What To Do With Old Mattress Pad: 4 Best Options

If you don’t know what to do with old mattress pad, we have creative and earth-friendly suggestions for you! You’ll learn helpful ways to repurpose the old mattress pad and if you can recycle it. We’ll also consider donating the pad or asking around your friends and family.

Do you also have a used bed you no longer need? Find out what to do with an old mattress!

what to do with old mattress pad


What To Do With Old Mattress Pad


Repurpose the mattress pad

The mattress pad typically made from foam can be upcycled into various household items:


  • Pet bed

Remove the mattress pad from its cover and cut the foam into the exact dimensions of your pet’s crate. You can also modify the foam into a pet bed. Of course, then, you will need some basic sewing skills to change the existing cover and get a better fit on the pet bed, but even simple hand stitches will suffice.


  • Pillow and cushion stuffing

You can use the pad foam to fill your saggy pillows or fix the sofa cushions, and restore their structure for the remaining mattress pad cutouts. For example, perhaps your sofa has a dent, or your pillow no longer feels and looks fluffy. The foam from the used mattress pad can add to the existing material to make these pillows and cushions feel and look better.


  • Insulation 

Do you want to improve your home’s insulation? A bit of creativity can transform your old mattress pad into wall insulators. You can even use the foam bits to stuff holes and other openings on the cracks that affect the temperature regulation inside.


  • Outdoor liner

If you’re icky in using your mattress and chairs outdoors, the mattress pad can become a liner to protect them from the ground. Of course, you can always learn how to waterproof a mattress for outdoor use if you go camping and make other trips. However, it’s much better to have extra material underneath it to make clean-up easier.


Give the mattress pad to a friend or family member

Try posting on your social media to see if a friend or family member needs a mattress pad. As long as it’s still in good shape, it should be reusable. They might also know other people who can use the mattress pad. 


Can mattress pads be donated?

Check the charity organizations near you if they are accepting used mattress pads. Some of them might even be doing pick-ups of large items, so you don’t need to drop off the pad in their location. If you don’t know who to contact, try these places to donate an old sofa because they usually accept mattress pads as well. 


Are mattress pads recyclable?

Most cities have a recycling center where you can drop your old mattress pad. If you’re unsure, try reaching out to your local recycling centers or council if they offer a recycling service. Some mattress pad brands might even have a recycling program or will remove the pad from you when you order a new product from them. 


How Long Should A Mattress Pad Last?

A mattress pad can last anywhere from 3 to 10 years because different brands offer various mattress pads. They range from memory foam, cotton, and even polyester. But, of course, you also have to understand the uses of mattress pads to ensure that it’s well-maintained for longevity. 


How Often Should You Replace A Mattress Pad?

You can replace a mattress pad every one to two years, but it can be earlier or later than this duration. It should still provide the proper support and comfort to keep your body in a neutral position. If the pads are deformed or full of stains, it’s better to replace them. 


How Often Should You Wash Mattress Pad?

Make it a part of your maintenance to wash the mattress pad every six months. You can also do it more often than that, depending on how dirty it is. If the pad got spilled or soiled, you must treat it as soon as possible to avoid damaging the inner materials. 


How to clean a mattress pad

  1. Check the care tag on the mattress pad to know the cleaning dos and don’ts
  2. Vacuum off the pad while also reaching all its crevices to remove dust and dirt
  3. Spot treat the stains with mild detergent and water
  4. Sprinkle baking soda all over the pad and vacuum it off the next day
  5. Aerate the mattress pad outdoors

Can You Throw Away Memory Foam?

Most mattress pads are made of memory foam, so if you’re wondering if you can dispose of the memory foam mattress pad, it’s possible. First, contact the garbage removal department in your area to know the schedule of when you can leave the foam on the curb. However, it’s much better to consider upcycling or recycling memory foam to help our landfills. 



And that’s it! We just learned what to do with old mattress pad before considering throwing it away and giving mother nature more headaches. To recap, try repurposing the mattress pad, asking if someone needs it, donating it, or even recycling it. 

We hope this article sparked some creative and eco-friendly ideas for your used mattress pad. Let us know how yours goes. 

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