What To Wear To A Sunday Evening Wedding: Outfit Ideas

Those who have no idea what to wear to a Sunday evening wedding can read this evening wedding attire guide for the wedding party and wedding guests. Evening weddings, especially those held on Sundays are typically formal, so we’ll discuss the expected dress code to wear if you’re invited to one. 

We will also include etiquette for evening wear to ensure that you remain modest and classy as a wedding guest. And if the wedding invitation states that the dress code is semiformal, refer to what to wear to a semi-formal wedding

what to wear to a sunday evening wedding


Comprehensive Guide On What To Wear To A Sunday Evening Wedding

Before anything else, please read the wedding invitation or wedding website of the wedding you’re attending. Then, follow the couple’s request as evening weddings differ in venues and themes. 

But for a typical formal evening wedding on a Sunday, here’s the expectation on what to wear:


Wedding party wedding dress code

Evening wear is formal or black-tie attire, especially if the Sunday evening wedding you’ll attend will be in an indoor wedding venue. And if you’re part of the wedding party, you should match the formality of the bride and groom. 

The couple may have also prepared the attire for the bridesmaids and groomsmen for a cohesive look. Regardless, expect long evening gowns, formal maxi dresses, and even outfit accessories like a bolero or shawl for bridesmaids. 

Groomsmen, on the other hand, especially at a black-tie Sunday evening wedding, will usually be in uniformed tuxedos. If there are ushers, they can also wear similar tuxedos to a Sunday evening wedding. 


Female wedding guest attire

If the dress code of the Sunday evening wedding you’re attending is formal, then you should wear a long gown or maxi dress in dark colors. You can also partner it with a shawl for added modesty and comfort, especially if the season is cool. 

However, remember that your wedding attire as a guest is not meant to overshadow the bride. So avoid anything white, very bright colors, or sexy styles to a Sunday evening wedding. 

Formal weddings can also have female guests in pantsuits if they don’t like skirts and dresses. You can pair a blazer with a pair of trousers and dress them up to match the Sunday evening wedding’s formality. 


Male wedding guest attire

It would be best if you looked sophisticated but not overdressed when deciding on your evening wear as a male guest at an evening wedding. Dark suits in black, navy, or gray are always flattering, especially for an evening wedding. 

Of course, you shouldn’t wear jeans and t-shirts as they are unsuitable for formal wedding attire. And if you find a formal suit uncomfortable, you can always wear a dressy jacket as long as your entire outfit looks neat and presentable. 

For the shoes, you can never go wrong with a leather pair or any formal business shoes. Some boots are stylish alternatives to dress shoes if it’s an outdoor Sunday evening. 


What Is Sunday Best Attire For A Wedding?

You might find the evening wedding you’re invited to request their guests to wear “Sunday Best Attire.” But what does this dress code mean for a Sunday evening wedding? 

The easiest way to explain what the “Sunday Best” wedding attire means is to combine church attire and formal business attire. So naturally, you want to look formal without being too extravagant and glamorous. 

Think of nice clothes you can wear to the church but also at a business wedding. For male wedding guests, this can mean a buttoned shirt with a tie or a modest midi dress for women. 

A Sunday evening wedding may request this dress code, so adjust accordingly. And if no dress codes are indicated in the wedding invitation or website, read what to wear to a wedding with no dress code

Some evening weddings may not be as lenient with their wedding attire. You can always ask someone close to the couple if you’re unsure of what to wear. 


What Do You Wear To A Casual Evening Wedding?

Your evening wear will differ from an afternoon wedding attire as it’s usually more formal. However, there are evening weddings where the couple indicates a casual dress code. 

The emphasis is necessary to understand that a casual evening wedding doesn’t mean that you can wear ripped jeans, graphic shirts, workout outfits, or lounge clothes. Instead, think of dressy casual in dark colors since it’s an evening wedding. 

Consider cocktail attire that is simpler and more casual. Some specific outfit ideas include a sportscoat, dark and plain denim, dressy jumpsuit, dressy blouse, or a knee-length skirt.


What Is Appropriate Attire For A 5 PM Wedding?

A 5 pm wedding is considered an evening wedding, so expect a formal or even black-tie dress code. The outfits include formal maxi dresses and tuxedos, or you can use the wedding venue as a clue on what to wear.



And that’s it! You just learned what to wear to a Sunday evening wedding based on the usual dress code for this type of wedding, which is formal or black-tie. 

Men usually wear dark suits or tuxedos, while women can wear maxi dresses or long evening dresses. But still, check the wedding invitation and remember to dress with modesty in mind as the event is meant to highlight the bride and groom. 

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