How To Assemble A Bed Frame? In 7 Easy Steps!

Have you bought a bed frame without knowing “how to assemble a bed frame?”

When you want to start having a good foundation for your bed and not know how to assemble the base, that’s a big problem.

how to assemble a bed frame

You cannot have a good night’s sleep not until you have done assembling your bed frame.

That is the base and foundation of your bed, which is why you need to do this one right.

Once, you made something wrong in assembling the parts. Your bed frame might not be that sturdy.

Or make squeaky sounds which are very annoying.

But don’t stress out because we will help you with this one, by providing steps for you to follow later on.

It is indeed essential to find a good guide when you are new to doing something.

That is to avoid sudden mistakes that can put you at fault. So do not worry because we got you.


Steps To Assemble A Bed Frame

You might want to build your bed where you can sleep peacefully and rest well.

To achieve that, you should first know how to assemble your bed frame.

Remember that a strong building should have a strong base or foundation to become sturdy and last a long time.

Like your beds, they should have an excellent foundation to last long and provide excellent service.

It is in your hands whether to take this seriously or not.

We will give you the steps down below.

Make sure that you take note of these for you to know how to assemble a bed frame.

Read on.


Step #1. Set the frames opposite to each other

Metal beds are composed of two primary segments, both left, and right leg.

Be sure to leave space in between. That’s where your mattress should fit.


Step #2. Add the feet or the wheels

The next step would be adding the feet or wheels of your bed.

If your bed frame is immobile, you can have the rubber feet.

As for the mobile one, you will add some rollers that allow it to travel in any direction.

You can attach the built-in screw to the bed frame, or it may have a hole in it where you can attach the screw.


Step #3. Put the side arms and lock them

For the next step, you will have to assemble the side arms by pulling them out from the frame legs.

Make sure that when you pull it out, it is fully extended to achieve that perfect base.

But then there are also chances wherein you will need to attach your arms separately by screws and nuts.

There are holes on your sidearms that would allow you to lock it over using screws or nuts.

Look for this at the center end of each sidearm. You will connect this by inserting the nuts through the hole.


Step #4. Add the center beam

There are metal bed frames that have a center beam to support the weight of the mattress in the center.

That is to keep balance with the bed frame throughout.

Make sure that you attach it to the center.

It is also visible when you find the indicating mark on your bed frames.

That will be a part where you can insert the center beam.


Step #5. Attach protective caps

This next step would probably be about attaching the protective caps on each edge of the frame.

You will need this to ensure that you will be safe from danger even if you bump on the frame accidentally.

For safety measures, this is needed and necessary.


Step #6. Attach the headboard

Some bed frames do come with headboards and baseboards in a package. You can attach it directly.

It also has the tools to use for you to attach the headboard making sure that it is snap successfully.

You can slide it indirectly.


Step #7. The footboard/ baseboard

The next thing that you need to do is to attach the footboard; you will follow the steps on the last one.

Attaching a footboard or baseboard is just the same as how you secure your headboard.

The only difference is their size, purpose, way of attaching, and maybe their physical appearance.


Is it essential to set your bed frame properly?

Indeed it is. It can be a bad thing if you are not responsible enough to set your bed frame properly.

You should follow the steps we gave you earlier to make sure that you can do the things you need to do correctly.

Remember that each thing you’ll find in the packages has something to with the frame, so be careful when you unbox.

You can also check for a guide inside the box of your bed frame. We are sure that there is one.

But if there’s none, you can use this article as your guide.



My friends, that’s all there is; we are done.

I am hoping that you’ve learned a lot today.

That’s how to assemble a bed frame.

It’s your turn to execute the steps, all of which are surely easy for you!

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