What Is The Best Way To Paint A Brass Bed? 7 Easy Ways!

Are you wondering what is the best way to paint a brass bed?

Don’t worry, my friend. The steps are easy to execute!

With a fresh coat of paint, you can give an old brass bed a fresh style.

All you have to do is to choose a color scheme that complements the rest of your room’s furnishings and accessories.

So, without further ado, let’s start!

Use this approach to give your old brass bed platform a fresh start.


What The Best Way To Paint A Brass Bed Is

So, what is the best way to paint a brass bed?

Here are the steps on how to paint a brass bed:


Step #1. Placing a tarp on the ground

Before starting this job, layaway a huge painter’s tarp or plastic drop cloth on the ground.

It’s best to complete this task outside in order to avoid messing around.

If you have to work indoors, however, you need to open the window first to get some natural ventilation.


Step #2. Disassembling your bed

Now, you need to disassemble your bed.

You just need a screwdriver to do this.

Take note to disassemble your brass bed on the painter’s tarp.

In order to avoid losing and misplacing screws, you can place them in your compact bag.


Step #3. Remove filth and grease

Now, it’s time to clean your brass bed frame.

Get a rag bathed in soapy warm water.

Clean each component of the brass bed frame.

A firm scrub brush can be used to remove the grease and filth.

Wash away the loose dirt and soapy solution using an outdoor hose.

In case a hose is not accessible, get a bucket and fill it with water.

Now, rinse the bed many times.

Make sure that the bed frame is completely dried out.


Step #4. Sanding the bed frame

Lightly sand any rough parts of your bed with 100-grit sandpaper.

In this way, you’re sure that any rough part will be smoothed down.

With a moist rag, wipe away the dust residue from sanding.


Step #5. Spraying with a primer

Before you start painting, spray the bed frame with a metal furniture primer.

This gives the paint a better surface to adhere to.

Make sure you dry down the primer to the touch; depending on the air temperature and humidity level, wait a few minutes.

Get the spray paint, make sure that it’s around 12 inches away from the bed frame.

Now, you can spray it with a wide sweeping motion.


Step #6. Painting the frame

Make sure that each part is painted using enamel spray paint.

And the color? It depends upon your choice.

In order to ensure a more equal coating, hold the paint can around 12 inches away from the bed frame.

To prevent wetting the bed frame from the globs dripping paint, spray lightly and do so with a back and forth motion.

Make sure that the first layer is completely dried before you should apply the second layer.

It also follows that you should allow the second layer to dry completely before applying the third.

You can then apply further coats until the coverage is satisfactory.


Step #7. Re-assembly of the bed frame

Now that you’re done, you can re-assemble the bed frame.

Here’s how to assemble a bed frame, my friends!

See? It looks new!


What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having A Brass Bed Frame?

Both strength and beauty are significant characteristics of bed frames.

That’s why many manufacturers use these combinations to maximize the features of the bed.

While there are several possible bed frames, such as those made of brass, it is also important to realize that it is made of soft metal.

And that means that such material is not the most robust option.

Most bed frames are made from brass, which also leads to the footboard, and the headboard is made out of the same material.

In order to avoid this issue, they would make a brass footboard and headboard; other parts of the frame is furnished from a harder metal like iron or steel.

Even though brass is tarnish-resistant, the bedframe may eventually become discolored due to wear.

Since the brass coating is comparably soft, it will eventually wear off after years of use; that’s why other parts of the frame are made of another metal.

With doorknobs and other commonly handled items, the brass can tarnish quicker since it’s usually moved by our hands regularly.

On the other hand, with a brass bed frame, it doesn’t come into contact with human hands as frequently, which helps it maintain its shine.

Brass frames often receive a high level of polish to achieve a glistening appearance, but this luster will wear off over time.

While it is true that brass possesses an attractive aesthetic appeal, it is also possible to apply a layer of brass.

Doing so is sure to increase the durability of other metals, creating a magnificent and visually impressive item.

As with most things in life, brass bed frames can lose their sheen with time.

Some people believe this is an advantage since it makes the bedframe look more polished.

Classic designs are usually quite simple and easy to assemble.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know what is the best way to paint a brass bed!

Opt for a bronze paint that complements your oil-rubbed bronze room accents, for example.

Apply white paint to your bed frame to create a cottage design or black paint for a more modern design.

That’s all there is, my friends.

Enjoy painting your brass bed!

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