How To Dry Hair Fast Without Blow Dryer? 3 Easy Amazing Ways On Drying Your Hair Fast!

How to dry hair fast without blow dryer? Remember, the hair is at its weakest point, especially wet. Today, fifty percent of videos around the internet prove that damp hair can get easily damaged, especially if yours is sensitive to heat. But don’t you worry; we made methods to avoid the damage to your hair furthermore.

A blow dryer is a good and fast-to-go tool, especially if you are in a hurry and need to dry your hair.

How to dry hair fast without blow dryer

But, it also has its advantages wherein excessive usage of it can damage your roots and follicles, leading to being bald. So to avoid that further, we made methods that we will be discussing in a while.

They are practical, and once you try them, you will never think of using the blow dryer once more. Not to mention, these steps are cost-friendly too and easy to do at home; no worries about spending lots of money just for drying your hair out. I hope you are now well informed about drying hair with that discussed.


Ways On Drying Your Hair Fast Without A Dryer

How to dry hair fast without blow dryer? Before you start to dry out your hair without a help of a blow dryer, you must know the basics of doing it as it may damage your hair, too, if not done correctly. Once you have learned about the basics, we will be now moving on to the steps:


Method #1. Finger combing your hair

Finger combing is one of the most effective steps out there, yet it takes time before your hair gets to dry up thoroughly.

Depending on the strength of your hair, some may fall while doing the process, and some may not. So, without further ado, we shall dive right into it so that you can start drying your hair out already.

Your hair gets detangled every after bath. So try using your fingers to detach the tangling hair at all parts and shake off the excess water left from the shower. Once that is done, you can begin finger combing at the tips of your hair and removing the tangles so that it gets free to avoid pulling and tugging later on.

Remember that it does not begin from the roots when finger combing. It could cause severe damage and hair fall that can go unnoticed, especially if you did it wrong. Why though? As we said earlier, hair is weaker when exposed while wet, so it gets damaged and tangled every time. With that said, begin from the end.

Now that you are done detangling your hair, it is time to finger dry it. It takes up a lot of time to be done since you are trying to remove the water left from your hair by only using your hands. Though that isn’t a problem, you can do this in front of an electric fan if needed to make the process easier!


Method #2. Towel drying your hair by beginning with the roots

If you use a towel a lot, especially for drying wet hair straight from the bathroom, then this one’s for you. Many people tend to do it wrong by shaking off excess water and not by doing it from the roots up to the ends of your hair. That is why the seeds need a little bit more attention when cleaning. So, let us start.

Why do the roots need more attention when drying hair out? In case you didn’t know, volume at the roots of your hair comes the lesser ones to come in contact with air, leading to ineffective drying. Good thing a towel was a thing. With that, you can start drying it out by starting from the roots up to the ends.

Then, to prevent droplets from going to your hair’s ends, pat your roots first.

Because the roots of your hair are the last to dry, applying them first will assist your lower sections in drying quickly. After that, we can finish drying with a clean cotton towel or by turning on the fan once more. It can be highly effective here. On the other hand, this article on “What to do if your hairdryer falls in water?” will come in handy. 


Method #3. Conditioning your hair to dry

Conditioners aren’t the same as the shampoo. Why? It has a silicone content that acts as the protective layer for your hair later on in the process.

So with that, make sure that you condition your hair regularly to avoid any unnecessary damages from coming. Without further ado, let us now discuss the steps to accomplish that. Learn more about the differences between shampoo and conditioner here.

On the other hand, when your hair is wet, it is most vulnerable. Thus thorough conditioning is essential. The silicone in conditioner protects your hair’s cuticles and repels water effectively. That will speed up the drying process while keeping your hair frizz-free and damage-free. Once that’s done, you can now dry up your hair.


It’s A Wrap!

Who would ever imagine that drying can be done so quickly, even without the help of a blow dryer? And these are the methods of how to dry hair fast without blow dryer. We hope you take these as a lesson to avoid damaging your air through the machine. You may also want to learn to dry it with a towel. Thanks for stopping by! For more exciting articles, here’s “How to dry oil paint fast with a hair dryer?

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