What Is A Ceramic Space Heater? Read These Awesome Facts!

Are you curious what is a ceramic space heater? Regardless of the season, it would be a blessing to find comfort when cold. When you desire to heat only one room, it is perfect for getting ceramic heaters. 

The majority of them provide warmth as their fan is blowing air onto the heater surface. A ceramic heater has a component made of ceramic.

what is a ceramic space heater

This ceramic plate will heat up as the electricity pass through it. Then, the baffles made of aluminum will absorb those heat, and the fan will start blowing hot air to the room. The efficiency of ceramic heaters is what makes them extraordinary. Plus, you can quickly and safely transport the surface designed to stay cold during operation. More about ceramic heaters below!


Types Of Space Ceramic Heaters

So, what is a ceramic space heater? Despite its name, a ceramic heater is not entirely made of ceramic. Typically, most of its components are made of plastic and metal. Only its heating element is made of ceramic. Since ceramic has a reputation in terms of durability, the heater will operate for several years without it breaking down, as long as you maintain it. 


#1. Convective ceramic space heaters

Most ceramic heaters come in a convective form. This type of heater will heat the aluminum parts to transfer the heat to the heating element made of ceramic. During that process, the heater draws in the cool air and then pushes it onto the ceramic component and towards the metal parts. The heated air is then dispersed into the room. Commonly, convective heaters use fans to distribute the heated air into the space. With this, the room will be a heater quickly. But how fast it will heat the air will depend on the room size, the number of drafts or gaps, and the ceiling height. 


#2. Radiant ceramic space heaters

This ceramic heater uses electricity to heat its ceramic plate. However, unlike the previous type of ceramic heater, this one does not use a fan in blowing out and bringing in the air. Instead, it directly radiates heat onto the objects. It will release a higher temperature than that of the surrounding things. The objects will be absorbing the heat, so their temperature will naturally increase. A radiant heater will not heat the room entirely. However, the heat will last longer since it is absorbed by the object and does not stay in the air. With that being said, a radiant heater can generate heat more effectively when needed in particular areas.


Benefits Of A Ceramic Space Heater

Ceramic heaters provide several benefits regardless of the type of heater you have at home. Let us discuss each of them below. 


#1. Lightweight and portable

Ceramic heaters belong to the portable heaters manufactured. Their weight and size facilitate ease of mobility from one room to another in the house. Generally, space heaters are built to provide homeowners with extra heat in their house when the central heating unit is not viable or when it is not strong enough for winter. 


#2. No fire hazard

Electricity is used to heat the ceramic element. Then, its internal fan works immediately to distribute the heat through the entire room. The ceramic heating element provides warmth constantly without getting too hot to cause a fire or burn risk. 


#3. Affordable quality

The construction of ceramic heaters is less complex as compared to the oil version since they are electric. Furthermore, its heating element made of ceramic is heating which means that less energy is needed to warm it up. By running the unit for a short time, you will enjoy the warmth you need on colder days. 


Features To Consider

If you are thinking of getting a ceramic heater for your home, you need to consider some factors that will play a crucial role in how the unit operates. Below is the list!


#1. Eco-mode

It can be hard to find this feature among heaters, but this will be worth it if you want an energy-efficient model. Essentially, this is a timer that is responsible for keeping the heater running and using electricity constantly. This feature is handy when you go out but forget to turn the unit off. 


#2. Remote control

This is another feature that can make you comfortable using the heater. You can adjust the settings of your ceramic heater without leaving your bed. All you have to do is to lift a finger. 


#3. Adjustable thermostat

The speeds of the fan are convenient. However, it does not often provide the exact heat level you desire. You can set the temperature that you want precisely if the heater comes with this feature. It’s best to also know how thermostats work.


#4. Carrying handle

If you plan to move the ceramic space heater across different rooms in the house, you should consider this feature. A carrying handle will make the transport process easier for you. 


It’s A Wrap!

With all the information provided above, you sure have an idea about what is a ceramic space heater. You can consider this if you want a safer and more efficient heating system that can heat a space in your house. You may want to read related articles; know how much does it cost to run a space heater 1500w and where to place a space heater.

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