What To Wear To An April Wedding: Outfit Ideas

You can easily decide what to wear to an April wedding by considering the season and aesthetic of this month. We will give you outfit ideas you can wear as a wedding guest to an April wedding to remain comfortable and appropriate for the event. 

And speaking of wearing something for April, spring is this month’s season. You can also read what to wear to a spring wedding for additional reference. 

what to wear to an april wedding


What Should A Guest Wear To An April Wedding?


Consider what’s comfortable for April’s weather

When deciding on a wedding guest outfit for an April wedding, the season’s first consideration. That being said, April is a spring month, which means you should be wearing spring-comfortable clothes. 

But of course, the wedding venue also dictates what to wear, so adjust accordingly. Most April weddings are outdoors to take advantage of the flowers in season, so you should be prepared for spring’s weather changes. 

Female wedding guests can opt for lightweight maxi or midi dresses, but jumpsuits or pants and blouses can also be suitable if the April wedding is semi-formal. On the other hand, male guests should wear suits or button-down shirts that will be comfortable for a balmy and frigid setting from spring.  


Get inspired by April’s flowers

The second factor influencing what to wear to an April wedding is the colors and views apparently during this month. The flowers are in full bloom, the sky is bright, and couples tend to have an April wedding. 

You can play with pastel colors, floral patterns, and even bright colors. Use the wedding invitation as a clue for the wedding color scheme to decide on your outfit’s colors. 

But of course, be mindful of bright and eye-catching patterns or colors because you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. Ask someone from the wedding party so that you won’t wear a dress or suit similar to a bridesmaid or groomsman. 


What Colors Do You Wear To An April Wedding?

Pastel colors of pink and lavender, natural colors like green and blue, and even bright colors like red and yellow are all suitable for an April wedding. They are reminiscent of the colors seen during April’s spring season, and the couple may have picked them for the wedding palette. 

However, please be familiar with basic wedding etiquette where you should avoid something too bright or in contrast to the wedding theme. Consider checking with other guests about what they’ll wear or refer to the wedding website for the attire guide.

You can also read what colors should you not wear to a wedding. While Apri is a fantastic time for a colorful wedding, the bride and groom might still prefer a traditional monochromatic wedding color scheme. 


What Should I Wear To A 4 PM Wedding In April?

The cool conditions of a 4 pm April wedding call for long-sleeved dresses or blouses, suits, and pants, or even coverups like jackets and blazers for the wedding guests. However, remember that April’s weather can be unpredictable, so you don’t want to wear something too warm. 

Consider the venue and dress code of the April wedding as well. Since it’s 4 pm, it can be a formal wedding where evening wear is acceptable. 

Think of long dresses or classic suits, especially if the couple wants a black-tie April wedding. But, of course, you can also bring the coverups with you if you need warmth. 


What To Wear To A Cold Spring Wedding?

You can always go for darker colors like navy or maroon for added warmth when attending a cold spring wedding. Warm fabrics like wool, nylon, or silk should also help you stay comfortable during a cold wedding. 

If it’s a semi-formal spring wedding, you can wear coats, jackets, or blazers over your outfit. Don’t forget that undergarments like tights and inner shirts can also help with keeping the wearer warm. 


What Color Should You Not Wear To A Spring Wedding?

Pastels and florals are perfect for a spring wedding, so dull colors like gray or black might not fit the aesthetics of the wedding. But more than any rule, the couple gets to decide what colors they want for their wedding. 

Follow the color scheme of the wedding and avoid potentially controversial colors like red or white. You should also ask the couple if they have specific requests on what to wear to their wedding. 


Is April A Good Wedding Month?

April is a good wedding month because of the spring season. It isn’t too hot as summer or too cold as winter. 

The flowers are also in full bloom, making outdoor venues the perfect backdrop for an April wedding. However, remember that spring is also an unpredictable season. 

It might suddenly rain or get really warm. That being said, create a weather contingency plan with your wedding venue while planning the wedding. 



And that’s it! To recap what to wear to an April wedding, use the spring season and aesthetics as inspiration. 

You want a wedding guest outfit that will be comfortable for April’s unpredictable weather. But, then, it should also be stylish enough to match the colors and florals of April. 

When in doubt, you can always ask the couple or check their invitation for the dress code.

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