What To Wear As A Photographer To A Wedding

If you don’t know what to wear as a photographer to a wedding, try three tips. First, we will discuss how you can look sharp but still be suitable for the occasion. 

Additionally, this article discusses the dress code and colors for wedding photographers, so you can prepare your wardrobe once you get bookings. Finally, please browse our wedding blogs for other guides and tips regarding wedding etiquette and more. 

what to wear as a photographer to a wedding

For example, perhaps you’re curious about what to wear to officiate a wedding. Remember that you must follow etiquette and considerations when deciding on your clothing when attending a wedding, whether you’re part of the ceremony or not. 


What To Wear As A Wedding Photographer 


Step 1. Consult the bride and groom

The best way to know what to wear as a photographer at a wedding is by consulting the bride and groom. You can talk to them regarding the theme and wardrobe of the guests. 

The wedding photographer should not dress the same as a guest or even as a groomsman or bridesmaid. The key is blending with the background and not wearing or styling in a way that will draw attention to you. 

Remember that the wedding photographer is active during the ceremony, and the last thing you want is to upstage the groom and the bride or look like their guests. Avoid bright colors and loud patterns and stick to plain, neutral, and dark clothing. 


Step 2. Consider comfort

As the wedding photographer, expect that you will move around a lot. So not only should you dress subtly, but you should also keep comfort in mind. 

For starters, opt for a good pair of shoes or flats that would still not look tacky with your overall attire. For women, avoid heels or sandals because they would feel uncomfortable by the end of the day. 

You should also ensure that the material of the clothes you’re wearing will be comfortable throughout the wedding. For example, consider the current weather and the wedding location to know whether you’ll need to dress with something breathable or with layers. 


Step 3. Look stylish

The wedding photographer shouldn’t dress in a way that will attract attention. However, this doesn’t mean you will dress too casually, especially since most wedding ceremonies are formal. 

You still want to look sharp and professional without sacrificing comfort and etiquette. Additionally, remember to get modest clothes that fit well because they can aid in movement while doing your shots. 

Some clothing pieces to avoid as a wedding photographer are t-shirts and shorts, but at the end of the day, you can always consult the bride and groom if you’re unsure. Furthermore, determine the theme and type of wedding so that you can dress more accordingly. 


What Is The Dress Code For A Wedding Photographer?

  • Consult the wedding couple if they have requirements for the attire and also to know if the wedding itself is formal or casual 
  • Consider getting your outfit tailored for a more professional fitted look 
  • Wear a classy pair of shoes that would still be comfortable 
  • Avoid revealing and tight clothing
  • Check if the overall style won’t be flashy and eye-catching
  • Style your outfit so that you still won’t look out of place in the wedding
  • Stick to neutral and solid colors, but avoid white
  • Remember that how you present yourself is also an extension of your branding
  • Consider comfort and protection from the elements, depending on the location of the wedding ceremony


What Color Do Photographers Wear To Weddings?

Black is the ultimate color for wedding photographers. For one, it is formal enough for a professional style. 

Second, black is a neutral color that will help the photographer blend in with the crowd. Third, black clothing is functional for a photographer that is quite active and physical. 

This color won’t have any dirt too noticeable compared to lighter colors. But in general, wedding photographers can wear any solid and neutral color. 

The only considerations would be to not match with the other guests and part of the ceremony. Also, identity what the wedding party is wearing and, of course, avoid white since it’s the color reserved for the bride only. 

Finally, talk with the couple regarding the dress code. You have to consider the traditional or religious aspects of the event where some colors might be inappropriate for the culture and beliefs of your clients during a wedding. 

Read what is a white wedding to know more about why white is a color reserved for the bride. 


What Does A Photographer Do At A Wedding?

A wedding photographer is hired to document the wedding. Naturally, the couple expects you to capture beautiful shots, both candid and posed so that they can look back to this once-in-a-lifetime event. 

As the wedding photographer, you should pay attention to the groom and bride and even their guests and loved ones. You can help compose formal shots and take stolen pictures that would help create a lasting memory of this special day. 



And that’s it! In this article, we learned what to wear as a photographer to a wedding, which is sharp, professional-looking, and still comfortable. 

The most popular color choice is black or anything neutral as long as you won’t look the same as the wedding party. Overall, you can always consult the wedding couple to know more about your dress code as their photographer. 

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