What Mattress Does Bellagio Use: The Best 3 To Try

To know what mattress does Bellagio use means understanding the three beds that carry the hotel brand. So can you guess who the trusted manufacturer of mattresses used by Bellagio is? A hint is that it’s well-known for hospitality mattresses. 

Besides Bellagio, you might also be interested in what kind of mattress does Hard Rock Hotels use? It’s always exciting to discover the beds in hotels and casinos, especially if they can be purchased for the home. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

what mattress does bellagio use


What Type Of Mattress Does Bellagio Use?


Serta Bellagio Luxe Euro Top

If you wonder what kind of mattress Bellagio uses, it is the Bellagio Luxe. You’ll even be pleased that you can purchase the Bellagio Luxe collection from $1,499 to $2,175 at Serta mattresses. Serta specifically created the Bellagio Luxe collection, and the Euro top mattress is what they consider the most luxurious in the collection. 

The Bellagio Luxe Euro top is a double-sided, double-layered bed with Serta’s Cool Twist gel foam. Then, it offers additional support thanks to the Greater Lumbar Support layer. It is also available at a medium firmness level, which is the most versatile for all kinds of sleepers. 


Serta Bellagio at Home Pillow Top

Another part of the Bellagio at Home mattresses by Serta is their pillow top mattress. It also features a Cool Twist gel foam, so you’ll get the best temperature regulation and avoid heat retention. Serta also equipped the Bellagio at Home pillow top mattress with a custom coil system with Serta’s unique foam encasement to limit edge roll-off and motion transfer.

And if you experience body pain, you’ll feel relief with Serta Bellagio’’s HyperTouch Comfort, which is essentially a system of stretchable fabric, special foam, and fibers. Speaking of body pain, do you happen to suffer from fibromyalgia? Consider the best mattress for fibromyalgia to alleviate its symptoms, or find a hotel mattress with the same features and construction. 


Serta Bellagio Cashmere Super Pillow Top

You can get the mattress used by Bellagio in their hotels by ordering directly from them. The Bellagio King WOW mattress is available at Bellagio at Home for a price of $2,175. It is a made-to-order mattress that also bears the name Bellagio Cashmere Super Pillow Top.

The Bellagio WOW mattress uses a patented quilt system and continuous innerspring system with foam encasement for support and comfort. Can you guess what the Bellagio mattress brand is behind this cashmere pillow top bed? Of course, Serta is also behind this mattress, which isn’t surprising since it’s also behind the type of mattress that Hilton uses


Is Serta Bellagio A Good Mattress?

Serta Bellagio is a good mattress because you can see the fantastic reviews from Serta and other websites where users share their experiences. For example, the Bellagio at Home by Serta Pillow Top has a 4.5 over five-star rating, and almost everyone recommends buying it. Even the Bellagio Luxe Euro top bed from Serta has excellent feedback. 

Did you know that the Bellagio Luxe collection from Serta has the mattresses used in the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas? What makes this Serta mattress a worthy investment is it offers the conformability of foam with cooling comfort. And of course, you will maintain the recommended sleeping posture with this bed because it keeps you supported, thanks to the coil system. 


Which Serta Mattress Is The Best?

It’s impossible to recommend a single Serta mattress and label it the best because every person varies in needs and requirements to get the ideal sleeping experience. However, the Perfect Sleeper collection of Serta is among their popular products. This is because you can get an innerspring, memory foam, or hybrid in Serta Perfect Sleeper.

What makes Serta Perfect Sleeper the best Serta mattress? Almost all issues during sleep like poor temperature regulation, insufficient support, and motion transfer would be fixed with a Serta Perfect Sleeper. But if you genuinely want a hotel mattress, you can always find Serta hotel mattresses such as the ever-popular mattress in Hampton Inn


What Pillows Does Bellagio Use?

Downlite Bedding makes the pillows for Bellagio Casino and Hotel. Besides providing the perfect mattress, hotels have a more comfortable bed because even the bedding and accessories are top-notch. And with Bellagio, they use Serta mattresses partnered with Downlite’s Hotel RDS White Goose Down Chamber Pillow.  


What sheets does Bellagio use?

Schweitzer Linen has Bellagio sheets made from Egyptian cotton sateen. It is a 600 thread count luxury bedding with embroidered details, hemstitching, and scalloped edges. 


What Mattress Does MGM Grand Use?

Bellagio is not the only popular hotel in Las Vegas, and if you happened to also stay in MGM Grand, you might be curious about their mattress. The MGM Grand mattress brand is none other than Serta! Serta specifically made the MGM Grand mattress as well. 



And that’s it! To recap the answer to what mattress does Bellagio use, it is made by one of the best and most popular manufacturers, Serta. You can get the Serta Bellagio at Home Pillow Top and Serta Bellagio Luxe Euro Top from the brand’s website, while the Serta Bellagio Cashmere Super Pillow Top is available from Bellagio. 

We hope you learned a lot from this hotel mattress article. Feel free to check what your favorite hotel uses in our knowledge base!


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