Where To Place A Space Heater? 5 Best Tips!

Many have been asking: where to place a space heater? This type of heating device produces concentrated heat into a close space. Although they are small, they come with excellent heating power. As such, you will be kept warm on cold days. 

Typically, space heaters are powered by electricity or gas. They distribute the heat in various means, including convection and radiation. A radiant heater is mainly used for close heating objects and the surroundings, whereas a convection heater only heats the air. 

where to place a space heater

The heat will only flow through the entire room with the help of natural airflow. But some models feature a built-in that helps the operation. Read further to know more about space heaters and where to place them.


Tips To Place A Space Heater Properly

If you are trying to figure out where to place a space heater, you must consider some things. This includes the size of your space, nearby moisture and water sources, distance from close objects, other sources of heat, as well as flammable materials. Let us discuss each of them below.


#1. Size of your space

First, you need to consider the space where you want to place the heater. Know its size. Take note that heating a smaller space is quicker than larger ones. So if you work in a small office, it is easier to heat this area as compared to your living room. Suppose you plan to spend a large portion of da in a room. It would help if you considered turning the heat down for the rest of the house. Then, get a space heater of compact size to heat the area where you will be spending most of your time. 


#2. Moisture and water sources

As for safety purposes, you need to keep your heater away from water. This will not affect the device’s efficiency, but it would be unsafe. Take note that water and electricity should not meet. You have to ensure that the space heater runs on electricity far from any moisture and water sources. The most common moisture sources include humidifiers, shower drains, and sinks. Your space heater should be away from any of those things. Suppose you have to keep a moist space heated like your bathroom, for example. You have to make sure that the heater has proper safety gears in place in such a case. 


#3. Other sources of heat

Another thing to keep in mind when placing your space heater in the vicinity of other heat sources. Essentially, you have to ensure that the space heater is not close to them. Your appliances like ovens and toasters are producing so much heat. Imagine if you place any of those two near to the space heater, it can become very hot. If the space heater is placed near another heat source, it can cause it to malfunction. In rare instances, it can even melt.


#4. Distance from the close objects

It is critical to keep the space heater from any obstructions nearby for heating your space. If there are objects close to the space heater, they can block the airflow to the heater. Try placing your heater in one corner of the room, and you will find out hours later that the room is still freezing. Only the corner where you put the heater will be warm and toasty. 


#5. Flammable materials

A space heater can generate high temperatures. However, if the high temperature is placed near any flammable material, it can lead to a fire. With that being said, you need to make sure that any flammable object is kept away from your heater. This includes cardboard, curtains, blankets, clothing, and paper. But take note that when we say flammable materials, it does not limit to those objects mentioned above. Many other things can cause a fire hazard when placed near the heater. 

As the experts recommend, you clear the space where you intend to place your heater. Any flammable object should have about 36 inches from the front of the heater and 18 inches from the back. It is even a good idea to keep them further. After all, the figures above are the minimum. Plus, your space heater will get a better airflow when you do this, and it will not require that much effort. It may be helpful to read about why the space heater plug gets hot.


It’s A Wrap!

A space heater is an efficient heating solution. This is a part of many households. It works best in small and confined rooms or areas like your reading area or mini office. An electric heater is more efficient as compared to central heating. To ensure that you can use the space heater indoors safely, you need to get a certification from the company you purchase it from. Remember to choose a reliable one. Aside from that, you need to strategically and carefully place your space heater so that you can enjoy the warmth even during cold winter days.

If the heating system in your home is poor, then a space heater can save you during the harsh winter season. But ensure to know where to place a space heater for optimum results. You may want to read related articles; know how much does it cost to run a space heater 1500w and how to dispose of a space heater.

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