What To Put On Wedding Registry If You Already Live Together

Here are four ideas on what to put on wedding registry if you already live together. This article should teach you how to create a registry if you already live together to ensure that you’ll receive things you will surely need.

This also doubles as an etiquette guide to create a tasteful list not just with the things you and your partner wish to put on your wedding registry, but also for the flexibility with the guests’ budgets. And if you’re the one buying gifts and the couple didn’t have a registry, read the best wedding gift ideas for a couple who already live together

what to put on wedding registry if you already live together


What Should We Put On My Wedding Registry If We Already Live Together?


Home replacements as gifts for the couple who already live together

If you’re unsure what to put on your registry, home replacements will make fantastic wedding gift ideas for couples who already live together. Look around your living space for the items and appliances needing a replacement. 

You and your spouse can also list items around the house that are broken or missing. For example, some home appliances that are prone to wear and tear because of daily use include the mattress, dinnerware, coffee maker, cooking utensils, curtains, towels, mirrors, iron, washing machine, dishwasher, and vacuum cleaner, to name a few. 

You may even want to replace some appliances with another brand or model. Just make sure that you offer a wide variety of choices and consider the budget of your guests.


Home item upgrade ideas

Besides replacing existing home items with new ones, you may want to upgrade your essential appliances and objects with specialty models. Again, living together will make you realize what features you can appreciate on certain items. 

Perhaps there’s an oven model with valuable features for you and your partner’s cooking habits? Your lifestyle might also need a specialty cleaning appliance because of your lifestyle. 

Suppose you have already lived together for a significant amount of time. In that case, it should be easy to determine what upgrades or specialty appliances you can use to improve your daily living conditions.  


Fund for experiences as gifts instead of items

It’s expected that in a traditional wedding registry, you can only include items and things. But for someone already living together with their partner, you may appreciate a wedding cash fund registry instead. 

You can use the monetary gifts in addition to your wedding budget, honeymoon, or other expenses before and after the wedding. The collected money can even help your future dates or couples who also have kids for their children’s expenses. 

If you’ll be using the wedding gifts for the wedding needs, read when to register for wedding gifts to help your guests know when to send you their gifts


Future needs for the couple who live together 

Besides funding experiences, a cash wedding registry can help with your future needs and not just before and immediately after your wedding. It’s likely for couples living together to discuss future arrangements and expectations comfortably even before getting married. 

Perhaps you and your partner are considering buying a new house, getting a bigger place, moving to another city, or even buying another car. Your wedding guests will surely appreciate being part of this future, and you can even write them thank-you cards more personally. 

Nowadays, you can even ask for gift cards tastefully on registry sites. 


What Should You Not Put On Your Wedding Registry If You Already Live Together?

There are multiple wedding gift ideas for couples living together. Still, you must maintain class when creating a wedding registry. 

For example, do not ask for personal items such as phones or costly items that are trendy at the moment. Be considerate of the financial capacity of your guests as living together is not an excuse for very pricey wedding gifts

You shouldn’t also include any items you don’t need, intend to return, or give to another couple. Chances are the gifter will know about them, which can cause misunderstandings and hurt feelings. 


Should Older Couples Have A Wedding Registry?

Some couples live together for a long time then get married later on instead. So if you’re an old couple, know that you can still have a wedding registry even if you have already lived together for many years. 

It’s not rude to have a wedding registry, and it’s unlikely for wedding guests to think of your request with ill intent. You can always look around your home for things you need or ask for a cash fund registry for dates or travels. 


What Do You Put On A Wedding Registry If You Don’t Have A House?

Even if you live together, it’s possible to still not own a home. Instead, you might be renting or living with your parents. That being said, a practical consideration is to ask for monetary gifts to fund your future home of your own.



And that’s it! We just learned what to put on wedding registry if you already live together: home replacements, item upgrades, monetary gifts, and future funds. 

Just maintain the proper etiquette and do not ask for costly gifts. Instead, discuss what items you’ll need and set a reasonable wedding registry with your partner. 

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