How To Stay Warm At Work Without Space Heater? 6 Best Ways!

Are you wondering: how to stay warm at work without space heater? There are a lot of ways to keep yourself warm and toasty inside your office on a cold winter day.

You should not allow the freezing temperature to get in your comfort as you work. It is important to create a pleasant and cozy work environment to succeed.

how to stay warm at work without space heater

With that being said, when it is cold in your workplace, you should consider incorporating the key tips that we will provide later in this post. You can combine several tips to ensure that you will be warm throughout the entire day. That way, you can get your work done comfortably. Let’s get started!


Ways To Stay Warm At Work Without Space Heater

As mentioned earlier, various ways can be used to keep yourself heating while working. In this section, let us run through the most common ways how to stay warm at work without space heater. 


#1. Heated jacket

You can wear a lightweight and warm heated jacket to stay warm. This is an excellent accessory when going to your workplace. What makes this even great is that you can regulate the temperature based on what you desire. This is operated by rechargeable batteries which allow the modification of heat levels. For instance, a heated jacket may come with light, medium, and high mode settings. So regardless of the temperature inside your workplace, you will enjoy the appropriate temperature. In other words, you do not have to endure the freezing temperatures. 


#2. Blanket

When it is cold inside the office, you can have a blanket ready so that you can stay warm regardless of how low the temperature gets. This is a practical and simple way of keeping yourself warm by just placing it over your shoulder or onto your lap. Then, you will feel cozy and nice as you do your job. However, this is acceptable in the eyes of the management, especially when you are working in a formal office. But you can choose a dark color which will not draw attention. But you can also bring a wide scarf. 


#3. Heated blanket

This alternative is a bit pricey, but the investment would be worth it since heated blankets can provide reliable warmth. Regardless of the temperature inside your workplace, you can modify the temperature of the blanket easily so that you will be comfortable the entire day. But it won’t be professional to take your heated blanket with you when you are meeting your clients or customers. 


#4. Heated insoles

You also need to warm your feet and toes just like your hands and fingers. Wearing heated insoles is a good way to warm your feet throughout the entire day. Just slip the insoles in your shoes when you are heading to your workplace. Bear in mind, you need to make careful research when planning to invest in heated insoles. It can be tricky to attach them to your shoes depending on the size of its battery pack. Plus, your shoes will feel tight when you wear this with them. 


#5. Fingerless gloves

When you feel cold, your body will move its warm blood into the core. That is why the fingers get cold often. But since you are using your fingers to finish your work, especially on your computer, a pair of fingerless gloves is an excellent option for staying warm in the office. Although they are stylish, gloves can affect the way you do your work. But it is still worth it to keep fingerless gloves at your office to keep your blood circulating through your fingers.


#6. Mug warmer

It is always a good idea to have a cup of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea at your table. However, it would be inconvenient if your beverage gets cold quickly. A mug warmer can keep your beverage consistently hot. Although it comes with a high price tag and can take up space at your table, if you keep this in mind you can choose the perfect one for you. 



Here are the answers to your common questions:


#1. What to wear to a freezing workplace?

You can wear a sweater over your long-sleeved shirt to work. Also, ask the management about their space heater policy. If you do not allow space heaters, it is best that you wear fabrics like tweets, corduroys, and wool when going to work. 


#2. Can you go home if it is too cold in your office?

Legally, there is no lower or upper limit of temperature in the office. But employers are obliged to maintain the temperature indoors comfortable for their employees. 


#3. How to stay warm at your desk?

A heating pad is a versatile and excellent warming tool. You can get this for your desk. They can be used easily underneath your seat, onto your lap, or at your back to be warm and comfortable. It may also be a good idea to read about why the space heater plug gets hot.


It’s A Wrap!

A lot of ways can be done when we talk about how to stay warm at work without space heater. You have known a few of them in this post but there could be a lot more. Try combining several methods to ensure your comfort and warmth. You may want to read related articles; know how much electricity does a space heater use and how many watts does a space heater use. That’s it, folks! Thank you for reading!

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