What To Wear To A Mormon Wedding: Dos And Don’ts

Here’s a guide on what to wear to a Mormon wedding where you’ll know the dos and don’ts for the attire of male and female guests. You’ll also find out what to expect when attending a Mormon wedding. 

You must adhere to what to wear as a guest, especially on different types of religious weddings. We recommend browsing our blog for more tips on various religious weddings to ensure that you’ll remain respectful when invited. 

what to wear to a mormon wedding

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What To Wear To A Mormon Wedding As A Guest


Attire for male guests to a Mormon wedding

You must dress formally like other religious wedding ceremonies when attending a Mormon wedding. That being said, male guests can wear a buttoned shirt with a suit to avoid looking casual. 

Another alternative outfit for men in a Mormon wedding is a long-sleeved buttoned shirt with slacks. A nice-fitting polo shirt with khakis should also look appropriate.

Of course, avoid clothes that you’ll typically wear to a gym as it will be disrespectful. We also found sources that only wearing ties is reserved for the groom and close family members. 


Attire for female guests to a Mormon wedding

Regardless of the type of wedding, modesty is essential, especially for female guests when deciding on what to wear. Wearing revealing clothes would be disrespectful to the religion and the bride because you don’t want to steal her spotlight. 

If you attend a Mormon wedding, only wear clothes that won’t go over the ankles. For example, sources mentioned that shorter dresses and knee-length skirts would be inappropriate. 

As for the top, you don’t want your shoulders and chest to show as a sign of respect. Of course, always wear sleeved blouses or dresses, and you can also read how to wear a shawl for a wedding if you need more coverage with your attire. 


What Do Mormons Wear On Their Wedding?



The groom will wear a buttoned-up white shirt inside the temple. He will also pair it with a white tie, white pants, white socks, and slippers. 

Additionally, remember that Mormons wear ceremonial clothing both during sealing and endowment. Large temples rent these clothes, but they can also be brought from the LDS distribution center. 



According to WeddingLDS, brides must wear a long-sleeved, floor-length, and high neckline white wedding dress in the temple. If your wedding dress has a feature that doesn’t follow any of these guidelines, the temple works will provide inserts for the neck and sleeve. 

Brides will even need to remove or bustle the train of their wedding dress in the temple. There are also temple dresses in the LDS distribution center. 

Furthermore, Mormon brides are endowed before the sealing, and the clothing they wore from the endowment ceremony is meant to be worn over the sealing dress. Don’t forget that you’ll also need a full-length slip, white stockings, and white slippers in the temple. 


What Happens At A Mormon Wedding?


Temple sealing

Mormons marry for eternity, which is why they have temple sealings. The temple wedding or sealing ritual only takes about 30 minutes, and it’s significant for Mormons. 

Temple sealing or temple marriage signifies that the couple’s bond isn’t just on earth but also in heaven. Not only because sealings are a part of salvation in the Mormon faith, but it also meant that the couple’s bond is for generations to come. 


Temple recommend

Before temple sealing, the Mormon couple must acquire two temple recommends. They are obtained by meeting with the leader of their congregation and the local state president. 

This practice proves that they’re worthy to enter the temple. The guests at their wedding must also receive a recommend. 


Sealing ceremony

According to the American Marriage Ministries, the couple will kneel around an altar and repeat the vows recited by the church member who’s performing the sealing ceremony. After the commitment vows, they will be pronounced as husband and wife then receive the Church’s blessing. 

Do note that those who attend the sealing ceremony can’t talk about the details of what happened. So make sure to keep this in mind and don’t take photographs of the ceremony.  


Can Anyone Go To A Mormon Wedding?

Non-Mormons and those who aren’t members can’t attend a Mormon wedding or enter the Mormon temple. Therefore, some Mormon couples hold a civil ceremony before their temple sealing to include their friends who can’t attend. 

This allows Mormon couples to still have traditional American wedding customs with their friends of any religion. Nonetheless, if you’re one of the people that can attend the couple’s wedding inside the Mormon temple, remember that you shouldn’t talk about the details of the ceremony afterward. 


Do Mormon Weddings Have A Reception? 

Mormons have a reception after the ring ceremony. However, expect no alcohol, unlike in other types of wedding receptions. 



And that’s it! We just learned what to wear to a Mormon wedding where formality and modesty are crucial. 

But before anything else, remember that non-Mormons can’t attend the temple sealing. And if you can’t attend, chances are your friends will invite you to a civil ceremony instead.

We hope this helps; leave us a question if you have any. 

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