What Are Bed Slats? 4 Best Types!

What are bed slats? Bed slats are a support system on your bed frame for your mattresses.

While most of us are immersed in a modern style of beds, we couldn’t help but find ones that tend to be sturdier.

There may be various types of beds available in the market but most of them require slats to be sturdy.

Some of you may be familiar with bed slats. Most probably most of you prefer this type of bed frame to others.

Well, we’re on the same page. I prefer beds with slats too. These slats can offer various purposes.

They can help support your muscle pains, or either corrects your posture while sleeping.

Do you know what these are? You’ll have to read up to find out.


What Bed Slats Are?

What are bed slats? Well, these slats are located at the center part of your bed.

These are the bars that are across the width of the bed frame.

Usually, bed slats are much preferred but these could only be used on most solid bedframes.


Material Variation

Some of these slats are made from metal, plastic, and the most common are slats made of wood.

Is there any difference in the usage depending on the material?

To answer that question, let’s look at each one of them.



Wooden slats are the most common slats used in homes.

These wooden slats could provide sturdier support for mattresses.

If you have a wooden bed slat across your bed frame, expect that your bed can accommodate heavy-weighted sleepers.



Plastic slats are rare. Actually, I’ve only encountered a few of them.

They may be less sturdy than wooden slats.

I would very much prefer the wooden slats compared to the plastic slats if you ask me.


Metal Slats

Metal slats on the other hand are usually used with metal bed frames.

It is a type of material that can provide if not the same but more strength than wooden ones.


Types Of Slats

Generally, there are 2 types of slats; the sold state slats and the sprung slats.

What is the difference between the two?


#1. Solid slats

Solid slats are often made from wood or metal. If it comes to wood, pinewood is usually used.

Each slat is spread evenly across the width of the bed frame for a firmer and more supportive bed.

Solid slats are best combined with a firmer mattress.

To have a completely firm feel, add these solid slats with firmer mattresses.


#2. Sprung slats

Sprung slats, on the other hand, are made of beech wood. It is often shaped as an upward arch.

This type of slats is designed to respond to the sleeper’s body weight which can relieve pressure points.

A soft to medium-feel mattress is appropriate to use in bedframes with sprung slats as the bed base.


Why Choose Bed Base Types?

When it comes to finding the right bed bases to sleep with, the first is for comfort and the rest functions.

There are four types of bed bases in general; these are the following;


#1. Wooden slat beds

As mentioned above, wooden slat beds are of 2 types namely the sprung and standard slats.

The difference between the two types is their function and the sense of comfort they may bring.

If you have a double adjustable bed slat, you can have a standard on one bed, and sprung slats on the other.


#2. Ensemble bed

An ensemble bed is the second most common bed used which has different types depending on the needs.

Just like the bed slats, the ensemble bed also has two main types, the platform and sprung.

The sprung type of ensemble bed is a type of bed base which has sprung.

The spring is to support and adjust the sleeper’s weight to provide a proper posture.

The sprung type has coils that act as a unit and prevents motion transfer throughout the bed’s surface.

The platform type, on the other hand, has no springs.

The base is solid and is only raised to provide firmness.

This type of ensemble bed does not allow flexible changes in the sleeper’s posture than what others could provide.


#3. Platform bed

The aesthetic appearance and vibe are popular as a platform’s bed’s feature.

It has a simplistic down-to-cost bed type. It may have a solid base made of wood.

The only downfall is the ventilation.

When it comes to ventilating the mattress while on the bed frame, it lacks in this area.


#4. Futon bed

Futon bed’s bases are either made of wood or reinforced solid plastic.

Futons are popular for their space-saving feature which most beds lack.

There is no need to choose which support mattress to use.

The futons are two pillows filled with cotton that may not be for your posture adjustment.

With this mentioned, your body will be forced to adapt to the futon’s cushion therefore further benefits your spine and muscular-related problems.



If one of your friends ever asks you about “What are bed slats?”

You now poses the basic knowledge about it.

You could either talk about it more confidently as you try to explain it to them.

You will have more confidence in giving advice when it comes to the comfort a bed slat could give.

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