Where To Print Seating Chart For Wedding

There are three best places to consider where to print seating chart for wedding. This guide will also help you make a wedding seating chart, including tips to ensure an organized seating arrangement. 

Furthermore, you will know the expectations on the size of the seating chart to print and when you must start making the wedding seating chart. You can also read how to number tables at a wedding if you haven’t started on them yet. 

where to print seating chart for wedding


Best Places On Where To Print Seating Chart For Wedding



Did you know that you can make and print seating chart for weddings in Canva? You only need to search for wedding seating chart and start with a template. 

You can even start from a blank page if you feel extra creative. Then, customize your seating chart with images and text to your satisfaction. 

Once done, simply download the seating chart as PDF, and it’s ready to print. You can choose a Canva Print service if you want them to print your design, but it’s also possible to print your seating chart at home. 

However, you may need to find a local printing company if your seating chart for the wedding happens to be oversized. You’ll need a bigger printer for large charts. 



You can get your seats for the wedding printed on Etsy. Etsy is a fantastic place to get your wedding needs, including stationery and even your seating chart, because of the array of options. 

The wedding seating charts on Etsy are available in templates that you can download and print at home. But if you want a unique seating chart, the Etsy seller MoniquePaperArt offers a gold mirror acrylic seating chart made of plexiglass and white vinyl. 

Email the seller with the guest list, which should be shipped out immediately. It costs $204.23 as of this writing and has over 2,000 customers.



Staples is among the recommended printing services for wedding needs. And, of course, they make a reasonable consideration on where to get your seating chart printed for the wedding. 

You can find a printing service near your location, but there are also wedding seating charts on Staples’ website. Among the custom posters, you can search for seating chart

For example, you’ll pay $15.75 for an 18 x 24 floral seating chart. As of this writing, a smaller poster at 12 x 18 would cost you $10.50. 


How Do I Make A Seating Chart For A Wedding?

You can make a seating chart for a wedding using online templates to save time. And depending on its size, you can print it at home or go to the nearest printing service near you. 

You don’t need to follow a specific design to make seating charts for the wedding, but the information should be easy to understand by the guests. For example, who sits where should be clear, and the names should be easy to read. 

You can also check how to set up chairs for a wedding ceremony if you have no layout yet. 


Where Can I Create A Seating Chart?

You can create a seating chart on any app that will allow you to easily create tables or sections to organize your guests’ names. Alternatively, different companies offer wedding seating chart templates that are ready to customize and printed at home. 

Some sellers even offer large designs of seating chart that they’ll print on posters and other materials for a higher price. But ultimately, the choice is up to you on what type of seating chart to make and where you want to print it. 

Some other digital wedding charts to check to include the following if you want to compare:

  • Zola: Zola offers a seating chart tool that you can access on your Plan tab, but it isn’t available on their app yet
  • Allseated: Allseated provides a variety of tools you can use to make wedding floorplans, and it’s even handy for collaborative projects


What Size Should I Print My Seating Chart?

There are no standards for the size of seating charts to print for weddings as it’ll depend on the size of your finished chart custom to your wedding layout. Some wedding seating charts can get as big as 24 x 36 inches, meaning you will need a printing service if your printer can’t work with this size. 

Conversely, the seating chart can be smaller with fewer wedding guests. Therefore, you can work with a template and print it home. 


When Should You Make A Wedding Seating Chart?

You must make and get the seats printed for the wedding as early as three weeks before. This way, it’s easy to know how your wedding venue will look.

You can also make the wedding seating chart two weeks before the wedding because, at this point, you’re likely to receive all the response cards from the guests. 


Do You Put The Bride And Groom On The Seating Chart?

Most seating charts don’t need to include the names of the couple. Instead, it’s an organized list of the guests per table. 



And that’s it! To recap where to print seating chart for wedding, you can try Canva, Etsy, or Staples. 

You can also make one at home using templates; if it’s small enough, it’s possible to print with a standard home printer. But bigger charts may need you to go to a printing service.

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