What To Wear To A Jewish Wedding: Attire Guide

If you want to know what to wear to a Jewish wedding, consider the male and female outfit etiquette. We will also guide you on how to be a guest at different Jewish weddings to ensure that you’ll remain respectful. 

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what to wear to a jewish wedding


What Should A Guest Wear To A Jewish Wedding?


Female guests

Modesty is essential for female guests at a Jewish wedding. After all, it is a crucial principle in Judaism, so it’s expected that you prioritize it when deciding what to wear when attending a Jewish wedding. 

An ideal outfit idea for women includes long dresses that fall below the knee. Furthermore, you don’t want the shoulders and elbows to show, and you might even see some women wearing a Kippot at the wedding. 

Depending on the type of Jewish wedding, married women must also cover their hair. On the other hand, modesty is still required on some Jewish weddings, but some are more lenient with the coverage of the woman’s outfits.

For example, you will still practice modesty when attending Modern Orthodox Jewish and Conservative Jewish weddings, but they are less strict. Reform Jewish weddings don’t even have a dress code requirement.   


Male guests

Men attending a Jewish wedding should wear something formal like a suit or tuxedo. You can also check the wedding invitation and the location of the wedding itself to ensure that what you’re wearing is appropriate. 

For example, you may wear long sleeves with a buttoned shirt if you don’t like wearing suits at some Jewish weddings. However, you must wear a suit if the Jewish wedding will be held in a synagogue. 

During the wedding ceremony, male guests will also wear a Kippot hat. It’s typically provided when you arrive at the hall, most likely personalized as a wedding favor. 


What Do You Wear To A Jewish Orthodox Wedding?

Both male and female guests must be very conservative with what they’ll wear when attending a Jewish Orthodox wedding ceremony. For example, men must wear long sleeves with jackets, ties, and long pants.

Shorts and short pants are always unacceptable. Women attending an Orthodox ceremony must wear something that covers their collarbone, elbows, and knees. 

Therefore, you’ll also wear stockings, and those who are married need their hair covered. And as for the colors, make sure that they are not distracting and flashy. 


What do you wear to a Modern Orthodox Jewish wedding?

A Modern Orthodox Jewish wedding is more lenient than an Orthodox ceremony but still practices modesty. For example, female guests shouldn’t wear super short sleeves or skirt lengths. 


What do you wear to a Conservative Jewish wedding?

If you’re attending a Conservative Jewish wedding, the rules are less strict. For example, women can skip the stockings or pantyhose, and coverage on their neck and back is unnecessary compared to an Orthodox ceremony. 

Married women don’t also need to cover their heads, and the synagogue will decide if the male guests must wear a yarmulke. Still, expect that it’s not respectful to wear anything showing cleavage or too much skin for women, and men should still avoid casual outfits. 

A helpful tip when attending a Jewish wedding is to bring a jacket, so you can cover yourself when needed. Women can also check this guide on how to wear a shawl to a wedding because it can make the outfit more modest. 


What do you wear to a Reform Jewish wedding?

Compared to the other types of Jewish wedding ceremonies, a Reform Jewish wedding is the loosest in dressing codes. There are no requirements, and you can just check the dress code indicated on the invitation. 


Is It Okay To Wear Black To A Jewish Wedding?

Dark colors, including black, are acceptable when deciding what color to wear to a Jewish wedding. However, it’s best assumed that white would be inappropriate as with other weddings that expect it to be reserved for the bride.

You also want to avoid bright colors that will draw attention to you. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask the couple so you wouldn’t accidentally select the wrong color. 


What Should You Not Wear To A Jewish Wedding?

Anything too casual or revealing would be disrespectful when attending a Jewish wedding. You want to be conservative and practice modesty, regardless of whether you’re a male or a female guest. 

You also don’t want to overdress that you’ll be taking away the spotlight from the bride and groom. If you’re attending an Orthodox ceremony, remember to avoid shorts for men and women must wear something covering the chest, collarbone, nape, with long sleeves and tights for the arms and legs. 



And that’s it! We’ve just discussed what to wear to a Jewish wedding where different ceremonies also vary in how strict they are with the guest attires. 

Nonetheless, assume that you must maintain modesty when deciding what to wear. Avoid revealing clothes and bright colors, then check the dress code on the wedding invitation.  

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