How To Install Portable Air Conditioner In Sliding Window? 4 Easy Steps!

How to install portable air conditioner in sliding window? Have you ever considered a simple technique to vent your portable air conditioner so that you don’t have to bother about collecting air from various sources?

Worry no more about a thing; you don’t have to stress yourself out because we already have researched and found ways to accomplish this with ease. We promise you that these steps that we’ve provided are simple enough to be completed by anybody at your house. Now ready up as we discuss this more.

How to install portable air conditioner in sliding window

Portable air conditioners are a device that is easy to carry and ergonomic, yet it has to be vented by fresh air every time so that you can have fresh and cold air.

It will be a bummer to go home, and all you wanted to have is a good rest, though your portable AC unit isn’t functioning well on cooling because it hasn’t been vented for a long time already.

Now because we know that you’re tired and all you ever wanted was just cold air to rest yourself, we may be able to help with that. Installing it in a window may be challenging, and that’s why this article is made for you. Keep on reading furthermore to know more about our discussion.


Steps To Install Portable Air Conditioner In Sliding Window

Most methods nowadays are hard to follow since people who have created them have their way of doing things, yet throughout our research, we’ve found. A method wherein it is commonly applied for almost all of the portable air conditioners that are available on the market right now.

Before doing this, please make sure that you’ve prepared a significant amount of money because it may require you to purchase for situations like this. Though we can assure you that the step that we’ve chosen is cheap yet efficient, in that way, everybody can have a chance to do it in their own home.

Now, below are a set of methods on how to install portable air conditioner in sliding window.

Make sure that when doing this, you should be wary of your surroundings and keep safe as you do this to avoid any problems from happening to you.

Regardless of that, here are the ways no how we can accomplish installing your portable air conditioner in a sliding window:


Step #1. Gathering all of the materials needed

Before doing anything else, you cannot accomplish something if you lack the materials to start doing the process, right? With that, here are the items that you should need for installing a portable air conditioner:

  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdrivers
  • Scissors
  • Rubber weather seal
  • Foam weather seal

After you have all of the needed materials, it is now time that we move on to installing your appliance into the sliding windows at your home.


Step #2. Fitting the window sealing plate

Now that you’ve gathered everything, it is now time that we start building the air conditioner’s vent going to the outside.

To do this, start by fitting the sealing plate onto the window frame to check the best length for the leaves to fit in snugly later on. You then attach the extension pieces by the holes using screws, inserting both together to make a plate wherein the vent will go later on.


Step #3. Attaching the seals to the plates

Because the extension is narrower than expected, we will need to apply something to fit it perfectly. We thought of how you can do it by placing a seal to hold the plates in place without worrying.

Now, measure the seal onto the height of the plate until only where the extension is so that it will be perfectly balanced when placed. Repeat this on both sides, and then line them up by sticking it cleanly so that they would look even when placed and have no worries.


Step #4. Installing the sealing plate and hose

For installing the plates, of course, we want to make sure that it fits right in there perfectly to hold the materials into place. You’ll want to measure the area of your window to determine how long of strip you need to cut off.

To install the sealing plates, grab it and put it into place, making sure that it fits the top part tightly and is covered for now so that the adhesive will stick thoroughly.

Now that you have your plates installed, you can put your hose into the hole where the vent should go by pressing it down so that it stays in place. Make sure to double-check everything since gaps can on the area make your airless efficient than ever. If there is, cut off seals to place it there.



And that is how to install portable air conditioner in sliding window. It sounds complex, but it isn’t really at all, right? We know that you can do it too, so believe in yourself that you can.

You can try other methods that you like too if this doesn’t suit your taste. If everything doesn’t work according to plan, you must contact a professional right away to get the job done.

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