What Type Of Pillow Is Best For Stomach Sleepers

If you’re curious what type of pillow is best for stomach sleepers, you should consider three factors. They include the pillow’s shape, structure, and support. This article will discuss each element in more detail. 

For a quick answer, flat pillows are suitable for stomach sleepers. This way, the neutral posture is still maintained. But before you flatten your pillow, it’s also best to understand why stomach sleepers require specific traits for their pillow. 

What Type Of Pillow Is Best For Stomach Sleepers


Best Pillow Type For Stomach Sleepers



While it’s true that pillows for sleeping typically come in squares and rectangles, the shape can still be affected by the materials they use. For example, some stuffing like down and polyester does not retain their conditions throughout the night than memory foam. A stomach sleeper must find a pillow that keeps its shape and won’t form clumps to ensure support. 

Furthermore, the pillow you use might allow moldability. This is advantageous for stomach sleepers because they can customize the pillow’s form according to their body type. It will also ensure that your head and neck are well-supported since these regions suffer the most when you sleep on your stomach. 



As mentioned earlier, it’s best to use a flat or low loft pillow if you are a stomach sleeper. Imagine using a pillow that is high when you lie on your stomach. Not only is your neck turned away from the body due to this sleeping position, but the high pillow will further encourage misalignment of the body. 

Remember to select a low loft pillow if you sleep on your stomach. Otherwise, use a pillow that you can adjust by removing some of the fill, like buckwheat. Aim to have a height under three inches until your head and neck are at a comfortable angle, and you don’t feel stress on your neck or shoulders.



Besides the pillow loft, remember that the pillow’s firmness is also crucial for comfort. A stomach sleeper should use a soft pillow since firm ones are uncomfortable for the face. You also want to remember what you find best personally since sleepers vary in what they think is comfortable. 

For example, what cover material feels the best against your skin? Some people like the feeling of satin, while some find cotton easier to maintain. You also want to remember the pillow’s overall ventilation since you don’t want to wake up due to the heat or encourage breakouts.

Finally, the pillow should help reduce tension in the neck and shoulders. Pain in this region is typical for stomach sleepers due to the nature of the position. Therefore, select the pillow that cradles your head and neck by conforming to these parts. 


How To Sleep On Your Stomach

When you sleep on your stomach, use a flat or thin pillow under your head to prevent putting your neck at an angle further from the rest of the body. Some even recommend losing the pillow altogether and instead, place it under your pelvis. The latter tip is useful for those with frequent back pains since the pillow will relieve the pressure off your spine. 

Speaking of back health, remember to stretch before you go to sleep and after you wake up. These practices should ensure that you’re eliminating stress throughout the body. You must also keep the pillow cover clean and check if it’s soft to the skin to prevent acne breakouts. 

Since your face is in contact with the pillow, remember to wash it before bedtime. It would be best if you cleaned your pillowcases regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt. As for overall comfort, a soft yet breathable cover should ensure that you won’t feel hot or irritated throughout the night. 


Why Is It Bad To Sleep On Your Stomach?

Sleeping on your stomach is highly discouraged, even though some find it more comfortable. Stomach sleepers might prefer this position because it reduces conditions like sleep apnea. However, you are straining your neck muscles and encouraging poor cervical health, especially if you sleep on your stomach for an extended period. 

As a result, you’ll notice discomfort like pain and a stiff neck when moving your head. To keep you in a good posture while sleeping on your stomach, you must use the right pillow. Still, try practicing sleeping on your back or side with the proper supportive pillows until you get used to these positions instead of being on your stomach. 

A body pillow is a reasonable consideration if you want to transition to another sleeping position. It’s common for stomach sleepers to like sleeping on their side eventually, and cuddling with a body pillow is an excellent way to feel more comfortable. Furthermore, you’re using this pillow to encourage spinal alignment and keep you from falling on your back. 



While sleeping on your stomach is not preferred by health professionals, some conditions might require you to lie in this position. Therefore, it’s always useful to know what type of pillow is best for stomach sleepers. In general, you want a low loft pillow that will conform to your head and neck. 

You also want to get something comfortable according to your personal preference. Remember that each sleeper varies, and what one might like maybe hated by another. As with any sleeping position, aim to have your spine neutral and your whole body well-aligned.