What Is A Mattress Pad Used For? Learn More Here

The answer to what is a mattress pad used for is that it’s a piece of material you’ll put on top of your mattress. But isn’t that the mattress topper you say? The mattress pad is a thinner bed accessory compared to the mattress topper. 

If you’re still confused at this point, we will talk more about the mattress pad below. Who knows? Maybe it’s something you’ll need more than a mattress topper.

What Is A Mattress Pad Used For


What Is The Use Of A Mattress Pad?

From the name itself, you’ll use the mattress pad as additional padding over your mattress. It is an accessory that you’ll add to the bed before you cover the mattress with sheets. If you’re wondering what makes it different from a mattress topper, we will compare the two accessories later to help you understand each of them better. 


Protection and comfort

So why would one need to put a mattress pad over the mattress? Because it has some thickness to it, the pad acts as a protector for the mattress. You’ll slow down the wear and tear from the bed itself because the mattress is not directly affected by the pressure and weight. 

Depending on the mattress pad material you have, it will also add some comfort to the bed. Those who noticed their bed feeling softer or firmer than they want can use a pad temporarily until they can get a new mattress. If you’re thinking if a mattress pad is enough to sleep on, we will also discuss it later on. 



Compared to a mattress and a mattress topper, a mattress pad will look and feel thinner. This puts it at an advantage when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Having a mattress pad will serve as a barrier against dust, allergens, sweat, oils, spills, and stains for your bed. 

Remember that we can’t wash our mattresses, and it can be hard to address issues that have seeped in it deeply. The mattress pad is much easier to clean, and some materials are even machine-washable. You no longer need to worry about ruining your mattress. 


Types Of Mattress Pads

Different brands offer various types of mattress mads. However, we recommend getting something with multiple layers to get the most of this bed accessory. The most common mattress pads you’ll see in the market use cotton for its tufted top layer and batting.

There are also other materials in mattress pads such as wool, silk, and even down. And if you want a snug fit between the pad and the mattress, you can get something with a skirt because you can tuck this material underneath the bed. If it’s unavailable, you can get a mattress pad with anchor straps to prevent the pad from slipping. 


What Is The Difference Between A Mattress Topper And A Mattress Pad?

As we have briefly discussed earlier, you can quickly differentiate a mattress topper from a mattress pad because the latter is thinner and commonly washable in the machine. Mattress pad also comes in a wider variety of materials for this very reason. Nonetheless, both have similar uses, and choosing among them depends on your preference. 

If you want something thicker, especially when you’re trying to remedy a dented surface, you’re better off with a mattress topper. On the other hand, a mattress pad is enough to adjust the bed’s feel in most cases. Just remember that neither of these accessories should replace a proper bed for daily sleep. 


Can You Sleep On Just A Mattress Pad?

You can sleep on a mattress pad, but we don’t recommend it daily. Remember that it’s thinner even compared to a mattress topper. You’re likely to feel the difference in support and comfort, especially coming from a proper mattress. 

More so, the mattress pad’s overall structure is not meant to withstand the daily pressure and weight on itself. It works in helping a mattress underneath, but a pad alone will thin out and lose its form quickly when you sleep on it every day. You can only attain the proper sleeping posture if you lie on something that won’t sink against your body.


Is It Necessary To Use A Mattress Pad?

We can say that a mattress pad is necessary for setting up your bed because it offers many advantages. It serves as a mattress protector, and you can comfortably wash it in your washer. You can also use it to customize the bed’s feel without needing to buy a new mattress. 

If your mattress or sheet makes noise, having a pad will muffle it as well. But if you don’t have any of these issues, you don’t require a mattress pad. Some might even mention that it’s too soft or thin to make any difference.



You might stumble upon mattress pads when shopping for bedroom accessories. But what is a mattress pad used for? Simply put, it’s a thinner version of a mattress topper. 

You’ll place it over your bed to improve its feel and also serve as a mattress protector. However, remember that you should still sleep on a proper mattress and not on a pad alone to ensure that you’ll stay supported consistently. If you still have questions, feel free to leave them below!