What Is 60th Wedding Anniversary: Symbol And Gifts

The answer to what is 60th wedding anniversary can be related to its symbol: diamond. We will discuss why this stone is the fitting representation for couples celebrating 60 years of marriage. 

You will also know what to do to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary and the appropriate gifts to give for the diamond wedding anniversary. And if you happen to be five years earlier, here is what is the 55th wedding anniversary all about. 

what is 60th wedding anniversary


What Is 60th Wedding Anniversary: Theme And Symbol

The 60th wedding anniversary is the diamond wedding anniversary. But why is diamond associated with this duration of marriage?

Diamonds became related to 60-year celebrations when Queen Victoria celebrated the Diamond Jubilee in 1897, marking her 60 years on the British throne. As a result, even the 60th wedding anniversaries became associated with diamonds. 

However, diamonds were only formerly symbolized 75 years of marriage. Regardless, both wedding anniversaries, 60th and 75th, can be associated with diamonds, and there are no rules that limit diamonds to symbolizing only one of them. 


What Are 60 Years Married Called?

The anniversary name for 60 years of being married is the diamond wedding anniversary. It is a proper mineral representing the 60th wedding anniversary because diamonds are enduring and precious. 

It’s not easy to last several decades together, so couples who reached their diamond anniversary deserve praise for their resilience, consistency, and intense love for each other. But, unfortunately, not all married couples get their 60th wedding anniversary, and it’s so rare that only 1% were able to celebrate it. 

So if you know people or perhaps your parents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, please throw them the party they deserve. And for couples who reach half the duration of the diamond anniversary, you can read what to do for the 35th wedding anniversary


What To Do For 60th Wedding Anniversary?

If you’re running out of wedding anniversary ideas for a couple celebrating their 60 years of marriage, consider the symbol diamond as the inspiration. Perhaps you can allow them to upgrade their wedding rings with diamonds or throw a party with diamonds as the theme. 

The party doesn’t have to be super extravagant, especially if you’re on a budget. For example, you can use diamond-inspired decors around the venue instead of the real pricey gemstones. 

For your partner, you can give them diamond jewelry or accessory. A trip with just you two to your favorite destination will also undoubtedly be appreciated. 


What Do You Get Parents For 60th Wedding Anniversary?

  • Diamond wedding rings
  • Diamond-inspired party/dinner 
  • Spa or trip for two
  • Appliance upgrade for their home
  • Slideshow presentation of their photos
  • Customized gifts
  • Reliving experience of their wedding day
  • Vow renewal
  • Suprise with their faraway friends and family

For those with parents who haven’t reached half a century of marriage yet, we also wrote ideas on what should you do for your parents’ 40th wedding anniversary


What Is Traditional Gift For 60th Wedding Anniversary?

When deciding wedding anniversary gifts for the 60th anniversary, you don’t have to follow the traditional symbol associated with it. For example, diamonds may be the traditional gift for the 60th wedding anniversary, but understandably, some won’t afford them as gifts. 

The couple will surely appreciate other gifts as well. Consider the fact that they’ve been married and living together for a long time when deciding on what to give to their diamond anniversary. 

If you’ve been to their home, you can get an upgraded model of their appliances. You can also give them their favorite food, wine, or a dinner for two for their date night. 


What Color Is 60th Wedding Anniversary?

A diamond-themed party is a fantastic gift to give for the 60th wedding anniversary. But, of course, it can be challenging to find related decors, so the next thing to consider is the color of the diamond wedding anniversary. 

The 60th wedding anniversary’s traditional color is white. It’s a fitting color because couples celebrating this length of marriage would usually want something modest and classy. 

But of course, you don’t want a very monochromatic theme for the party. Introduce other colors to the party palette, such as gold or gemstone, as accents around the party venue.


What Is The Symbol For 60 Years Of Marriage?

The symbol for 60 years of marriage is traditionally diamond and diamond white. Then, the 60th wedding anniversary flower is the orchid. 

Therefore, you can also use orchids as inspiration for the celebration decor or gifts for the couple celebrating 60 years together. Consider orchid colors or orchid arrangements. 

Orchids fit a marriage that lasts more than half a century because of their mature beauty, uniqueness, and strength. After all, it’s very rare to witness a 60th wedding anniversary, and those who reached it have indeed matured as individuals and as partners. 



Was this discussion helpful? To recap what is 60th wedding anniversary, it refers to the diamond wedding anniversary. 

The diamond is a fitting symbol for this duration of marriage because it is resilient and precious. We hope this article also gave you ideas on celebrating it and what gifts to give. 

Feel free to let us know below what else you know about the 60th wedding anniversary. 

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