Why Should You Wear Wet Socks To Bed? Here Are Amazing Facts!

Maybe, you’re wondering why should you wear wet socks to bed?

Yes, there’s a lot of things to think about when it comes to the treatment of common illness, like for instance, common colds.

why should you wear wet socks to bed

Without a doubt, some of the ways in the treatment of the same are not effective.

On the other hand, other ways are undoubtedly excellent in treating a cold.

Perhaps, one of the secret gems is the suggestion to wear your wet socks to bed whenever you sniffle or feel cold.

Based on tradition, a wet sock helps in drawing down blood to the foot.

With this, you’re sure that it can boost blood circulation.

And it also helps clear congestion in the respiratory passages around your head, nose, and throat.

Much more, it aids in boosting the response of your entire immune system.

My friends, there are many more things that you should know about this; so, without further ado, let’s get into details.


How To Wear Socks To Bed

The first thing that you must do is to warm the feet in warm water.

After which, soak the socks in cold water; make sure they are soaked through.

Take note that when choosing socks, they should be made of 100 percent cotton.

Now, you can wring out the pair of socks, then put them on.

My friends, it may sound awkward but it’s okay to wear them even if your feet are still wet.

And there you have it, you can now go to bed and sleep.

Here’s an advice, though.

The outer socks should be made of 100 percent wool.

Wear the dry socks out of the wet socks.

In this way, you’re sure to keep your bed sheets dry.

At the same time, it won’t let your feet stick around the sheets even if you should move.

All you have to do is to repeat the same process for three consecutive nights.

Did you feel good?

That’s good to know, my friends!

Your cold begins to disappear, right?

Don’t forget to cover your feet with your blanket, sheet, or duvet to achieve an intense effect.


How Does It Work?

You may be asking why wearing wet socks to bed will work.

It’s some sort of odd. But, if you try it yourself, you’ll know how effective it is.

And this occurrence is not magical; it’s explained by science.

If you wear wet socks to bed, it aids in constricting your blood vessels; thanks to the damp cold socks.

As this happens, the healing nutrients down there are sent up in your body, as well as the tissues and organs.

Much more, it boosts your entire immune system, helping fight infection and viruses that are responsible to attack you and cause cold.

When the socks begin to dry down, your temperature begins to increase again, leading the blood vessels to dilate again.

With this, your bloodstream gets rid of harmful substances out of your body.

This occurrence means that the changes in temperature lead your body to react, and so your lymphatic system and circulation are stimulated.

At the same time, congestion decreases, so it’s a breeze to flush down any excess fluids out of your body.


Is it a placebo effect?

Yes, many of you may find it awkward to wear damp socks.

You may say that you want comfort and warmth instead of that wet feel.

For others, you may be adventurous enough to undertake an unusual action just to make you feel okay and ease the symptoms of a cold.

Well, if you’re approaching a cold, and you’re in a good mood, you’re sure to get rid of the symptoms quickly.

Or what’s more important is you don’t allow yourself to get bogged down because you feel sorry.

Anyway, there’s no need for you to believe about the scientific advantage of wearing wet socks to bed.

You can reap the benefit as a placebo.

For sure, it aids you to have cooler feet, especially if you’re getting a fever.


Why You Should Wear Wet Socks To Bed!

So, why should you wear wet socks to bed?

Given that it makes sure your feet get colder, you’ll have a cool and fresh night.

Not just that, but it’s also not costly; all you need is your old socks and water to keep them cold.

As compared to other treatments, requiring you to take drugs, there’s no way this treatment can lead to allergies as well as unfavorable side effects.

Much more, it’s sure to aid in stimulating your bodily functions, such as your lymphatic system and circulation.


It’s A Wrap!

Given the benefits of wearing wet socks to bed, they’re sure to heal not just colds.

But also, it helps to keep you fit even in the winter season and other vulnerable months.

In case your symptoms persist, you can always seek help from your doctor.

If you’re suffering from Raynaud’s syndrome, diabetes, or arterial concerns, it’s especially important to ask for advice from an expert.

Also, remember not to use ice-cold water; much more, never use ice directly into your skin.

Otherwise, you’re prone to pain or shock, or injury.

That’s why should you wear wet socks to bed!

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