What To Say To Your Groom On Your Wedding Day

If you don’t know what to say to your groom on your wedding day, there are two themes you can tell him to alleviate wedding day jitters and keep the both of you excited. Your wedding day can get overwhelming and even stressful, so knowing what to say to your groom will always be appreciated. 

You can also read about what is the first look at a wedding. It’s one of the moments before the ceremony when you can give a wedding letter to your future husband or even talk to him about the things below:

what to say to your groom on your wedding day


2 Best Things To Say To Your Groom On Your Wedding Day


Reminisce your love for your groom

One of the easiest things to say to your groom or write in the wedding letter for him includes the best moments of your relationship. Saying things about your favorite memories and how you know from them that he’s the one you’ll marry will surely touch your groom’s heart. 

For example, you can look back on moments when you realized that you truly love him and would want to spend the rest of your life with him. It can be a challenging experience or even a seemingly mundane happening where he made you laugh or feel secure. 

It can be a quick recap from the start of your love story to the moment of your wedding day. Of course, you can also constantly remind him of your favorite qualities about him, whether it’s his looks, quirks, or character. 


Tell the groom about your excitement for the wedding

Whether it’s marriage or the wedding day itself, your wedding letter can talk about your excitement that your partner will soon be your husband. You can have someone bring him a letter that entails how you’re looking forward to the wedding day to arrive to keep the excitement between the both of you.

It can also be a random thing you can whisper to him during your first look photo shoot. The key is being genuine with how you’ll feel.

Tell him how handsome he is in that suit and that you feel grateful that you get to marry him. You can even include some inside jokes as humor is always helpful for alleviating nerves.  


How Do You Write A Love Letter To Your Groom On Your Wedding Day?

Some couples choose not to talk before the wedding ceremony for a sense of suspense. Instead, they’ll send each other letters that they can read while preparing for the wedding. 

So for brides who don’t know what to say in their wedding letter for their grooms, consider this template or read the wording examples below:

  1. Set a time to write your love letter to your groom
  2. Consider stationery that you think he’ll love
  3. Find a quiet place and construct the letter when you don’t feel stressed 
  4. Do not worry about what the letter contents will be, but start with a general template
  5. First, talk about the excitement for him being your husband in just a few hours
  6. Include genuine praises and compliments for your groom 
  7. Talk about your favorite memories and moments with him
  8. Mention the things you’re looking forward to with him during your married life
  9. Include inside jokes, but make sure that they’ll be read with the meaning you want to convey
  10. Be cheesy but make the letter short and sweet 
  11. End the letter with “Your wife-to-be” or  leave a kiss mark if you want
  12. Include a favorite photo
  13. Read the wedding letter for the groom to ensure that it is easy to understand
  14. Consider sealing it in an envelope and spraying your perfume to the letter


Letter To Groom On Wedding Day Examples

  • Dear [groom’s name],

It feels like yesterday when we [moment when you first meet each other]. I will never forget that time when I felt my heart flutter after seeing your smile. I can’t wait to wake up next to you every morning, and I’m looking forward to our married life together. I promise to be supportive, and I’ll choose you each day, even in moments when life becomes challenging. 

Your wife in a few hours, [bride’s name]

  • Hey [pet name for each other]!

Wow, look at us! Who would’ve thought that after years of friendship and teasing from our friends, we’ll end up together as everybody has predicted? Regardless, know that I feel so lucky to get to call you mine and, later, my husband. No taking back that now. But in all seriousness, my heart is filled with joy for the days and years to come. I can’t promise that I’ll be perfect, but you inspire me to strive to be the better version of myself. I can’t wait to grow as a person with you. I love you, [groom’s name]



And that’s it! We just learned what to say to your groom on your wedding day, which can be reminiscing your love story or talking about your excitement for the marriage. 

You can also write a wedding letter for a more surprising and touching way to talk to your groom. And for the groom’s parents, read our recommendations on what to give your son on his wedding day. 

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