When Is The Father Daughter Dance At A Wedding

The answer to when is the father daughter dance at a wedding is right after the first dance. But to further familiarize you with the timeline for wedding dances, please continue reading below. 

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when is the father daughter dance at a wedding


When Is The Father Daughter Dance At A Wedding: Dance Timeline

The dancing of the bride and her father traditionally happens right after the couple’s first dance. However, you can always modify the timeline of the events in the reception to your liking. 

For example, some weddings have the father-daughter dance, not after the first dance. Instead, it’s presented after the wedding toasts.

There is still time for the guests to appreciate each of these traditional dances because of the break between them. But, then, the mother-groom dance will always happen after the father-daughter wedding dance.


Is father-daughter dance before or after dinner?

The father-daughter dance and other family dances like the mother-son dance traditionally occur after dinner. This way, the toasts are already finished, and the family dances can progress into the open dancing portion of the reception.

Another reason why the father-daughter dance should happen after dinner is to have the focus of the guests on them. Also, remember that many wedding activities start in the morning, so everyone is usually hungry. 

After dinner, the guests will be more focused on the stage or dance floor, and it’ll also feel more sentimental between the bride and her father. Then, the groom and his mother can take the stage after.


Is the father-daughter dance before the bride and groom dance?

The bride and groom dance or the wedding first dance will happen before any other wedding dance, hence the term “first dance.” You can read about who dances first at a wedding to know more about this specific dance. 

However, note that some couples don’t want to transition into the father-daughter dance after the couple dance immediately. So instead, they’ll have the toasts and dinner first to let everyone rest. 


Who Chooses The Father-Daughter Dance At Wedding?

The bride gets to plan the father-daughter dance at the wedding reception. She can also talk with her father regarding the dance and if they want a specific song for it.

However, remember that there are many family relationship dynamics, and the bride may not have her father or have a strained relationship. Therefore, it’s perfectly acceptable to have someone else dance with her, even her mom, during the father-daughter dance. 


How can I include my stepdad in my wedding?

You can have your stepdad dance with you during the father-daughter dance. You can even dance with your biological dad and stepdad at your wedding to honor both of them.

If both dads have a good relationship with each other, why not have a sentimental dance with both of them simultaneously? And, of course, your stepdad can walk you down the aisle. 


How Do You Set Up A Father-Daughter Dance?

Talk to your wedding MC to announce the father-daughter dance at the wedding. The MC can then get everyone’s attention and call the bride and groom to the stage or dance floor. 

Ensure that the wedding DJ also knows the song to play for the father-daughter dance. And if needed, you can have a quick practice with your dad before the wedding to prepare. 


How long is the father-daughter dance?

The father-daughter dance can last as long as the song that the two have chosen. But generally, it takes up to five minutes to still have time for other reception activities. 


What Should I Do For My Father-Daughter Dance?

  • Do not overthink the movements
  • Do a simple slow dance
  • Check video tutorials and practice in front of a mirror
  • Practice with the song you selected
  • Make it as long or short as you’re comfortable with


Is It Okay To Not Have A Father-Daughter Dance?

It’s okay not to have a father-daughter dance for whatever reason. Then, you can proceed with the program’s other dances. 

Just make sure to talk about this decision, especially with your dad. Communicate your reasons well or opt for an alternative. 


What can you do instead of the father-daughter dance? 

If there is no father-daughter dance, you can have someone else dance with you. You can also perform a song with your dad if both of you despise dancing.  


Does The Bride Dance With The Groom’s Father? 

The bride doesn’t traditionally have to dance with the groom’s father. However, you can include this dance in the program for a sentimental moment between the groom’s dad and his new daughter-in-law. 


When Should The Parent Dances At Wedding?

The parents’ dancing at a wedding will occur after the first dance of the newlyweds. The first parent dance is the father-daughter dance, followed by the dance of the groom and his mom.



And that’s it! We just learned when the father-daughter dance is at a wedding, which typically happens after the couple’s first dance. 

It doesn’t have to happen after the first dance immediately, and you can also have dinner first. Then, the groom and his mom will follow the bride and her dad with the parent dances at the wedding. 

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