What To Wear To A Wedding Not A Dress: 4 Best Outfits

For those unsure of what to wear to a wedding not a dress, there are many pants and skirt variations to try! This list is ideal for brides who don’t want the traditional wedding attire of a ballgown or A-line wedding dress.

But if you’re a wedding guest, look no further because we’ll also talk about non-dress ideas for you. And for added reference, please read about how to wear pants to a wedding

what to wear to a wedding not a dress


What To Wear To A Wedding Not A Dress: Outfits For Brides Who Don’t Like Weddings Dresses



If you don’t like wearing a dress, you can still achieve the best bridal look with a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are very chic and classy, and best of all, they compliment most body types

Nowadays, you will see that more and more brides are into white bridal jumpsuits. However, you can distinguish these jumpsuits not because they’re white but because they also feature classic wedding gown details like embroidery, crystals, and lace. 

You can have a lace sleeve, add a cape, or even train to the jumpsuit for more impact. And a helpful tip to enhance your silhouette is to get a jumpsuit fitted around your waist but flares out at the pants to create an hourglass figure. 



Do you want a contemporary and modern look? If you’re unsure of what to wear, you can never go wrong with a bridal pantsuit. 

The difference between a bridal pantsuit and a jumpsuit is that the former has a combination of a blazer and trousers. Therefore, you’ll look more formal and contemporary, ideal if your wedding also has a similar vibe. 

This option is perfect for the bold and powerful bride, and you can also add a long waist cape if you want a flowy illusion while walking down the aisle. Make sure to talk with your seamstress to know what details or alterations to add to have the pantsuit more flattering to your specific body shape. 



What if you don’t like wearing one-piece clothing like a pantsuit or jumpsuit? The next best alternative for the bride who hates dresses is pants. 

A sexy but classy combination is a bodysuit and wide-legged pants. Then, of course, you can still have the classic bridal look with lace and silk, but more comfortable than wearing a dress. 

You can also add a blazer or a jacket for comfort and style. And if you don’t like trousers, you can also opt for studded bridal leggings with a waist cape. 



Technically, a skirt is not a bridal gown before you roll your eyes with this last outfit idea. However, you probably don’t want to wear a wedding dress because you find it uncomfortable. 

To compare, a two-piece outfit like a skirt and a top would be more convenient to get in and out of. Another benefit of choosing to wear a skirt is mixing and matching it with the tops you like. 

You can also switch to another style at the wedding reception after the ceremony. Pick tulle, lace, or other traditional bridal fabrics for your skirt to stand out better. 

And speaking of which, guests should read about how to wear a tulle skirt to a wedding to maintain etiquette. 


What Do You Wear To A Wedding If You Don’t Like Dresses?

As a wedding guest, you have many pant options if you don’t like dresses or skirts. The key is not choosing anything white or whatever the color the bride intends to wear. 

You also don’t want to wear revealing outfits such as high-slit pants, backless jumpsuits, or super short rompers as decency to the event. But then, remember to avoid bridal features like embroidery, lace, or jewel beads, so you won’t look like you’re trying to upstage the bride. 


How Do I Choose The Right Pants For Women?


Straight-leg pants

One of the most effortless pants to wear is the straight-leg pants because it’s ideal for any body type. In addition, the width is the same from the thigh to the hem, which makes it versatile for any top. 

If you want the illusion of slimmer thighs and hips, these are the ideal pants. Women without much volume on their rear can also benefit from these pants. 


Skinny pants

If you want to showcase your figure, then the best pants for you is the skinny pants. But of course, this type of pants can be questionable for weddings because you don’t want to look very sexy. 

It can also be tricky to find the proper undergarments for fitted pants. And if you want to hide certain areas, these pants won’t be ideal. 


Wide-leg pants

The stylish pants to try, especially for curvy women, are wide-leg pants. They are incredibly flattering if they’re fitted at the waist, and you pair them with a cropped jacket or blouse. 

You can also try high-rise wide-leg pants to hide your lower stomach. And for weddings, brown and black trousers are ideal for wedding guests. 



And that’s it! We just learned what to wear to a wedding not a dress, by considering four options. 

You can try a jumpsuit, pantsuit, pants, or a skirt. But, of course, you still want them to be bridal so that you can select white outfits with features like lace, beads, embroidery, or fabrics like tulle. 

We hope this style guide gives you the ideas you want. Let us know below what you’d like for your wedding attire. 

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