What Is The Best Reclining Sofa Brand? Top 6

The answer to what is the best reclining sofa brand won’t be a particular brand or company because different users require different needs and requirements. So instead, we will delve into the best six brands of sofa recliners in the US. 

Some of them might be familiar to you, and others have been in the industry for many years. So by the end of this article, you should be ready to find the perfect reclining couch. And in case you’re also interested in the best sofa manufacturers, we have created a list of the top 6 brands as well. 

what is the best reclining sofa brand


What Is The Best Reclining Sofa Brand To Buy?



When you think of reclining furniture, there’s no doubt that you will immediately see the trademark Lazy Boy sofa in your mind. La-Z-Boy started with their reclining chair in 1929, and now, they’ve grown into multiple manufacturing plants around the US. The company offers 200 plus styles and variations of recliners to fit the needs and wants of every homeowner. 

Their recliners vary from wall recliners, rocking recliners, high leg, lift chairs, chairs and a half, swivel recliners, and duo recliners. In addition, you can choose from fabric and leather, and their website allows the potential buyer to customize their search according to height, desired seat width, and overall sofa dimensions. There are even different styles to suit your living room’s theme better, and you can find recliners with power headrest, lumbar, swivel glider, massager, and power reclining. 

If you ever wanted to disassemble your recliner from them, you can read this guide on how to disassemble a Lazy Boy sofa


Southern Motion

An American brand worth mentioning when talking about reclining furniture is Southern Motion. They started in 1996 and now have various facilities in Mississippi. You can expect quality motion furniture at a reasonable price with Southern Motion. 

The brand offers an extensive array of recliners, and you can easily search for the nearest retail store using their website’s locator. You should also feel at ease with the brand’s lifetime warranty on the black metal patented parts of Southern Motion’s reclining mechanism. And as for the wooden frame, springs, and cushions, the company provides a five-year warranty. 


Bradington Young

If you prefer classic-looking reclining sofas for the living room, you can check out Bradington Young. While the brand is known for leather furniture, you can also find other fabric pieces that might catch your eye. Note that Bradington Young is even a division of Hooker Furniture, which was founded in 1924.

Bradington Young offers both manual and power reclining furniture. You can select from modern, traditional, and contemporary styles. They even have reclining sofas with articulating headrests. 



Are you a fan of Sherrill Furniture Company? Then, you can check out their division, MotionCraft, for reclining sofas. They have single seats, sectionals, and sofas varying from leather to fabric.

You might also like the MySeat wireless Bluetooth control for your sofa. Another fantastic thing with this motion furniture specialist is they also offer customized recliners. For example, their Classic Motion series allows the customer to choose the frame, arm style, back cushion, and base. 



A large home furnishing company that’s been around since 1963 is Klaussner. They manufacture from North Carolina and are proudly eco-conscious with their processes. And as for their furniture, you can choose between fabric and leather with frames made from quality materials at a reasonable price. 

Klaussner even has vinyl motion furniture if you want the look of leather but easier maintenance. Overall, the brand offers an array of reclining sofas and sectionals to help you find the ideal style and size for your home. And if you want a customizable model, you can select their sofas like Castaway. 


Jackson Catnapper

If you are familiar with Jackson Furniture Industries, they have a brand for recliners called Jackson Catnapper. Jackson Furniture has been founded and assembled in the US since 1933, so you can expect that they have a trusted reputation in the industry. You can also choose from recliners and reclining sofas in their 2,500 authorized retailers. 

What can you expect with a Jackson Catnapper reclining sofa? You can find models with power recline and headrests. Some models also combine gel and coil for the most comfortable experience, as seen in their Ferrington reclining couch. 


What Is The Most Comfortable Recliner Sofa?

It’s impossible to name a single recliner sofa as the most comfortable because we all differ in needs and requirements. So instead, it would be best to know what to look for when buying a recliner sofa. This will ensure that you’ll get the best experience in your motion furniture. 

Convenience can equate to comfort, which makes power adjusting sofas preferable over their manual counterparts. You also want a reclining sofa that complements your body type. And finally, consider sitting on the recliner sofa at the store to test the overall feel of the materials. 



Reclining sofas can provide better relief and comfort than stationary couches. Therefore, you must know what is the best reclining sofa brand to help you shop for one more effectively. This list is composed of La-Z-Boy, Southern Motion, Bradington Young, MotionCraft, Klaussner, and Jackson Catnapper.

Browse their catalogs and compare several models to find the best fit for your needs. We hope our review helps. 

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