What Is The Quietest Space Heater? 3 Different Heating Methods You Can Opt To!

Are you interested to know what is the quietest space heater? A loud space heater has normal decibel levels ranging from 30 to 65 dB. But of course, you would want a heater that produces low noise to warm yourself inside the bedroom.

However, finding a quiet heater can be a bit challenging since most manufacturers are not specifying it on the product’s packaging. 

what is the quietest space heater

But you can do some things to identify the noise levels of a space heater. We will talk about these things in this post as well as some tips and provide examples for you. Do you want to find out about those? Then, keep reading!


Which Heating Method Is the Quietest?

If you want to know what is the quietest space heater, you need to know about the healing methods that generate less noise. The majority of the space heaters available for sale use a forced-air heating solution. That is because it is easy to manufacture them. They only require a heating element, electricity, and fan. The air is heated by the unit’s heating element, which the fan will push out. Although these space heaters can heat the room quickly, they are usually noisy. Most people complain that their noisy space heaters own fan-forced heaters. So if you want a quiet heater, opt for a unit with no fan. Below are the different heating methods that produce a minor noise and some examples. 


#1. Radiant heating

For this type of heating method, electricity is the one that generates warm radiation. The most common is the infrared radiation integrated into infrared heaters. This radiator is heating the object and increases the room temperature as well.


#2. Convection heating 

This heating element is heating the surface, may it be an oil-based radiator or convection panel. Then, anything that will touch that surface will also be heated. Heaters with this heating element are not designed with a fan that will propel air. The warm air will rise naturally and heat the room. With that being said, minimal noise is produced in this process.


#3. Radiant and convection heating

This is also known as mica thermal heating, which heats the room quietly and instantly. Both radiator and convection are used effectively without forced-air generation that usually produces noise. So if you are searching for the quietest heater for your bedroom, you should opt for a unit that makes radiant or convection heating. But it is even better to find one that uses both heating methods. Nonetheless, other people may prefer a forced-air heater. The best option is the combo heater that uses convection or radiation and forced air if you are among them. A combo unit can heat the room quickly with low noise levels.


Tips To Find The Quietest Space Heater

Here are the tips so you can find the quietest space heater in the market:


#1. Check the parts

Inspect the parts of the space heater before buying it and know whether or not it comes with features that generate noise. Without noise-generating components, the unit would be quiet enough to allow you to sleep peacefully and warm in your bedroom. Space heaters use forced air when the heater is usually the loudest with more than 50 dB. They are composed of the primary noise generator, which is the fan. It would help if you did not buy a forced air heater for your bedroom since the fan pushing the air might disturb your sleep. 


#2. Check the user reviews

Suppose a particular space heater produces a high noise level. Then, the users will most likely indicate that in their product reviews. But if there is a review saying that he is using the heater inside his bedroom, that unit is probably quiet. It is also possible that he will praise the unit for being quiet. 


Size Of Quiet Space Heaters

If you intend to use the heater in your bedroom, you should also consider the size. Of course, you wouldn’t want a space heater too small since the room will still be cold. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want the heater to be oversized since it will overkill the room temperature. The size of heaters can be measured using input wattage. Essentially, this measures the amount of heating power a unit can produce. Fortunately, most space heaters have a wattage of 1500W. This is the most appropriate wattage for most bedroom heaters. A heater with such wattage can produce more heating output of about 5,000 BTU. This is recommended for a coverage area of about 300 sq. ft. It’s best to also know why the space heater plug gets hot.


It’s A Wrap!

Although most space heaters do not specify the noise level, it can be concluded that the quietest units are not designed with noise-generating fans. Consider this when buying. Again, check the parts and the reviews to know whether or not it produces less noise. Also, consider the heater that uses radiant or convection heating methods. A combination of the two methods would also be quiet enough to use in your bedroom. All in all, we hope that this post about what is the quietest space heater has left many insights to you. Click on these links to read related articles; know where to place a space heater and how to dispose of a space heater.  Thank you for being with us!

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