If you want your questions answered quickly, consider getting to the store in person about the items you wish to return. 


Make sure the dress is in its original condition with the packaging

For example, if you ordered a wedding dress online, make sure to check it immediately if you received the correct item based on your order specifications. You should also not wash, alter, remove the tags, or throw the original packaging of the online purchase. 


Return the dress within the refund timeframe 

If there are issues, you usually have a specific timeframe when you must return the product and ensure that it’ll be accepted. It might be within 72 hours of receipt and expect that handling and shipping charges are likely non-refundable. 


Expect some non-refundable fees

Furthermore, the store might authorize a restocking fee and then refund you the amount you paid. If you paid by credit card, the amount should also be refunded to the original credit card. 

And finally, online or not, it’s likely that the store won’t accept a return on sale, sample sale, or discounted wedding dresses. 


Can I Get A Refund For A Wedding Dress?

It’s possible to get a refund when you return your wedding dress if it’s not customized, damaged, or altered with the original packaging and intact tags. Check the store’s return policy to know the information and condition to be met to initiate returns with their items. 

For example, some stores like Nearly Newlywed will give the buyer a full refund of the sale price minus the return fees as long as the dress is in a good state. If the wedding dress is soiled, damaged, worn, or has missing details, the store will resolve them with the buyer, but if irreversible, they will not honor the refund. 

It’s also worth noting to check the store refund policy if they are outside the US. Items shipped outside the US are likely not accepted for refund. 


How Long Does It Take To Get An Exchange For A Wedding Dress?

The time it will take for you to get an exchange if you do a wedding dress return will depend on the store and the availability of the order. For example, some bridal boutiques can take two weeks to replace a bride’s order that came in the wrong color. 

Therefore, especially when ordering online, shop for your dress early. This will ensure you’ll have enough time to wait for the exchange if there’s an error on your order. 


What Do I Do If I Don’t Like My Wedding Dress Anymore?

It’s possible to return a wedding dress if you don’t like it as long as it’s not a custom order. Some shops offer a few days for the bride where she can return the item in case she doesn’t like it. 

Just remember to keep the tags intact and never throw the original packaging. However, not all stores have the same return policy, and a bride changing her mind about the gown might not be acceptable for a refund. 

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And that’s it! You just learned can you return a wedding dress, which is usually no as most wedding dresses are custom-made. 

However, some online orders and dresses in good shape might be accepted for a refund or exchange. Always read the shop’s return policy to know the dos and don’ts of potential returns. 

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