What To Wear To A Court Wedding: Best Outfit Ideas

Consider two things on what to wear to a court wedding. First, this article will discuss the importance of following the dress code and applying formality when deciding on a wedding outfit. 

You can also read what to wear to a civil wedding for additional styling tips. And for other types of weddings, we’re pleased to announce that we have an extensive list of articles in our wedding blog to help every guest. 

what to wear to a court wedding


What Do You Wear To A Courthouse Wedding?


Follow the dress code

Before anything else, check the dress code indicated on your wedding invitation regarding the courthouse wedding. It should mention the expected attire of the couple for their guests. 

Courthouse weddings don’t necessarily require the same outfits as a black-tie wedding, but you also don’t want to attend underdressed for the occasion. If there is no dress code mentioned, assume that you must wear semi-formal attire as a sign of respect to the wedding. 

Some specific outfit ideas for female guests are tidy dresses, blouses with skirts, or even pantsuits. On the other hand, male guests can consider business attire when attending a courthouse wedding. 


Always apply formality

It should always be implied as it’s uncommon for weddings to be casual, but keep formality in mind when deciding and styling your outfit for the courthouse wedding. This means being mindful of the lengths and cuts of your outfit. 

Female guests should steer clear from low-cut blouses or even short dresses. Likewise, male guests must choose pants over shorts, and graphic T-shirts are a no-no. 

And of course, you are a guest at a wedding, so you should never overdress and steal the spotlight from the bride and groom. Do not wear bold and bright colors, or even white since it’s usually reserved for the bride.  


How Should I Dress For A Court Wedding?



Brides can wear a traditional long gown for their court wedding. But if you prefer something simpler, even tea-length dresses are acceptable. 

There is no specific rule when deciding what you should wear at your wedding, as your personality will ultimately determine how casual or formal you want to look. But of course, consider the space in the courthouse since a full ball gown, for example, will be uncomfortable for moving around. 

If the bride doesn’t want to wear a dress, she can also opt for a two-piece suit for her court wedding. This unique but smart look is perfect for brides who want something different but still maintain class at their court wedding. 



Like the bride, the groom has the final say on what he’ll wear to his court wedding. You can talk with your significant other, so your outfits complement each other if it’s hard for you to select what to wear. 

For example, it’s best to match how formal the bride is when the groom decides what to wear. This means wearing a tailored suit if your bride opted for a long gown, combining a jacket with trousers for something semi-formal, or a simple buttoned shirt if the bride wears a basic knee-length dress. 

And much like with other guests, it’s best to avoid casual attire like sportswear, jeans, or cargo on a court wedding. 


What Colors Are Best To Wear To A Court Wedding?

There are no specific colors that the guests and couple must choose from for a court wedding. Instead, the implied rules in other weddings are also applicable when deciding on what color to wear in the courthouse. 


Go classic

The bride and groom can choose to go classic and wear white for the bride and gray for the groom. Then, their guests can wear neutrals and plain colors like navy blue or light brown. 


Stay subtle

And while no one would stop you, it’s standard etiquette not to wear bright colors like yellow, orange, or red as a guest in a court wedding. Assume that white is also to be avoided as the bride might be wearing it. 


Always ask

Can you wear black to a court wedding? Of course, you can wear black to a court wedding, but it would be best not to wear it as a single color for your attire. 

Furthermore, check in with the couple to ensure that you would not accidentally disrespect their cultures or beliefs, as black is sometimes associated with bad luck and grief. However, did you know that some choose to wear black at their wedding?

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Is It Weird To Wear A Wedding Dress To A Courthouse Wedding?

It’s not weird to wear a wedding dress to a courthouse wedding since it’s still a wedding. However, most couples that choose to do a court wedding do so to save on expenses. 

Furthermore, remember that the courthouse is not solely for weddings, so you may not get the expected reaction from other people. Not to mention, some wedding dresses are too voluminous for courthouse hallways. 



And that’s it! We learned what to wear to a court wedding where you would typically follow semi-formal attire. 

You can also consider business outfits if you can’t decide what to wear. No rules mention that the bride and groom can’t wear the traditional wedding gown and suit combo, but remember that the courthouse is not as spacious as other areas. 

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