Where Can I Donate My Old Sofa? 5 Organizations

If you don’t know where can I donate my old sofa, we recommend these five organizations. Some of them even offer pick-up of couches, or you might help someone by referring him/her to these organizations. We will also discuss options if you are limited to travel and need to donate the sofa to the nearest place. 

Besides donating, there are many things to do with an old sofa. We recommend checking all options as well. 

where can i donate my old sofa


Where Can I Donate My Old Sofa In The US?



One of the most popular organizations in the US where you can donate your old furniture is Goodwill. You can easily find their stores across the US, and some locations even offer furniture pick-ups for free. In addition, their website should help you find the nearest donation center for your convenience. 

Why should you donate your old sofa to Goodwill? Goodwill also has retail stores that offer skills and jobs, and they have profit thrift stores that help charities. Just remember to contact your local Goodwill regarding possible furniture pick-up and any requirements for donating used sofas.


The Salvation Army

Another international organization that you can contact for donations of furniture is The Salvation Army. You can even schedule a donation pick-up if it’s allowed in your location. Simply contact the local phone number or find a drop-off location near you. 

Why should you donate your old sofa to The Salvation Army? Contributing to this organization meant the item gets sold at their thrift stores, and proceeds are used to fund adult rehabilitation centers. Your donation is also tax-deductible so that you can reduce taxable income. 


Habitat for Humanity

A non-profit organization that works in most states across the US is Habitat for Humanity. They help homeless families by having your furniture donations sold in their resale locations. You can visit their donation centers or check the nearest spot near you to schedule a free furniture pick-up. 

Why should you donate your old sofa to Habitat for Humanity? It should be easy to find a location near you because it works in all 50 states in the US. The money raised in their Habitat ReStores helps families have safe homes and better futures.



If you are on the East Coast, consider donating your old sofa to GreenDrop. They raise funds for the American Red Cross, Purple Heart, the National Federation of the Blind, and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. You can even schedule a free donation pick-up or select their Home Clean-Out, which is a free service, especially if you want to donate many household items.   

Why should you donate your old sofa to GreenDrop? The organization will sell your donation to their thrift stores, and funds will help the charities they partner with. Check the service area nearest to your location to know more about furniture pick-up and what items they would accept. 



AMVETS is an organization that supports veterans and their families. You can check their website for the donation pick-up form. It’s also best to check with the chapter near you regarding sofas, especially if you’re donating a large furniture item. 

Why should you donate your old sofa to AMVETS? Donation pick-up offers convenience to busy homeowners. They also participate in the Combined Federal Campaign that helps improve the quality of life of the military and veterans. 


Where Can I Donate A Couch Near Me?


Local charities and organizations

Check the nearest location of the organizations mentioned for your state by visiting their prospective websites. But more than these major and international charities, there should be some local organizations near you looking for furniture donations. Some of them might not offer a furniture pick-up, while others might require a small fee. 

Some areas also have so-called furniture banks. They support individuals that can’t afford to furnish their homes or even offer financial assistance by reselling used furniture. Just remember to check if your sofa meets their guidelines. 



Urban areas typically have homeless shelters because of the higher risk. If you live in cities, try finding local shelters as they might accept used sofas. You don’t even need to focus on human shelters because some animal shelters can get used sofas or cushions for their rescues. 

Note that you can always learn how to disassemble a couch and use its parts for donation. Try checking the nearest scrap dealer and use the extra money for donating to charities. The only downside is you’ll be the one bringing it to recycling centers. 



If your area has vocational schools, try asking them if they are looking for furniture donations. Some schools need sofas for practicing their students in repairs and upholstery. Check the courses they offer to ensure that the couch will still be helpful for their programs.



If you instead donate than sell your old sofa, you have many organizations and charities to choose from in the US. Where can I donate my old sofa, you ask? Goodwill, The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, GreenDrop, and AMVETS are excellent options. 

They offer furniture pick-up, and it should be easy to find a location close to you. Just remember to contact them and learn about the guidelines. We hope you’re now more inspired to reach out and help those in need!


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